Starbucksstarbucks customer service at edmonton airport


I was ordering a latte from rachael at starbucks. I saw how frustrated and rude she was to the guests before me. When it was finally my turn to order I asked her how her days was. She told me she wished she could go home. I told her I was sorry she wasn’t having a good day. I repeated my order 3 times to rachael. I then went to pay with my app and was told it wasn’t working.
Upon getting my drink it was not what I ordered. The girl dumped it out looked at the cup. Proceeded to make a new one. Once again it was not what I ordered. Turns out rachael did not correctly put my order on the cup.
We all have bad days. But this person clearly is in the wrong industry if she is rude and unhappy with her job.
This was my first encounter after getting off my flight and I was very disappointed.


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