Star Electronics Sales and Services Sdn. Bhd.Bad experience at SEC (Branch at Sungai Petani)

Don’t know bout other branches but this is what I get from SP branch…

For years, I always get electrical stuffs I need from SEC by believing that bigger company will provide better quality of services, although their price is more expensive than other shop.
Things started to get ugly this time and they started to show their true color...

This time after spending thousands at their shop, they promised to delivery them to me together with the free gifts I chose.
The product I bought before got problem right after installed.
Putting aside the bad quality of their product, I called, explained the problem prior to the delivery day, requested their help to come and fix it for me as well on the same day they deliver the things I just bought.
They said ok right away.

On the delivery day, the person who came said they only ask him to come to confirm the problem;
he’s not the right person to fix it.
Now that he understood the problem and will send the respective person come.
It makes me looked fool for wasting my time explained my problem in the last phone call, which anyhow he will send anyone to prove that you are not talking nonsense, then only they will take it seriously and rearrange a “right” person to come.
No sign and no follow up call from them since…

On that delivery day, there are no free gifts either.
We were left with question mark when the deliver man said he don’t know bout it.
No call from them after that guy went back.
I personally went to their store, looked for that salesman I deal with and he said it happen to be no stock?!
After a month, no call from them still…

I paid thousands to them and the service I get is “priceless”.
This is the very last time I would want to deal with them.
I think you should too.

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