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I always give people the benefit of the doubt and enjoy making new relationships with fantastic companies. When I first heard about Standford Who is Who, I was excited to work with them.

However, I soon found out, just after my first interaction with this company that things were going downhill fast. I am very angry about how I have been treated by this company and I wanted to spread the word in order to warn other potential "newbies" who might fall into the same trap that I did.

I hope that bad karma finds it way back to this company who charged me over $900 CAD for fake service and products. They announced agenda is recognize leaders around the world. Their hidden agenda is trap you in a membership program that give you nothing more than make you work for them to increase their website traffic to trap more clients.

Let's spread the word so they do not go with it.

STANDFORD Who is Who company WEBSITE is not clear:

1- there is no information of which group of clients get what benefit so NO ONE WILL GET ANY THING!!

2- not having the price list on the website

3- No information of how they select leaders and recognize them!!! In my opinion, they are manipulating and abusing peoples' needs to be recognized.
Becarful people.


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      May 19, 2011

    I felt into this trap. I'm trying to get my money back. Bottom line they do offer an auto biography (yeah right!) and access to a database which they explain that is like a networking site. You can get that for free anywhere. I started the dispute and filed a complain in the BBB in New York.

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