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I was charged more than SGD200 for data roaming which I never used and my phone has "Data Roaming" turned off. So here are the steps/actions I took:

1. I called in to billing on a Sat morning. Pressed the correct numbers and I ended up with billing dept for cable TV. Now that was weird. Anyhow I asked to be transferred to mobile dept, I was told it was not possible. And he'd have mobile dept call me back. Obviously noone did. So I called again and this time I got the correct billing dept but I wasn't pleased with the resolution he gave. Practically he said, someone would call me back.

2. So I went into Starhub service center. Superbly bad service. Again it was unsatisfactory. Bad manners and giving me excuses for everything. He was saying turning on wifi would trigger 3G as well. If 3G disable how to access data, he said. So I took the phone and turned off 3G and I tried wifi. He was dumbfounded.

3. So I was waiting for reply over the next few days. I called in again to billing. On and off for 1.5 hours, noone could pick up the call; too busy.

4. Thus I was left with no choice but to write in thru feedback form. After a week I was told to go into service center to see the logs of the data roaming. So I went in.

5. Meeting the person at the counter was beyond expectation. Well the moment he realized my issue, he was practically ignoring me. I was talking and he was looking everywhere else. Very bad manners. Amazing. He kept saying facebook usage as the logs did show some facebook logging. So here was I trying to explain that "Data Roaming" was off all the time. Practically somehow in the bus ride back from Malaysia to Singapore, the changing of service providers triggered the data roaming. Obviously he wasn't listening. He kept saying "facebook". So I pointed to him some are background data running as well like forex exchange. He said "that and facebook". He kept pushing the point that I was facebooking while in the bus back to Singapore. As if I don't know data roaming is expensive. He was never in the mindset of helping customers. He was trying to dish me away.

So everyone said Starhub is a no no and has a reputation of bad service. Now I believe completely. And really unexpected at my end. I subscribed to M1 as well on mobile service and so far so good. After the 2-year contract with Starhub, that would be it. I will never bother ever thinking of subscribing anything on Starhub. I could blame Android, I could blame LG Optimus 2X for the charges but the way Starhub handled it so badly again and again (each time practically) really is unexpected.


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      Jul 08, 2012

    I agree..i had the same experience recently having to deal with a 2nd hand migrant, an arrogant, rude pinoy customer customer name Julius at Plaza Singapura outlet which in the end doesnt solved my problem. Why do starhub employed more staff from Philipines than sporean...Then worse behind the counter, 2 pinoy staff(1 male, 1 female) chatting abt their off day for some 10 mins when i was still at the counter. It was irritating hearing their tone & they keep on & on...Is starhub saving cost??

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      Apr 24, 2013

    Can I suggest that people facing problems with star hub services to lodge a complaint via email to Infocom/IDA and MICA Singapore. They will help you to investigate and settle the issues. Upon investigation from the above gov. Authorities, star hub will take actions to resolve whatever problems that you are . The mentioned gov bodies have the authority to handle and investigate.

    I have very bad experiences with star hub just like the people complaining here. With their broadband and especially hp department. After some time, I got very frustrated and desperate. I decided to write to Infocom/IDA sg. Star hub render their assistance to me then.

    I hope the people here will seek help from proper channel for their grievances and etc...
    In my personal circumstances/ experiences. It is the only hope to resolve problems with star hub else they will just ignore you, keep transferring you to don't know who or give endless excuses etc... Which is a total waste of our personal resources, not forgetting that we are paying our bills to them. We are consumers, we must bring our grievances to proper channels if we are ignored or not treated right.

    We need to bring our issues to IDA/Infocom, the gov authorities. They seems to be our only hope when it comes to star hub.

    I hope that my advice helps.

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      Apr 29, 2013

    Please email your complaint to IDA at email: [protected] And
    website - tel:[protected]
    Info communication /Ida of Sg will help you but you must be truthful with them.
    Star hub will surely respond to u after u notify the above.

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