Stout Recordsclerk / supervisor service


2271 Lake Ave
Altadena, CA 91001
10-18-17 11am-11:47am

Was standing in the Customer line for a while and waiting to mail out 2

boxes, this place is like Fort Knox, 3 inch Bullet Proof Plexiglass

between Customers and Clerks. The Clerk (Wendy) was the only one working

up front and VERY SLOW, taking her time, she rang up the previous Customer

in front of me but spent around 5 minutes Chit Chatting PERSONAL with

Customer afterwards.

I waited a bit to see if The Clerk would wrap it up and make eye contact

with me and she didn't, just kept talking Personal Stuff so i interupted

and asked if there was another Clerk on Duty. She said no and that i was

being rude. I said she was rude and asked for a Supervisor. She said she

was in Charge and wanted me to leave as she was not going to ship out my


Low and behold the real Supervisor shows up and asks what happened, the

Clerk said i was being threatening so they both told me to leave. I asked

their names and they said i couldn't have them, i asked for a Complaint

Form and they refused to talk to me at that point and said they were

calling the Police which they didn't, there was no Reasonable Cause to

come out..I left and went went to another Post Office 600 Lincoln Ave,

Pasadena, CA 91109 that is more Professional, been using them for 15 years

and no problems..

Darrin Stout

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