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33% of 3 complaints were resolved
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7:55 am EST

Sunset Dental Fake advertising and having patients go out for another consultation

marisela morales, is not a specialist, and she advertises herself like if she was the one doing the work, antony the souza, used to work there, which is a drug dealer, and sold marihuana cigarretes to patients, and got out to get beers with them, so as you can see this is a circus clinic, you have the owner which you are not going to have your dental work done by her, and you will have the patients coordinator, going to hang out with patients, i am glad antony the souza went out of there and now is working with dentaris, so now we get more traffic to our place, just to let you know that all the surgery that is performed there it comes out to be worked out by us, which we are just a block form them, this clinic offers treatments which they do not do, and they do fake advertising, me and dr omar lugo, see many patients which are not happy with their work.

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12:08 am EDT

Sunset Dental Infected implants and crowns braking

I am Canadian and I seriously tell you watch out for this guy, alain morgue, and marisela morales, which they brought me selling me the idea about having a solution, to my problem, and what a ripoff, I needed an all on4, and I went there because they mention in their website they do it, and when I went there to see this marisela morales dds, to my surprise, she does not even perform a single implant, I argued who was going to be then my surgeon, and for no reason I can hardly understand, one of the ladies told me that they hire staff that comes to the office to operate, for them, what?, I was shoked, this is not true, false advertisement, and also this guy alain morgue, sells himself as a patient coordinator, he never showed up, and also we we more upset because the doctor never showed up, this is a total case of rip off practice, I am glad I crossed just the street and found heaven. doctor andres menendez which told us that we should never go there, because all the patients sooner or later go to their clinic, due to the bad work they perform.

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, US
Apr 14, 2017 11:03 am EDT

marisela morales is a doctor which only hires dentists and brings them to the office with the promise of having the best quality dental proceedures but at the end, you are just another patient treated by a student, that they hire and this is awell know thing here in cancun

1:54 pm EST
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Sunset Dental false advertising dental evolution cancun

just to let you know, that they do not have the skills, since they are still students, even they are not certified .the quality of their work its not qualified to attend dental tourism.

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, MX
Oct 27, 2016 11:43 pm EDT

I did not worked there, but everyone in cancun knows that sunset dental, marisela morales, alain mourgue are a complete rippoff, he is not a doctor, and marisela has never placed one implant, you will not find any clue about her doing work, the doctors that work there like ricardo peniche, its marisela morales lover, and thats why he is always on the pictures, but know he does nto work there anymore, they advertise that they see dental tourism, but they have many complaints, and i know the endodoncist that worked there, and its true what he is saying, they use poor quality materials, and they use false advertisement, also they hire low quality persons to perform the work. I agrree on this, and you should think twice before choosing this clinic, you should look around first, they even had a big problem with the police and the law with lawsuits with workers, of how bad they treat them.

, MX
Oct 27, 2016 11:34 pm EDT

This is not true, the best way to know this is that I used to work there, and did many dental work for them, and I was tired of all the unethical work they sell, the owner and her husband, lie, they hire dentist to do all the procedure, I know several doctors that worked there also, and they all know that they use false advertisement, and that doctor marisela is a fake doctor, she announces herself as a implant specialist, and she had never placed a single implant, all the root canals I performed there it was due to the poor work she performed there, or the junior dentist she hires, her husband announces also to be the patient coordinator, but its a total lie, we even gave patients and requested for help to the clinic nearby, ocean dental, and they had a maxillofacial, which always had to assist for all the bad work done here in this office. the doctors they hire are not qualified to do the work, you should think twice before you visit them, all the site has hidden things, you will never see a face showing the work. I used to work there, but I decided to move to a better clinic, which is nearby . which they are more ethical.

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