steve vofradulent banker from wellsfargo and bank don't want to pay


My friend saved up money from high school thru college and opened an account in wellsfargo while she was in the santa monica, ca, for fun after college graduation. she put in $35, 000 in 1996. she put the money in CD/term deposit for several years and last time she contacted the customer service( the 1-800 service) for extending her term deposit was in [protected]. after that, she contacted many different customer services people and did not get any response at all.
couple months ago (July, 2012) she came to visit me and tried to get the money out from the bank. after several hours from one of the branch in los angeles area, we found out that the original $35, 000 becomes $350 in the state of california as of "unclaimed property" and also that $37, 000(accrued principle and interest for the past few years) was stolen!!! Someone has used my friends indentity, closed the account in 2009 and open the new one at the same time in February 2009. by April 2009, that someone has withdrawn all the money($37, 000) in two months. now the wellsfargo fradulent department claims that the money untouched for "too long" that she can not claim it back!!! we really like to ask for a good lawyer and sue them. anyone know a good lawyer? let me know.

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