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May 26th - Stover Concrete Creations was contacted via email with Kelley for an estimate on concrete staining and finish of 800 sq. ft. which would cover approximately the living, dining, and kitchen area of our house. After receiving the bid of $ 3, 010.00 for this area of the floor we decided to have Stover Concrete Creations send us an estimate for the entire floor. The estimate for 1350 sq. ft. was $5, 201.50. We also decided to have the company put down their microfilm finish on our shop floor. We paid a total of $6, 666.50 for the bill dated 6/08/17.
June 14th - Danny was in Kansas when the Stover company came to do a sample of their work and he sent pictures of the sample for Karen to review. We agreed to have Stover Concrete Creations do our floors and they began the initial work of grinding, staining, and applying coating. During the staining process liquid dripped from the nozzles and hoses of their equipment onto the wet stain randomly leaving spots of various sizes over all of the floor. Danny left four days later to return to Colorado and didn't have an opportunity to see the floor after the process was finished.
When the floor was dry Stover Concrete Creations laid a heavy cardboard over the entire floor to protect it during the completion of the house.
We didn't see the floor when it was completed before the cardboard was put down. The company has our phone number, but no one called to say they'd found any unexpected spots on the floor before laying down the cardboard.
First week of September - Stover Concrete Creations came out to remove the cardboard and do the final polish of the floor as per our agreement. No one called to say spots were noticed on the floor while polishing was being done. Before polishing the company was asked to fill holes left in the concrete after the grinding process. This filling left several large spots that appear sunken below floor level.
September 10th - We returned to see the completed house and start moving. This is when we found the spots on the finished floor throughout the house. No similar spots were seen in the initial work sample done in June so we were very surprised to see so many throughout the house.
September 21st - Karen contacted Stover Concrete Creations via email about our dissatisfaction with their work on our floor.
September 25th - Troy Stover came to examine our floor and agreed that liquid had leaked from their equipment and spotted the entire floor. He noted that in one area their hoses probably were pulled through the wet stain leaving a longer streak in the hallway. He also examined the work done to fill the holes in the concrete left after grinding, but didn't comment about the look. Troy offered to have a moving company remove all our furniture and then have their company return to repair the floor. Then the moving company would replace all the furniture. We said we'd give some thought to his offer.
September 26th - Karen contacted the Stover company via email that we didn't feel comfortable having their movers and floor crew return to repair our floor since all our trim, doors, baseboards, and cabinets are already in place and our experience with their company was not positive. We paid $4050 for grinding, $384 for polish and stain, and $607 for microfilm which totals $5041. I asked that they reimburse us $2500.
September 27th - I received this reply via email.

Sep 27 to me

Dear Karen Smith,

It is not our company's policy to extend a refund for work completed. However, we do guarantee our workmanship, so our offer to redo the staining of the floor stands.

Kelley Stover
Stover Construction and Concrete Creations

Stover Concrete Creations
Stover Concrete Creations
Stover Concrete Creations
Stover Concrete Creations
Stover Concrete Creations

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