Subscriber Services IncCant cancel subscription

I would not ever order from Subscribers Services!!! My son has just turned eighteen when they offered their product to him and told him he had 30 days free and could call back and cancel at anytime. "WRONG"!!! They don't even has any provisions for our Military!! My son is in Japan in the Marines and due to go to Afganastan and they do not care!!! They state he was told he could not cancel, and like everyone else they will call everyhour and sometimes right back to back harassing calls for him and as I said he is in the Marines and can't be reached and I don't believe they should be able to call him on this matter, but when he had his T-Mobile cell phone on he was getting messages all the time which were costing him International rates, so we had to suspend the phone until he comes back. So he is now paying for magazines he will never see, since he is due to be in Japan for the next 2 years at least. I have spoken with them and of course they Did he could not cancel and it did not matter he was protecting our country. SO I AGREE WITH EVERYONE THIS IS A SCAM WHO EVER HEARD OF NO BEING ABLE TO CANCEL MAGAZINES!!!

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