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I booked a room to stay at super 8 on July 23 around 2 am in Dublin, GA, because I needed somewhere to stay right away. Once I arrived I told the clerk I had made reservations online. She then told me they didn't have anymore rooms. She didn't even look in the system to see if I had reservations. Once I seen my my bank statement I noticed they took $62.37 out of my account when I never checked in. I called several times and was told that the DM would call me back on 7/31 once he or she returned back to work. I called back on 8/2 and asked for the DM and the lady that I spoke with was extremely rude. She told me the DM didn't call me back because they're not going to refund me my money. I then asked for corporate number and she told me to go online and get it!!!


  • Wine Is Good Aug 11, 2017

    You should have told her you had reservations. Now, be a grown up and call the bank and dispute the charge.

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