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success express/ppcsrip off magazine sales

i guy named tim came to my home selling magazines to win a trip and get money for college. the price for the magazines didn't seem bad so i purchased them. i paid with a check. the check was presented to my bank before the date written on it. when i called the woman told me she couldn't do anything about him lying to me!!! so i paid $70 to my bank to send back an unpaid check!!! then when i called to cancel my account they tried to tell me i couldn't!!! i am not quite sure how to handle this. i am just going to keep calling them every day until they do something for me. this all happen in april of 2009. beware the s******ds who come selling things at your door!!!


  • Ba
    baileyn Jun 19, 2009

    Thanks so much for posting this! Some guy with the same pitch just came to my door and suckered me into giving him a $67 dollar check. Thankfully, right after he left I looked up his company and found you and some other people's complaints. I was able to track him down in my apartment complex and get my check back (and make sure he voided all the receipts). Good luck with getting your money back. It's awful how these people prey on those who think they're contributing to a good cause.

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  • Sm
    smdgeo Sep 14, 2009

    Virginia Beach is targeted again.
    I just sent a young man away from my door. He was trying to sell me magazine subscriptions. He looked worn out and the papers he was trying to show me were worn around the edges. I told him about how I had heard of these companies and he just looked at me funny. I said, "Let me guess. You were dropped off in the neighborhood in a van, and have to make so many sales and then they will pick you up. They probably have brought you in from out of the area and have put you up in a crappy hotel. You're tired and wondering if they are ripping you off." He just stammered and nodded. I said, "They are ripping you off. Call home. Tell your folks you need help. Take care of yourself."
    He turned to leave and looked back at me. "You really think they could be ripping me off?" I replied, "Look at how they are already treating you. Take care of yourself."
    Then I shut and locked the door.
    I hope the kid will wake up and go home.

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  • Nm
    Nmlj2011 Mar 10, 2011

    What Is the phone number for this place. I got scammed too. I am going get legal involved if they don't work with me. If someone could post their phone number

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  • La
    laurie313 Jun 08, 2011

    I used to work for Success Express in late 2006 & early 2007. Ive been reading complaints about numerous Mag companys and i think it is so sad that all the "scamming" companys are ruining it for the legit Magazine companys. i know for a FACT that this company was legit since a large percent of my sales were from my friends and family... AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM RECEIVED THEIR SUBSCRIPTIONS. In fact... my grandfather only paid for one year, and STILL gets his magazine every month to this day and hasn't had to pay for it. I can also vouche that the employees DO receive the contest prizes/trips because they gave ALL employees an ''all expense paid" trip to RosaRita Beach Mexico for a week, where the awards banquet ceremony took place.
    However no company is perfect, and they did make us work very long days in unsafe neighbor hoods.
    People must also realize that there were always a couple of the lazy workers would be the one scamming the customers by not turning in any cash border so they could pocket the money, and the company would have no idea.
    Im thankful that I was able to experience all of the traveling we did, and I can also say that i learned a lot as well.
    I guess the summary of my post us that i truley feel bad for the kids that work their butts off for no reason because they have a bad reputation from what other companys/workers have done to people.
    Feel free to contact me with any questions at: [protected] with a voicemail or text.

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