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credit card processing

I found out on March 28th that my contract was altered after I signed it. The subject of the alteration wa...

Girard Credit Cards

unauthorized charges fraud

I was recently approached by a con artist who was very smooth and dressed in a expensive business suit by a...

credit card processing

In the month of December I received a phone call from a sales represenative by the name of Shakeya Taylor...

deceptive practices

Summit Merchant Solutions is a deceptive and misleading company. They bury financial commitments in their 30...

customers beware

After being scammed out of high processing fees and under contract with this company for the past five years I had requested to cancel my contract with them as the date to cancel was approaching. They made it almost impossible to do so. They were very unprofessional, rude and almost every call with any support or customer service, you get disconnected after being on hold for 30+ minutes. I wished I had read and researched all the complaints from the customers, sales associates and fly by employees that got rippd off by this company before I signed a contract with them. To anyone looking for a great payment processing company…Intuit GoPayment is sooo easy to use and really affordable. The rates start at around 1.7% per transaction and it’s pay as you go, no contract deal. They provide you with a free card reader. Beware of this company. After reading about this company I have also found that they have about 10 other names.

  • Kn
    knickiezzs Dec 08, 2011

    Have you gotten any resolve with them? I am in the process of a fight with them also and would love any insight into how to win this one.

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  • St
    Steven 4569 Dec 09, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No, I'm afraid they have managed to pull some more money out of my bank account through automatic withdraw. I sent their processing machine back to them to avoid the cost to keep it and they thought they would just cgarge me for it anyway because they can. I have recently notified my bank to stop all drafts from them but not sure if it will help or not.

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  • Sa
    sara77 Jan 23, 2012

    I was just charged $675.00 because I closed my bank account before paying my final bill drafted of $25.42 (we had a transfer of business ownership). They said that I had defaulted on the contract-even though I explained that we had been trying to cancel the account for months, but were given 20 different pieces of information from each representative, and their system made it impossible to get proper information from anyone. We have had 5 accounts with them for 4 years and this is how they treat their good customers.
    Absolutely a terrible company. I don't that there is anything I can do at this point but pay the fee, as they have turned it into collections in less than 30 days.

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  • Na
    nat76 Mar 04, 2014

    freaking out!!! since i was asked to update my system.and istill havent signed anything but electronic agreed ...didnt want to resign contract !!! but made me feellike i had to since their was update on equipment ... can i stop this??!! i dont want to be charged or deducted

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  • Aj
    AJtowing Jan 28, 2019


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bait and switch, broken verbal agreements, fraud

Here is a copy of the letter sent to them.

Summit Merchant Solutions
100 Throckmorton Street Ste 1800
Fort Worth, TX 76102

We would like to terminate our contract with Summit Merchant Solutions effective immediately. We signed up for your services on February 24, 2011 with E H****n. He called D P***, sales supervisor, many times during our meeting for clarifications and approvals. After filling out the contract in its entirety, we were told there was an error on page 2. Mr. H****n went to his vehicle to get a second contract. He changed the terms of our agreement from no annual fee to an annual fee of $99.95. We were assured by Mr. H****n and Mr. P*** that this was necessary for processing the contract and that we would not be charged the annual fee. I spoke to Mr. P*** myself and asked him several times to verify that we would not be charged an annual fee. We were charged the fee anyway. When we called to ask why, we were told it was in the contract. We were refunded the $99.95 and were told it was to waive the activation fee. We were also told this by Mr. H***** when he put it on Page 6 of the contract. During the course of my phone call with D******, I was asked to fax a copy of the original page 2, which I did. We received a call back later that day. We were told that our contract says we have to pay the annual fee. I asked for D P*** and was told he was busy. I asked for him to return my call and was told that he would. He never did. I called and left him a voice message asking him to please return my phone call. He never did. I called again today and asked to speak to his supervisor and was told that he was in the breakroom.

I was put on hold to be transferred to Merchant support and was disconnected. I called directly and spoke with Dawn who listened to my list of complaints with a very patient ear. I told her about Mr. H***** informing us that Summit would take care of switching over our account. We just received a bill from our previous card processor. That is when we realized it is our responsibility to close the other account. That is not what we were told. D*** offered to refund the charges. I told her we only want to be done with Summit. She apologized and connected me to K******. K****** listened to my whole story AGAIN. He put me on hold so he could read our termination terms. When he came back on the line, I was told that we could terminate our account for a fee of $495 and a letter requesting termination. Please consider this our letter of termination. We will pay the $495 fee to be done with Summit Merchant Solutions. In our opinion this contract was never handled in a professional manner and we should not have to pay to end it. We were given the option to cancel within 30 days in my contract. Unfortunately, none of these things came to light until after the 30 days had passed.

salesperson is crazy

Justin Mitchell came into my business trying to sell Summit Merchant Solutions credit card processing. My reply was "I am not intested thank you" He tried again, again I replied "I am not intested thank you. Then he told me I was unprofessional and If I wanted to be sued for not listening to his information and left muttering under his breath. This is a person who when asked for his I.D. didn't want to show it and when asked for his companies telephone number info refused to give it to us. Yet he thought we would give him access to our bank account. I have been in retail my whole life and I have never seen such a bad and rude salesperson.

  • Je
    jeremy Fager Jan 28, 2011

    So maybe this rep Justin Pissed you off! I'm sure he wasn't the first or last sales rep or even the last human being to piss you off besides this petty feeling that stopped you from understanding the real meaning of his call you should think about some of the liability's you Carrie as a merchant credit card processing account holder the customer data you swipe on your terminal is likely not protected with the latest PCI DSS standards that are now mandatory from the Payment Card industry and worst case you could be sued by your own customers and fined by the industry who helps you receive the payment method your customers prefer people now a days do prefer to not pay with cash expectational on ticket items larger than a couple hundred dollars for many good reasons and if you were acting rude and offended and were truel'y not "interested" than what did you need his info for? maybe so you could smear his name and tear him and the company down out of complete ignorance maybe he was smart enough to recognize this also your bank account info is for the company's approval process and shows a true commitment from you as a customer and don't forget with out that info you cant get payed for your transactions/sales and your retail experience has noting to do with credit card processing services, fee's or equipment and in the larger view of things retail sales is mostly glorified order taking not even comparable to cold call merchant services consulting/sales so don't use your ego to Justify your ignorant point of view!

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  • Pi
    pizzareia Mar 10, 2011

    a complete and total idiot Justin Mitchell is. Nobody deserves to be disrespect like he has done to many of the merchants in my town. He is lucky he isn't in jail YET. Mr. Mitchel went in to a local pizza shop and told them he was saving them money and actually raised all of their rate ACTUALLY RAISED them. I know this for a fact. HE is a SCAMMER trying to line his pockets. Sale Consultant? He doesn't even know how to read a statement. ONE of the store owners son knows him very well, and Mr. Mitchell also has a bad bad habit of growing large quanities of Marajuan in his house and selling crack/cociane as well. This boy defines waste of society. He has very few friends due to his social disorders. knowone can stand this kid. I'm supporting crazy sale guy all the way. He needs major help. NOTE TO THE POLICE "GET THIS KID OFF THE STREET ASAP

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false advertising

a salesman from summit came in our salon and promised to pay early termination fees if we switched to them...

visa mastercard processing

The sales person Paul Simmons was aggresive and very unprofessional. He was on the phone( with a ear plug) getting instructions/sales pitch from his boss while he was talking to me. He did not disclose that he was on the phone until I realised it. When I told him that I was not aware that thier company has a 3 year contract to set-up a processing account, and I do not wish to sign-up because of this 3 year contract he got agitated and started arguing with me. I have been in business for 20 years. I know the difference between a good company and a bad one. It is not just about the sales person I believe this company does not operate with good business ethics. Stay away from them if you can!!

  • Ft
    FThomas Jun 24, 2010

    I signed a contract with summitt merchant and i regret it to the fullest. If you are looking for a credit card merchant save yourself a headache and do not sign on with them. The creditcard terminal i purchased is horrible it shuts down and has to be rebooted about every other day. Sometimes it takes debit sometimes it doesn't! i won't even get into how many checks it declined that were really good. I have been calling this company complaining for over 3 months now. Everytime i spoke to a supervisor i was told i would have to purchase another machine as if i had broken it. I finally talked to a supervisor with some sense(3 months after the fact) and he offered to send me out another machine and pinpad with no charge as long as i send the others back. I recieved the machine and do you believe the pinpad was not working. One minute it was 5 minutes later it wasn't. When i called to let them know i needed another one i was told since it was working right at that moment they could not send me another one ignoring the fact that i had called in that day about 5 times when it wasn't working. The supervisor that sent it out Bryon Bayer gave me his direct extention, but i haven't been able to reach him since he gave it to me. Everytime i try to get to him i am told he's in a meeting. SUMMITT MERCHANT IN MY OPINION IS THE WORST CREDIT CARD MERCHANT YOU COULD EVER CHOOSE. If you decide to go with this company you might as well put a sign on the front door that says WE TAKE CREDITCARDS SOMETIMES. Oh yeah a sales rep was suppose to be coming by from Summitt to see if they were overcharging us on our rates(WHICH THEY ARE) but she has failed to show also. The machine we purchased from them is a merchantpro 4500x.
    After checking around with other credit card merchants(Flagship Merchant Services, Merchant Warehouse, go Emerchant who are rated as 3 of the top ten) had never heard of this terminal. I am currently closing my account with Summitt unfortunately i have to pay almost $700.00 to do so, but it will be well worth the money to get rid of this headache.

    Sincerely Debra Thomas of Thomas Tire Repair

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  • Je
    jeremy Fager Jan 27, 2011

    Ok maybe Paul Simmions was a Jerk! obviously people only buy from whom they like and trust no matter how much better his deal was and with a company as large and successful a summit merchant solutions you likely would have ended up with an all around better deals besides that what doe's the 3 year processing agreement matter check your current processing agreement i guarantee you that it is at least 3 years or longer and there are only 2 possible scenarios were early termination of summit's agreement or your current processing company's agreement would cause you to loose money first one is if you switch to a new processor and they don't save you any money on your rates witch will make up for any extra of witch there prior processor termination fee refund does not cover IE. there refund is $250 and the early termination penalty from your old processing company is $300 it cost you the $50 extra with a independent direct processing company like Summit you will likely save more than the measly $50 in the first month second you shut your business down within the 3 year agreement and you pay the early termination fee summit likely not only saved you more than the termination fee but actual helped you earn new customers and increase your average ticket witch make's you money! bet your current company doesn't talk to you about this they just take your money and run Lol! lastly your 20 years of merchant business experience doesn't mean any thing when it comes to a processing company's rates fee's services, products and 49 different terms and condition's of witch you know nothing about so don't assume a company has bad business ethics when you don't know the first thing about Paul or the company it's people like you who want to tear every one and every thing down with limited or absolutely no knowledge of the facts this doesn't help any one in the process next time keep your two cents in your pocket! Mr. Just helping you

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business savvy

I am in the process of quitting summit for many reasons, but that is not what this is about I am taking what I now know and giving it to all of you. Summit likes small and medium business mainly because these people don't know business they only know the products they sell.

I hold a degree in finance and E-commerce, and i am going back for my MBA. My concentration has always been numbers and analytics, so when go to these companies and I am talking with the owner (on rare occasions) their eyes would glaze over and stare at me. They would say leave your rates.

I would call my supervisor and he would tell me no we can't leave rates, get them to sign and leave application book with them and send me the rest. It has just hit me that we are dealing with these people because they don't know how to analyze numbers quickly and Summit wants people to make big financial decisions in very little time. This is not good for the business owner, summit is preying on ignorance and it is terrible.


  • Jh
    jhopper Aug 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ths company is totally unethical and lies even to it's sales reps when they are in front of the customer trying to make a sales.

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  • Md
    mdgalt Nov 26, 2010

    obviously you are new to this business. You NEVER leave rates. Why, because the merchant will just call his existing provider and have them match your rates. You do all the foot work so the existing company can do what they should have done in the first place, offer decent rates. And you get paid ZERO.

    You should stick with analyzing numbers for a salary, because sales is not for you. If all you are giving the merchant is cheaper rates, then go work for Walmart. There is a lot to this biz besides cheap rates. How about warranting their existing equipment, or next day funding, or transaction security, or extremely fast customer service??? What good are the lowest rates if your machine is broke and it takes 15-20 minutes to get a live human on the phone? What good are those rate sheets if someone STEALS the merchants machine and starts making refunds to pre-paid cards out of his checking account? What good is a rate sheet when you have to wait 5-7 days for your deposits?

    Give them a rate sheet and all you'll get is "my current guy can match that". Give them better service, quicker deposits, a more reliable terminal, features they didn't have before (like gift cards, or check processing), warranty their existing terminal-next day, offer pin-based debit (if they do lots of $50+ transactions), offer better reporting, customized receipts, etc. etc. THEN talk about rates, and you'll often get a Merchant that is happy he met you and signed with you even if he is paying a few pennies more.

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  • Je
    jeremy Fager Jan 27, 2011

    first off your MBA has nothing to do with the sales process so keep your ego out of it! second summit specializes in small businesses because any local sales rep cant just walk in to a major corporation and talk to a CEO but you can easily walk into Joe's business on main street introduce your self and overcome his natural objections your team leader doesn't want you leaving rates behind for these reasons one is to save you from being rate shopped second the discount rate is only one small aspect of the total monthly processing charge's and the discount rate alone is not an appeals to appeals comparison so its not fair to the merchant or your sales carrier to just go quoting discount rates when there has been no value or commitment to earn there business established also what good is the price tag when the merchant doesn't even understand what the product or service is going to do for them! and yes your wright the merchant doesn't know how to read rates that was your job as a sales professional/leader to quickly educate them build value and trust threw your clear and simple understanding of processing rates and fees lastly summit is the only company in the industry to have a 30 day trial so the decision is not made very quickly by the merchant obviously you failed as a sales person sham on you! the ignorant remarks you make only confuse merchants and make it harder for real sales professional to earn a living thanks for nothing!

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  • Lg
    lgq Feb 28, 2013

    Please do not use Summit Merchant Solutions for your credit card processing. This company is the kiss of death for a small business! The rep came to my store and asked for my business. He promised competitive rates and no contract. As a brand new business owner eager to start processing credit cards, I was an easy target. Essentially he lied to me and roped me into a 3 year contract. Of course, when I tried to find the rep, he was no longer with the company and I was told that they had problems with him misguiding customers. Shame on me...I signed the contract. I honored my commitment and paid their ridiculous fees for the full three years.

    After the contract ended, I looked for an honest company. When another company, Ameribanc, asked for my business, I checked them out and decided that they were competitive, honest, and didn't require a contract. I called Summit to tell them to hit the road and got another nasty surprise...they automatically renew your contract every year on your anniversary date. If you don't notify them in writing 90 days before the end of your current contract, your theirs for another year! And it's not just 90 days before...they have a very small window of only a few weeks during the year that they will allow you to give notice. Miss the small window and you're stuck with them for another year!

    Not only do they do their best to hold onto you for eternity, they continue to raise fees every year to boot. I don't process a single transaction through these thieves, and I pay $43 each month in fees. I get hit with a compliance fee of over $100 every February, too. My current processor, Ameribanc, doesn't charge a compliance fee.

    Please avoid Summit at all costs! I wish someone had warned me.

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