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Stratton And Feinstein, P. A.Correction of lawyers name

I too was having the same problem getting anyone to call back until today. I called the main number in miami [protected]. It turns out that the company i thought was stratton and feinstein was actually a company that was working for them. Stratton and feinstein was outsourcing work to them. Stratton and feistein are no longer doing this and have given the company until next tuesday to send all files to them. I had an urgent matter and although they had not received my file yet, i was able to email stratton and feinstein this information today. Call them to put your mind at ease.


  • Sf
    SFPA Dec 10, 2009

    please contact 305.672.7772 or 1.877.464.7772 for assistance. that is the direct numberto the attorneys at stratton & feinstein.

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  • Ga
    Gabriella954 Dec 11, 2009

    Dear Pamela, I wish you good luck, but that was my case a few days ago.

    Same scenario as yours!

    They just wrote me an e-mail, after promising that they would "fix the wrongs" to us where they literally "blew us off" with an e-mail saying that they were not continuing services "for lack of payment"????

    What a nerve! They are blowing us all off because we are too many and fixing this mess would require a legion of people working on this 24/7.

    If we could get many complaints sent to the Florida Bar Association, and Florida's Att. General, we might have a chance of getting our money back.

    Good luck to you! Gabby Lewis [protected] Feel free to call me!

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  • Sf
    SFPA Dec 11, 2009

    The email referenced above is not an authorized email, nor are the contents therein representative of the firm’s position. the firm's top priority is immediately reviewing and addressing the files for any client who was receiving customer service from the West Palm Beach affiliate, not in collecting fees.

    I ask that you please ignore the communications from that office, as they are not authorized to contact you. The only authorized communication should originate out of the attorneys' office from one of the attorney or thier paralegal and assistants. Additionally, the only authorized emails should come from “”. Should you need to speak to anyone else, you should be informed of that in advance. The firm is taking every step necessary against these individuals from further harming the firm, our clients, and to ensure our client’s privacy.

    As it relates to the comments regarding First Universal Lending, the only thing that can be said is that all the firm's dealings were with First Universal Holdings LLC. Notwithstanding, there was never a merger – merely disappointment and a breach of trust by a company we contracted with to provide services we believed to be in the best interest of our client. Unfortunately, this company did not perform to our standards or our clients’ expectations. On a daily basis we are taking steps to make sure our clients have not been compromised.

    You are asked to please contact 305.672.7772 or 1.877.464.7772 to further discuss.


    Brett Feinstein

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  • Kb
    KB in Spotsy Dec 11, 2009

    Hi All. I have had the same experience with this company. I can NOT get anyone to call me back and then out nowhere I get this E-Mail today saying and I quote "Regrettably, we must advise you that your payment to our firm failed. Our contract requires prompt payment for the continuation of our services. We must inform you that due to your failure to pay, we have ended our relationship with you, and no longer represent you.
    We wish you good luck in the future.". The strange thing is that my payment is NOT even due yet for this month

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  • Sf
    SFPA123 Dec 12, 2009

    KB in Spotsy: please see the post immediately before your. you may call Gabby Lewis above to confirm. however, most importantly, you are asked to please contact 305.672.7772 or 1.877.464.7772 to further discuss, as the email you received was not an authorized email.

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  • Ff
    ffrob Dec 17, 2009

    I'm in the same situation as everyone else. I paid the full amount up front, I have the cancelled check to prove it. I can't get anyone to call me back from any contact number whatsoever. I have left a message with the [protected] number today. Time will tell if this helps or not. The only thing I have discovered in my search thus far is a fairly elaborate "shell game". Stratton and Feinstein, First Universal Holdings, Marucci Law, Finnley and Bolagan, etc, etc, I don't know who has my file and what is being done with it. If I don't hear from someone soon, I guess next steps are the state of Florida Attn. Generals Office, news channels, and possibly the use of another attorney to sue for fraud. Hopefully I will hear from the "Real" Stratton and Feinstein today, if not I will not just give up.
    Rob in Florida.

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  • Kw
    kwillia28 Dec 17, 2009

    I've left 2 messages with the "real" office one on Monday and one today. So far, still no call back. I feel just like you do. I already posted a complaint on the BBB website and i may have to result in contacting all those people you stated as well as an attourney to sue for our costs we have already paid plus punitive damages. They are working on our mortgage modification, they never told me or do I have it written anywhere that they would be outsourcing my private information, taxes, SS#'s, paystubs, bank statements etc to people I have never heard of. That is a breech of contract, and who knows who has all of our personal identity information now. Not to mention, what do I do now?? I was counting on them pulling through for us, I am mother of 4 and our house is all we have. What am I supposed to do now, I have not been able to pay my mortgage for 3 months now and if the bank won't lower my mortgage, i will be forclosed on. I finally started to relax and believe that there was hope for us through this firm and now since I received that email, i have not slept at night. It's ridiculous that we all are having to face this now.

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  • So
    Soon 2 be homeless Dec 17, 2009

    Y'all are getting robbed just like I got robbed. I talked to people that worked there and they got robbed too. Even the employees got robbed. It's definitely a shell game because I spoke to an employee that told me that they felt horrible for me and told me right out point blank that this was all a ploy. Yea, the FTC got involved, but now Feinsten and Strattons are trying act like they aint nothing to do with it. Well I'm calling bullshyt! I was told by my rep that she personallt met Feinstein in the office there in West Palm Beach and he and the Attorneys there in west Palm beach is real good friends! So, all they are probably doing now is looking for a way to screw more people out of money by acting like it was all First Universal and Stratton is really a victim too. Don't fall for it people. This Feinstein is a greasy S.O.B. just like the rest of them.

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  • So
    Soon 2 be homeless Dec 17, 2009

    If there never was a merger then why was Feinstein in the office playing buddy buddy with everyone? Why is that when they called me way back in the beginnings they said they was with Stratton and Feinstein. Why is that everytime that I called in they answered the phone as Stratton and Feinsteins? Why is that anytime my rep called me she sais she was calling from stratton and feinsteins? How is Stratton and Feinstein gonna act like they has nothing to do with anything and meantime the compamy is using y'alls name forever. Liek that would never gotten back to them in there ooffice? Like the better business bureau never called them about their west palm beach office? I may dumb but I aint stupid. Feinstein thinks were all stupid so he wants to keep as clients and yet they aint never even received a single file on anybody? Huh? So, y'all is just letting them do all the work from there office while they are knowingly using your name? C'mon man. Get real! We all should go down there and meet this guy in person and tell him all our stories and see if he can still sleep at night after it's done.

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  • No
    NOJOKEr Dec 17, 2009

    It may seem weird but it sounds like FUL got out of the Lender style Loan Mod biz because the exemption in the law that allowed the collection of upfront fees was eliminated for mortgage companies. The exemption in the law that allowed lawyers to collect upfont fees remained so it sounds like FUH Lawyer Loan Mod biz was born out of necessity.

    I could be wrong but it appears that FUH went out and made agreements with several different law firms. As best as I can tell those law firms essentially let FUH sell Loan Mod services in their name.

    It kind of sounds like to me that the lawyers agreed to let FUH do the majority of the work on the files (unless the services an actual lawyer were needed). Presumably since FUH got a sizeable share of the fees. I get the impression that the lawyers for the most part really didn't have to do alot.

    Now that the FTC stepped in the lawyers who signed on are going to have to step up to the plate and perform all of the work that FUH was doing. It seems doubtful that these lawyers had a big staff sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting to take the workload off FUH' hands. I suspect the lawyers were freaking out when they learned that they were going to have to do the work that they counted on FUH to do.

    In theory I am sure it seemed like a good deal for everyone. There was just one problem. Getting the banks to agree to significant modifications was anything but a sure bet. FUH tried and sometimes they succeeded and sometimes they didn't.

    The FUL / FUH controversy boils down to 2 questions: Should a business be allowed to charge fees even when they fail miserable? Were consumers unrealistic expectations of success wishful thinking or were they preyed upon and mislead?

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  • No
    NOJOKEr Dec 18, 2009

    "Should a business be allowed to charge fees even when they fail miserably?"

    If just 5% of their customers were unhappy that would add up to a lot of people because they were such a large company. FUL and FUH worked hard to get their customers loans modified. They did not always get the desired result, but it was not because of lack of effort. If anyone was to blame it was the banks.

    Were consumers unrealistic expectations of success wishful thinking or were they preyed upon and mislead?

    I suspect that the customer wanted so badly to find a solution, they simply filtered out what they didn't want to hear. Many of these same people are blaming the banks for giving them the loan in the first place. I think the obligation is on the consumer to put forth the effort to check a company out and to closely monitor their progress.

    FUL / FUH made money. The FTC wants it back.

    Every customer will be offfered a full refund.

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  • Lo
    looking for hope in miami Jan 09, 2010

    i had been trying to reach someone by phone for nearly three weeks when i said enough is enough. i live in south florida so I actually went to their office in miami beach. I was pissed as hell and i was not planning on leaving until they gave me back every penny i paid AT LEAST. with all thats happened and all of this "scam" and when i get there i cant believe a real law firm with real people. 3 minutes after talking to one of the attorneys i just bursted into tears. i knew - i mean i KNEW - that the firm's name was being dragged through the mud and the firm was not the one that did this to me. once i got it together they actually explained to me the process. the real process. not the lies i was fed by the people pretending to be them. they actually took the time to explain to me how a modification works and what was going to happen with my foreclosure because this whole thing has pushed me in foreclosure. i understand that i may not qualify for a loan modification because I don’t have a job. but at least they will be helping me in the foreclosure defense so that i have time to try and get a job or figure out my next move. i also understood why it had taken me so long to call in. the whole time i was there (over an hour) the phones never stopped ringing. i cant believe that this is happening to me. i dont know how i did not see the signs sooner that the people i was dealing with was a scam. anytime i called the west palm office i was never allowed to talk to an attorney. they even told me not to call the miami office because the miami office would not have information on me. come on! and the money that was taken from my account by those crooks… lost forever. Atleast the real firm is not asking me for any more money. Honestly I just don’t have it. Looking back the signs were there. it makes so much sense now. the thieves did not even sign the contract. and never gave me the name of an attorney or supervisor to contact. i feel bad for this law firm. someone really screwed their business. dont get me wrong. i NEED a house for me kids. And I am going to really be on them to make sure they are actually working for me. but after actually going to thier office my faith has been somewhat restored. i hope they can deliver. i suppose i will report if my feeling changes.

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  • Vi
    Victor Puran May 24, 2010

    Hi, I have read some of these complaints from clients of Stratton & Feinstein. And I am suprised to hear these things. I have been a client of Brett Feinstein for the past 10 years. And I never had such experience. They are a very solid attorney firm. Very professional and honest. I had personal and business cases handled by their firm. And I would recomended them to any one. I would surley use them again. I would urge those who have problems to do call their office. Because for the 10 years I have been a cleint, I am very very satified. And I know they will truly do their best to solve any issues.


    Victor Puran,
    Hollywood, Florida

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  • Ve
    very surprised Dec 09, 2011

    I have know this firm and their attorneys since 1985 when Mr. Stratton handled a real estate case for my father. I am a client and never had a problems with the firm or their employees (Miami Beach). All I can say is that Mr. Stratton and his partners at the Miami Beach office are hard working, honest attorneys. I will not hesitate to recommend this firm to my friends.

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  • Co
    concern citizen2 Jan 05, 2013

    52 So.3d 662 (2011)
    No. SC10-2374.
    Supreme Court of Florida:
    Brett Feinstein was suspended from practicing law for 6 month for misconduct and fraud. This ambulance chaser is not to trust at all. Look at the picture that I attached!

    Link to court's decision:


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