Stute Foods - STUTE Diabetic Raspberry Extra JellyI got Diarrhea, because I ate their &food&


If you do not want to sit all day on the toilet with diarrhea, you should never buy this brand of product: Stute Foods. I went to the shopping place yesterday (22/JUN/2012, Friday) with two of my friends, and unfortunately we bought such a product: STUTE Diabetic Raspberry Extra Jelly. At home we all ate from the product, since then, we are all having a serious diarrhea. The night I took TWO Imodium Plus tablets which is used for: "Acute diarrhoea accompanied by symptoms of trapped wind, eg bloating, stomach cramps, flatulence." And the two tablets did not help anything!!! I called my friends, they are in the same situation, one is in the hospital because she lost so much fluid that her body is almost dehydrated. This was done because the product has expired? No! But which are included in the product! Synthetic sweeteners, coloring agents, etc.. And they are mixed with the additives are bad! Because they does not look to what is better, but that what is cheaper. There is nothing natural in this ###-product. This ###-FACTORY is not concerned about the health of their customers. They only deal with the money, and “the more” they can sell.

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