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BEWARE of Doctor Vivian Nicolas.
She is also known as Vivian David-Nicolas.
Doctor Vivian Nicolas, a psychologist in the San Fernando Valley in California, is a rabid child predator. She has been recently arrested for several counts of molestation upon her own son.
Doctor Vivian David-Nicolas is a psychologist who currently works in the office of another scam doctor, Doctor Orkideh Csukay.
Doctor Vivian Nicolas also known as Doctor Vivian David-Nicolas is a dangerous child predator. She is also a rabid drug addict and a raging alcoholic.
She sees patients during the day, but molests helpless, innocent children during her off hours.
She has even committed molestation upon her own son.
She deliberately abuses her patients by giving them wrong, harmful advice, she steers them in the wrong direction, she lies to them, and she even commits fraud against them.
She and doctor Orkideh Csukay run a dirty Medi-Cal mill (they see Medi-Cal patients who are on public assistance, while using their names to forge documents and commit fraud against Medi-Cal and against their patients.
Very sick, sick people. These two are even sicker than the patients they see.
The bottom line is this: Do NOT go to Doctor Vivian David Nicolas or Doctor Orkideh Csukay, because they are more psychotic than anyone else and will end up causing you or your loved one FAR MORE problems, in every single way.

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Sep 07, 2017 12:58 pm EDT

I had the pleasure of working for Dr Vivian from 2012 in Dubai. I am appalled to read this disgusting slander against her and would strongly urge anyone reading the above post to ignore it completely. Dr Vivian is an excellent clinician, a great leader and mentor of her staff and a visionary in her field, having set up very successful and much needed practices and services both in the US and in the Gulf. She has helped hundreds of special needs families and always upholds best practices and receives outstanding inspections from the local authorities where her practices are based. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Vivian.
DW - former employee

Aug 24, 2017 8:32 am EDT

Dr. Vivian David Nicolas has assessed and treated my son in both Stepping Stones' Dubai location and after opening their franchise in Kuwait (as I had moved to Dubai 3 years ago as there were no reliable services at that time in Kuwait and last year was able to relocate back to Kuwait, my home country, and continue services for my son there). Dr. Vivian and her professional team currently oversee my son's treatment program in Kuwait. I am both a physician and parent. I was referred to Stepping Stones and Dr. Vivian, by at least a few specialists in Kuwait and when I asked around in Dubai, I was advised both she/Stepping Stones were the best points of contact for such services.

After researching about the center and Dr. Vivian (given I am also a physician), I got to know that she has a doctoral degree from the US in Clinical Psychology. I was also happy to know that Dubai Healthcare City has strict regulations about the professionals working under their umbrella as they don’t allow professionals to work in DHCC unless they a valid license.

Upon assessing my son, she and her team utilized standardized testing and developed an individualized treatment program for my son based on the testing outcomes using evidence based practices that I also thoroughly researched to ensure they are evidence-based. I must admit, hearing the diagnosis was a bit overwhelming and difficult to accept at first, but realize that had I not known and not assessed him then and had him since in treatment, he would not be where he is today. Thanks to Dr. Vivian and her supportive team, my son now has been successfully included in a regular school and is blossoming in all aspects! I will forever be indebted to Dr. Vivian and Stepping Stones for their hard work and dedication to my son's well being and helping him reach such milestones.

Oct 06, 2017 7:58 am EDT

Hi, I am a parent of a child that needs assessment. Did you do it in Kuwait?

Jul 24, 2017 10:02 am EDT

Dr. Vivian is a liar and she is very unethical. First of all, her academic qualification is in question. She claimed that she received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in the Wright Institute. However, the Wright Institute does not even offer this Master program. The Wright Institue only offers one master program, the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (you can refer to this official website for details: or even send written request to the Wright Institue for verification of Dr. Vivian's academic history).

Dr. Vivian is also well-known for her useless and fake assessments conducted for children with special needs. I once brought my son to her center with a completed assessment result from another qualified institution (Kuwait Consultation Center) to only seek her consultation or admission to her center. However, she just disregarded my son's previous assessment report and insisted in conducting a new assessment for my son by her, which is totally unnecessary and useless for my son. She even intimidated me that if my son did not conduct her assessment, there was no way for my son to get into her center. I think she is doing this fake assessment report to gain huge amount of money from innocent parents as she charges each assessment report for KD650! With no value added or any professional advice/ value in it. When I compared her "assessment report" with the one I got from Kuwait Consultation Center, I saw there were huge differences in term of professionism and clinical aspects, even a layman as me, could tell Dr. Vivian's one is just a scam to swindle money from the innocent parents. I think it is totally make sense given her questionable academic background and I even cast doubt on her real practicing experience in both clinical field and ABA field as she apparently did not have any working experience in any qualified and international institutions or hospitals. So, please do not go to Dr. Vivian for assessment or obtaining any kind of clinical advice from her for your children because it will just make your children's situation even worse!

Jul 05, 2017 7:39 am EDT
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I have to say this. After meeting Dr. Vivian, I learnt a lot about ASD. I wasn’t much aware of some of the best practices for treating my child previously. I wholeheartedly thank her for the excellent guidance she provided. I would definitely recommend Dr. Vivian to anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge about ASD.


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