Suha Export and trading Dubaioffer letter waiting period


I happened to be called by the MD of Suha Exports Dubai for the job post I have applied for on July 5th 2017, since then I was given promises upon promises that I will be getting Visa soon. Since that was my first job in abroad I didn't know the whole process. I was told by the MD that my salary would start from August 2017 onwards not a penny was been given I wasted my whole four-month for this job. Rejected two offers that I got during this same job offered, due to MD Mohammed Suhail who said he was the MD of the company. Obviously met him once he came down to Chennai, he wasn't that organized to guess he was MD.
Girls beware of these type of job offers who make your life hell. Who just keep you waiting saying this that num of process for one recruitment. Pls be aware of these types of job offers. Really, these people are to suffer a lot in their life. Am a family lady who take care of my three children without anybody's help. My husband is earns very very little with which I can pay the rent o the house. Ladies like me pls don't believe or don't look for abroad jobs really it's going to be a vain though you r qualified enough. Capabilities will never be seen only cheating by these type of people who pretend saying they are MD of so and so companies.
Advice for all ladies. Married ladies look for home earnings or startup ur own business unmarried pls marry the one who is capable of taking your responsibilities, who don't wish to marry, thats best option would ever say... don't make ur children suffer like how my children are suffering.

  • Updated by SB17 · Nov 26, 2017

    Md Suhail MD of Suha Exports and trading Dubai UAE has replied me last night after seeing my Complaint on one good things is writing what annoys us in public is reaching them am happy about that. I'm the ultimate sufferer for having been on wait for so long for a job without trying for jobs in local or by rejecting the offer I got after that. Mr Suhail has helped me with ₹20, 000 twenty thousand rupees, after I begged him for more than three month... He wrote onme yesterday that I forgot writing about this ₹20, 000/- and stated "who gives money to anybody without having made any work out from them?" Sorry I forgot to add this guy's. But am really feeling guilt of such people how coolly they say that no one helps anyone without having made any work out from them... Mr Suhail of Suha Exports...who never replied for my n number of msgs and calls has responded for this complaint. Am happy. So people pretend as if thy r very busy... Actual thing thy don't want to admit or address to the issues happened becoz of them. That's all guys... I intentionally never wanted to write about someone even if that was true. But really guys am suffering today becoz of not accepting any offers that received in between this four months. Very pathetic situation, all credit goes to such companies who unnecessarily make a candidate wait like this. Any HR any MD or CEO can say frankly to the candidate if her / his profile is difficult to manage or difficult get them on job within a week's time at least. I request any Employer not to make anybody wait with false hopes.

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