Stellar Flooring / Joe SmithFraud and Unprofessionalism


Joe Smith showed up to my house with his wife and infant daughter after the first scheduled sales person decided he couldn't make it. (It is important to note that I was told by the owner's wife who is an employee of Stellar Flooring that the sales person was probably lying to me and that he had done it in the past). I was surprised to see Joe and his wife show up with a baby. I love children but with my dogs, it made for a very complicated appointment. Anyway, we decided to go with Stellar because Joe promised excellent customer service and we figured that the small man should be given a shot. Boy did we make a HUGE MISTAKE! We tried to reach Joe the evening before installation to confirm everything was set. We left messages but never received a call back. The next morning someone finally answered our call after 9am. The rep. on the other end was rude and very unprofessional. He told us that the installers had another job to finish and then they would be on their way but he couldn't give us a time. I asked to speak to Joe and he said 'Why do you need to speak to Joe?" "You don't need to speak to him." I explained that Joe was the one who sold us the job and I wanted to talk to him. He continued to be abnoxious and rude so I told m to cancel the job. He then proceeded to say "No, I am not canceling the job!' I emailed Joe to tell him the order was canceled. He emailed me late afternoon and told me that I couldn't due that. By the way, I never signed a contract with them. A couple of days later, I received a credit card in my name and Stellar Flooring's name. I contacted the bank of the credit card to find out that Joe/Stellar Flooring charged $3600.00 to the card. The kicker is that this charge was made before the installation was even set to be done. AMAZING!!! Joe Smith is a rip-off artist! I have hired an attorney and I plan to make Joe Smith sorry for being the JERK that he is.


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    Ron Oct 16, 2008

    I had Joe Smith give me an estimate laminate floor . I decided to fill out a finance application. Something made me uneasy, so I called Empire for an estimate. Their measurement was 50 sqaure feet less and they and they had the color I wanted. Sometime later I found out JOE SMITH owner of STELLAR FLOORING
    opened up an account in my name with GE Credit. First he told me it was their finace company when I filled out the application, then I get a bill from GE Credit for a contract I never signed or saw!. I filled out the finance application to see how much I would be approved for. They never answer the phone when I call, I guess they have caller ID to hide from the victims. Last month I read and article by Greg Smith in the Orlando Sentinel. It seems Joe Smith has a laundry list of victims. I have now had to pay to hire an attorney to get to the bootm of this!! Joe Smith claims my GE money he received fraudulently is a "short term" loan. Last week I read he is opening another store, INCREDIBLE.

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    Sharon Oct 31, 2008

    I called Mohawk and Shaw industires and they told me JOE SMITH and Stellar Flooring do not have an account with either of these mills. I then asked myself how will I be sure I'm getting what I purchased. They I read Many complaints and one customer told me he snet her a completely different product. I guess he can tell you there is a lifetime labor warranty but he will probably move on before you get a chance to use your warranty.

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    Still Waiting Oct 31, 2008

    I ordered flooring from Stellar Flooring through GE Finance. Joe Smith says he never got paid although GE says they sent him a check in August. No work has been done. The Office of the Attorney General is looking into Stellar Flooring. You can go to this site and input your information.

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    Ron Nov 01, 2008

    Even after he defrauds you and sets up a GE Money acct, Joe Smith knows eventually you will get some your money from GE
    less his 35 % restocking fee. This is how one of his scams works, you order $5, 000.00 worth of flooring, he gets you approved by GE or CitiBank, you wait weeks, months, you cancel the contract. Joe Smith charges you a 35% restock fee $1750.00, for a product he never ordered, nor intended to. GE credits his account $5k with in two days after you are approvexd, less their fee of 4.71% approx $235.00. He now has your $4800.00 to use interest free for several moths while you chase him your your money. You mayeventually get back $3, 300.00, Joe Smith nets 1750.00 times how many victims, all pure profit. He no different than a thief in the night.

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    Anonymous Feb 23, 2009

    I worked for Joe Smith since he opened the business, Stellar Flooring. In the beginning I thought him and his wife were great people. They seemed to really have it together. I began becoming sceptical after they would start leaving there 4 month old daughter with me to babysit, when they barely knew me. At the time Stellar Flooring was being ran out of the 720 N. Goldenrod office. I ran the office, which was a lot of work due to the fact that I was the only one doing that job, and Joe were extremely irresponsible and messy. Plus, their was a large volume of calls coming in. When I first started it took me almost a month just to get the office organized and clean. Then, on top of Joe wanting me to keep up with the office work, he would dump his baby girl in the office for me to babysit so his wife and him could go out and do God knows what.
    After a couple months working for the company I realized that Joe Smith and his wife, whom is now in Jail ( a fugitive from Texas ), were doing drugs. They went to a Methadone clinic, but still smoked marijuana, drank a lot, took Xanax, and still did Heroin from time to time. However, they still seemed to be running a good business and were paying me. So, I didn't quit.
    Around May, 2008 was when things started going bad. First I started to wonder why Joe would never want to talk to customers. If a customer called asking for him he would tell me to handle it. He'd say that that's what he was paying me for. The funny thing was though, Larissa, his wife was also on payroll and was getting paid waaayyyy more then me even though she did NOTHING! Her title was "Office Manager", yet she never lifted a finger. She would blame everything on the baby, whom they brought to work with them everyday. Then when I started having customer call stating that they paid Joe and never heard back from anyone. When I asked Joe about it, he would say that the customer was being impatient and he didn't have time to order their materials yet. When in reality he had already spent the money the customer paid him, and was waiting on someone else to purchase flooring so he could use their money to buy the first customers material.
    As time passed I began learning more and more. Larissa always wanted to go on Measurements with Joe, and they'd bring the baby without informing the customer that an infant would be coming along with them. Joe told me that he did it because people were more likely to buy from him if they saw the baby. Now, Stellar Flooring, was not a very big company. But, because he spent ALOT of money on Advertising, it appeared that he was a huge flooring dealer. He used that Advertising to pull in innocent customer and steal their money. We also had GE Financing through our company. He would get customers to open up credit cards through GE, and lets say the customers bought $3, 000 of flooring, Joe would charge $5, 000 on the card, which GE would post to his bank account, and would never talk to the customer again, let alone purchase their material.
    The funny thing was, Joseph Smith never thought he was doing anything wrong. He would always blame things on the customers, or the employees, or the Distributors. Which by the way, he had about 4 different Distributors he used to order his flooring through. Each one gave him anywhere from a $10, 000 - $25, 000 credit line. So that way he could place big orders and pay when he picked it up, or when it was dropped off. Not Joe Smith! He eventually ran up every single Distributors credit line until they would no longer release any more products to him unless he payed off the debt. So, instead of doing that, he just kept going out on Measurements, selling thousands of dollars in flooring, and keep the money for himself. I would tell him that he was going to get in trouble for what he was doing but he would just say things like " I'm not doing anything criminal, if they want their money back they can sue me. This is a Civil matter." Well, eventually customers who had purchased the flooring through the GE credit card realized that they were never going to get their product, so they began disputing the charges. So, after about 10 people disputed the credit card charges, GE Financing stopped doing business with Stellar Flooring. So, all people could do was pay with Cash or Checks.
    After about 5 months of working for him, he started to not pay me. Joe would tell me he didn't have the money because he was waiting for a check to go through his bank, or because he was waiting for customers to pay him. Everything was under the table, so I couldn't really do anything. He would usually pay me back though. But, check he would write me began bouncing. And then I started getting paid once a month instead of once a week. I had to eventually quit due to the fact that he was no longer paying me, or when he would it wouldn't be the full amount that he owed me, or the check would bounce. It was a nightmare. To this day, Joseph Smith, owes me over $1, 000 in bank fees from checks bouncing and unpaid money. It got so bad that Amscott, ACE Check Cashing, and The Check Cashing Store will no longer cash any checks from Stellar Flooring, or Joseph Smith.
    When I quit Joe had lost his house in Winter Garden due to not paying rent, and had moved into a little house off of Bumby Ave. He closed down the Goldenrod Store and had opened another one. He was thinking of just changing Stellar Flooring to another name. His wife and him where still doing drugs. Plus, come to find out she was pregnant again!
    Last I heard someone had called DCF on them and they were going to remove their daughter. By the way, they already lost their first child to DCF in Texas, which is where they are originally from. I also heard that Larissa (last name Davidson, not Smith) was in Orange County jail due to a warrant she had. I guess she was on the run from Texas for about 3 years. She had been arrested in Texas for drugs and never showed up for court. Just left and came to Florida thinking that she wouldn't get in trouble. So, Joe is taking care of the baby now all by himself. Plus he was about to be evicted from his house off Bumby Ave last I heard. He told one of my friends that also used to work for him as an installer that he was going to pack up and go back to Texas, since that's were his wife is going to end up anyways. So I guess she'll be delivering her 3rd baby in jail. Luckily, the road has finally ended for Joe Smith. This goes to show that Karma always catches up with you. I think he deserves everything he gets. The sad thing is that he's still out there trying to sell flooring to people over the Internet. Just so HE can make some money.

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    cherrysmoke Feb 26, 2009$file/StellarComplaint.pdf

    contact the attourney gerneral. there is a class action lawsuit filed as of this week. add you complaint.

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    cherrysmoke Feb 26, 2009

    I totally agree. complaints should be sent to the attourney generals office. this man is a criminal. and should be dealt with as such.

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