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United States

Steak n Shake
1651 W New Haven, Melbourne, Fl 32904
I am so disappointed in the reality of results of the Swiss mushroom burger. The photo on the sales flyer had the sandwich with 2 thick burgers with lots of Swiss cheese and over flowing with mushrooms and grilled onions. The reality is 2 thin burger patties on a bun with a very thin piece of Swiss cheese, almost unnoticed and definitely couldn't be tasted, with no onions and mushrooms showing. I thought I had the wrong sandwich until I looked under the bun - one small onion ring with, count them, 7 slices of mushroom.
Never again will I go to Steak n Shake anywhere and when people say they want to go there I will tell them not to bother. The service is slow and the food is a disappointment. This is the norm at the few Steak n Shakes I have ever been to any where in the country.

  • Updated by TLM10, May 31, 2019

    Really??? Every restaurant has to cook the food too and they are not as slow as this place. Please!! 45 minutes for a milk shake which is suppose to be their 'draw' item. I saw employees standing around chatting with no sense of making sure the order is correct and timely. It is a management issue. Having been in the business, with a menu more involved than this one, I noticed the employees and their procedures. The procedures need to be changed and the employees need training. Never again will I place an order or enter a Steak n Shake. Their food is not worth the wait.

  • Updated by TLM10, Jun 01, 2019

    First of all...not a boy. I am a woman and I don't understand your acceptance of poor service as indicated by some many. You must be used to inadequate service, such is your life. You need to learn to accept opinions other than your own. I can get better food a lot faster and with friendlier service. If you want to eat terrible food, that's your business as for me I have much better places to go.

  • Updated by TLM10, Jun 01, 2019

    LOL you are funny. Just stating the facts. Good luck, ye of such ignorance. I am done.

May 30, 2019

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