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To whom it may be concerned please take note!
Myself and several friends take a motorcycle ride every year and this year was no exception. We made reservations in Lillian Ala. (excellent!) then to Perry Fla. (very good) and then to St Pete Fla. (also excellent!), this is where it got bad, we traveled to Sugarloaf Key Fla and was greeted by a shady character and he escorted us to our camp site, it was terrible and muddy, no way to properly set up a tent, I left and found a hotel in lower Sugarloaf key and we stayed there instead. I later found out that this Koa campground has a bad reputation for tents and rv's getting raided there as well and the locals told us that that is a bad place to stay. I made the reservations about a month before we started our journey and paid with my credit card, about a week after making my reservations my credit card company called me and told me that the credit card has been put on hold because of fraudulent charges being made on it, a new card was issued and when I got to the keys I noticed the fishing supply house one of the charges was made on, I immediately called the credit card company and told them the location of the place, they took note. Since we did not stay at this campground and expressed our complaints to the management I cancelled the charges on my credit card and refuse to pay them for such a bad place to stay, I am sorry that this place is an eyesore to your corporation as everywhere else we stayed was either very good or excellent. I certainly hope you contact me soon.
Sammy Winstead

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