Subwaystore owner


I just got fired from subway for asking for more hours. I was hired full time and only receiving 19.5 hours. I asked my store owner who is also the manager why I wasn't getting the hours I was promised upon my hiring date. She replied with taking me into the office and writing me up for things another employee had done and told me to sign it. I told her I wasn't going to sign it cause those actions that we're performed wasn't my doing and it's on camera that it was done by the other employee. She fired me for not signing it. I was discriminated against by my store owner/manager. She has called me name's on more than one occasion. She even told me to take off my work shirt before I left which would've had me topless. She can not keep employees at her store because of the way she treats them, even the customers are complaining about her. The store # 4376-0 the store address is 268 Lowes Blvd Lexington North Carolina 27292.


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