Stanton SocialCustomer assaulted by Stanton Social's staff


My friends and I were victims of a violent bouncer who screamed at us, spitted on me and yelled using an innappropiate language. This man should not work in a business of hospitality, dealing with customers. I am a female, he scared me and my friends and even though we spoke to the manager, no action was taken, he said that we could send him an email later but did not repriment the agressive man in any manner. We were very disappointed by the way the manager held the situation. I wish there was something I could do to alert other customers of this incident and prevent future incidents. I also hope the restaurant does something, because no customer deserves this kind of treatment. The bouncer's name was James, he was a security guard and his attitud was unnecessary, unexcusable and innaceptable. I used to go to this restaurant for brunch but I wont go back after what happened to us. There was no reason to react like that, nobody in my party caused any trouble, we are all adults and nobody was drunk. In my opinion, this is a crazy person with a high level of violence who can easily hurt someone. One could argue that this was a form of assault, battery, harrasment and intentional infliction of emotional distress, unfortunately no legal action could be taken since we were not physically injured and no substantial harm was caused. It is sad that a customer has to experience this rude treatment and not be able to do anything. Please Be aware!!!

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