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a salesman from summit came in our salon and promised to pay early termination fees if we switched to them for our credit card customers. we did. i was a not the main name on the service, so was not intitled to my full refund of $500.00. of course, the salesman did not inform me of that. i was a booth renter and used the same machine. that is the only information i found out from summit. i called numerous times to speak to someone and got nowhere. the salesman, of course, had quit. i talked to him, and all he could tell me is he was authorized by summit to give us all our money back from previous bank. he told me who i should call at summit. to no avail. i had cancelled service with them, early. i left the salon. they were still charging me. now i am dealing with acollection agency. summit should be charged with fraud. it is obviuos from comments, they are a very shady company. i do not feel i owe them a thing, and want this issue resolved. i would call them, but will get nowhere. patricia leach


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    mdgalt Nov 26, 2010

    Sounds like you got a green sales rep that didn't know his stuff-as evidenced by his "no longer working there".
    Summit pays up to $250.00 for any Early Termination fee, the sales rep should not have told you different.
    I f you canceled your contract in the first 30 days, you should owe nothing. After that, you would owe an ETF since Summit paid YOU $250.00 and paid the sales rep some $$, and spent hours setting up your account, doing credit checks, setting up ACH with your bank, etc.

    Sounds to me like you were just trying to use Summit to get out of/pay off your ETF with the previous provider so you could walk away from everything. Did you really think you could get a company to pay off your Termination Fees ($500) just so you could cancel with them after just a few months? They pay off your $250-$500 and you pay them $25-$50 for a couple months fees then you skate? Seriously?

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    jeremy Fager Jan 28, 2011

    well Patrica! who are you to comment when the agreement was not yours in the first place? So it sounds like your complaining on some one Else's behalf when you don't know all the facts, so don't post accusations on the internet when you truly don't know all the facts. Additionally summit pays an early termination fee refund of $250. Any other expect is likely covers within the first few moths of savings. It is not summits fault you left the salon early, i know that your job is very personalized but at the end of the day it is a business and you still had the option of transferring your agreement to a new salon, these are things you can talk to about with your sales rep or the customer retention department that would have been a better option than canceling and owing money to the collection company's too bad you did not use that option. yours truly! Jeremy Fager you know where to find me Hagerstown MD post your next comment!

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