Store in Brandon MBbad service and price misleading

I always to try to shop locally!
We have a small ct store in town.
So I called Brandon store the evening before and asked them if they still have the product.
Answer is yes they got it, I asked for that price and answer is yes!
I said I'll be there tomorrow.
I came we couldn't find the product, ends up after a hour, it's on display ! So not on the shelf..
I said okay I'll take it then I come at the counter.
Guess what the price went up with a $120.00
I asked them how come!
They tell me the sale ended on Wednesday 😳
I came Friday and I said I called yesterday!!!
So I drove 2, 5 hours for [censored]/ all...
Yes she said it's back to his old price,
I asked can I speak to the manager, a jong guy comes and said what can I do for you!
I explained everything again!!
Then he said I just started working here..😡🤬
He had no clue and the other lady told him, , ,
Don't gave it for the old price...
That was it for me.
Sorry I said then I have to shop somewhere else!
Sorry ct you could have sold me a $500, 00 item.
Now going back!
I wouldn't complain, this happened not 1 time to me .
It happened before..

Oct 18, 2019

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