Stuart Allan and Associates dbaScam account collections for Bankers Life

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The Phone call I got was from a man who claimed to be a private investigator at my residence taking a list of my assets that they would be attaching. The Man asked me to call a lawyer who was bringing action against me on behalf of Bankers Life and Casualty Co. and he left an out of state number. I was shocked because 2 years ago I had been an Insurance agent with this company, but I left in good standing and my last compensation statement had shown I owed "The Company" nothing. I called the phone ID for the Private Investigator, and the phone was answered Stuart Allan and associates. I called the number that was left, and got the same result even though it was a different number. While employed at Bankers Life and Casualty Co. I was very much aware of the Managerial Push to re-write "Orphan" policyholders. Managers recieved a bonus on New agents production and this made them avid proponents of the churning practice of re-writing policies when an agent quit. The former agents list of policyholders were routinely attacked by new agents as a source of new commissions. I never realized while I worked there that Bankers life was charging back the old commissions to the departed agent. It's a sweet scam if you think about it, the departed agent gets 1099-ed for the origional commission, pays the taxes, then the company hires Stuart Allan and associates to "claw back" the full commissions from the departed agents. Also S.A.and A listed the now disputed wages with the credit bureau's as debt. Many weeks into my ordeal I recieved a call from the main number of Stuart Allan and Associates and a man who claimed he was waiting at my house to get the money he claimed I owed due to the manufactured debt. I explained that I had documentation that showed my bal. was zero, and in fact Bankers Life had been withholding 5% of my commissions for advertising, this was called the Branch Prospecting Allowance, and I was taxed on the money, but only the Managers have access to these funds, and they buy leads for thier favorite agents from this pool of my money. Another tax scheme where the new agent pays the taxes but the Managers get to spend the tax free dollars on whatever they want. I believe my manager routinely paid for private school for his secretary from this fund.
Stuart Allan and Associates made terroristic threats to my family's safety by pretending to be private investigators, Lawyers, and vigillante's.
I believe there are tens' of thousands of former Bankers Life agents who experienced this sorry harrassment.
Pastor Dan W.
South Carolina


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      Jan 05, 2011

    Has anyone been able to get rid of the 'supposed' money owed? I've been dealing with this for 2+ years

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