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I was solicited by a gentleman Abram who was selling leads. My company specializes in reverse mortgages and he said their company had leads who responded to a survey requesting further information on reverse mortgages. This was a survey that they answered 3 questions, wrote in their information, and physically put a stamp on the survey to mail it back.

I ended up trying the leads and purchased 505 for $1, 100. There was nothing to lose since they had a 90 day guarantee or a 100% refund. We were told the average conversion for appointments are 10-12%.

Well, we received our list and sent out an intro letter and started calling these people. We went through about 100 leads and NOT ONE PERSON had any remote recollection of filling out a survey. They either hung up the phone or were quite irate about someone calling them telling them they filled out a survey. sent over a script and it had not reference about a survey. Instead they tell you not to mention the survey and talk about your products and benefits. This is quite the opposite to what we were told on the phone.

Now that I realized the lists they sell are essentially made up, I cannot get in touch with anyone in the company. I have called and left messages about my concerns, sent emails, and no one has replied to let me know how to process our refund. I wish I found some of this negative feedback prior to making the purchase as I would never have in the first place. I hope more people read this and do not purchase leads from this company. They should not be in business and will be as I am sure they burn through the numbers of calling company, over promise their 100% refund, and then either do not warrant it or figure most companies will not go through the time and efforts to request a refund.

Please save yourself some money and pick up a phone book and start cold calling. That is essentially what you are buying from these people.

We have issued a complaint with the better business bureau of Florida and we will see if that goes anywhere.

I am sure the company will come on here and say they have been in business for 10 years and how could they if they were doing things wrong. It's easy, lie to 10 companies a month who do not fight for their refund and you have a nice little business. There are more companies than you could ever have the time to call out there so their market is unlimited, until word spreads of how they do business before people make the decision to purchase from them.

Hopefully they warrant their 100% refund. I am waiting for a call or email back from the company. The sales rep fell off the face of the earth the day after I made my order. I cannot even get in touch with him anymore. If you would like to try his name is Abram and direct email is: [protected]

Good luck and please choose other resources for your lead generation.

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  • Tr
    Triandhelp2011 Nov 02, 2011

    Allwebleads- signed up and received several "leads' however when we contacted them nobody ever answered the phone and the voicemail was a recording of the phone number not someone stating a person's name. This happened on over 60% of our leads. When we submitted them for a refund the company stated that the refund was denied because the telephone numbers were not disconnected. This is SOOOO clearly a scam! Stay away.

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  • Ma
    mathew solomon 1 Nov 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PLEASE HELP!! I should have looked here first but I didn't shame on me. I can't get in touch with anyone at the company to get my money back. Does anyone have contact information that works?

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  • St
    Steve Pelly Nov 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same awful results from SRC . I mailed them back their leads. I got immediate credit on my Amex card. Always use Amex, which seems to take the cardholder's position and immediately charges back the merchant and makes the merchant prove they delivered the correct goods or service. All of their "leads" said they never asked for any insurance. Like National Underwriter said on a recent cover, "Florida is the Wild West" of marketing. Getting credit from Visa is a pain-months wait and an "investigator" from Visa must first make a "determination" before you can be considered for a refund. Never use a lead source who doesn't accept Amex. Steve Pelly, CLTC, CSA Managing General Agent, Westwood Ins. Group, Westwood, NJ (18 years selling LTC)

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  • To
    T Orz Oct 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, I fell victum to the same scam. Although, they did pretend like they were going to give me a refund for several weeks, then months and I am only out about $350. debating about contacting an attorney. Anyone interested in starting a class action law suit please let me know via:

    [email protected]


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  • Br
    Brian14 Oct 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Thanks for posting this detailed report, this is identical to my experience. Looks like I'm out $750. Funny thing is I did do some research on this company to see if they were legit. ( obviously not enough research.) I will be filing a claim against them as I figure its my responsibility to help prevent others from scammers like this.

    Has anyone had success in filing against them?

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  • Lo
    lostname Oct 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased 162 leads from SRC Listings based on their survey and money back guarantee. The promised full name, net worth, own or rent home etc. What I received was a list of names, addresses, phone number. They don't even provide the full name for example B. Smith. As soon as I received the list I called my sales rep Jay Fine (probably not his real name) I got his voice mail and asked if these names were taken from the telephone book, I have never heard from him since. I call regularly but never get through. I called the phone number on my visa and got someone but he denied having anything to do with SRC he hung up on me. I called back and the number is out of service.
    Neither emails, phone calls, get a response. This is a scam. Visa will not refund the money because they delivered something, even though it isn't what you bought. Your issue is with SRC. They know what they are doing, they get around the visa rules.
    I have asked for a refund via email exactly like they ask, I have left messages I doubt a refund will ever be had.
    Not a single person on the list filled out a survey, this is a scam.

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  • St
    Steve0101 Sep 28, 2010

    Wow, I cant believe that I did not research these crooks as I would have found this sooner. I was contacted by a David Marks to purchase reverse mortgage leads. He had the script down and was familiar with not only our company, but also our process. Turns out, everything he said was a BOLD FACED lie. Went from having him call 2-3 times a day and answering the phone to not getting anyone from the company to even answer the phone once they recieved payment. I am out $500.00 and have nothing to show for it. EVERYONE BEWARE, THIS IS A SCAM AND SCR LIST IS A SCAM. I AM TYPING this over again in hopes that the search engines will pick it up so that it shows up easier on the search engines. STAY AWAY, DO NOT PAY THESE CROOKS. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS ALL THE WAY. SRC LIST IS A TOTAL SCAM AND YOU WILL BE THROWING AWAY YOUR MONEY!

    htttp:// IS A SCAM IS A SCAM

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  • Li
    LifeLessonLearned Aug 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What a joke. Hard to understand that people will sell their souls for $750. Trying to get a refund from both the credit card company and SRC, I doubt very much that I will ever see a dime of my money again. BUT if anything, this reminds us of a few valuable lessons... They are;

    1> If something is too good to be true it probably is.
    2> There is no substitute for hard work and trying to take the easy route typically gets you burned, 3> Don't let a bad experience change your outlook on the world, there will always be con artists and low life [censor] buckets out there, but the vast majority of people are good

    If anything, the positive is that most of our losses are less that $1000. Although it stings now, we can all chalk it up to a life lesson learned and move on. Hopefully that means that we don't fall victim to similar schemes going forward. And potentially more expensive ones.

    Good luck to everyone with respect to building their businesses. Integrity is a valuable asset to have, chances are if you fell victim to this, you are a very trusting and honest person. Keep those qualities visible for everyone to see and you will be successful in anything you do. The scammers that took our money don't have any qualities, and should be ashamed of themselves. What matters is how you live your life and how we treat other people. If the scammers need my $750 so bad, that they can cheat a struggling single income family out of their grocery money then so be it. Don't feel sorry for me, feel sorry for them for not having the values that makes them good people.

    I know this is very preachy but it made me feel better writing it, funny thing... I don't think I'll miss that $750 as much as I thought as it reminded me of how good of a person I am.


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  • It
    italianfatman Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I certainly wish I had read this forum before doing business with these cheats. It was a very strong sell and after being assured the leads were pre-qualified I bit - they have turned out to be junk and very likely anyone could do significantly better simply cold calling out of the phone book! Turns out that after I made the initial purchase my credit card was 'mistakenly' charged an additonal $4000, for which I have advised my credit card company I did not authorize and will not be paying. When I called to resolve the issue I was promised free leads to make up for their billing error and was promised credit wouild be issued. So far neither has shown up but I did get another invoice! THIS IS A SCAM. IGNORE ANY CALLS YOU RECEIVE FROM THEIR SALESPEOPLE AND DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY THIS. I seriously doubt I will ever see a refund of my money but I will work directly through my credit card company to place the item in dispute. I am in the process of filing a complaint but you would think that after the number of complaints cited here they would be forced out of business.

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  • Et
    ethicalconsulting Jun 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to WARN anyone who is considering doing business with SRC Lists or SRC Leads or whatever name they are using. They are complete liars and you should not do business with them unless you just simply want to throw your money away.

    I have been in this industry for 15 years and have never seen anything so bold to rip off financial professionals trying to grow their business.

    This is what happened:

    I have been contacted by several different sales reps from SRC over the past 2 years. I first noticed a problem when one sales rep would tell me a different story from the previous sales rep.

    In a nutshell they claim to send out a "survey" with credit card statements to a demographic of people making over 100k per year that have CDs coming due within 90 days and these people check boxes on this survey indicating their personal information such as the value of their home and how much they have in CDs and when they are coming due and of course putting their phone number and signing their name to indicate they would like to be contacted by a financial professional to explore their options.


    They will tell you anything to have you send in your credit card.

    They told me they would send me the actual surveys these people filled out and this would come within a few days via UPS. They could not however provide me with a sample copy of one single person who had filled out a survey with their program.

    I also asked them for referrals of which they claimed they could not give me. After several weeks of trying to sale me the sales rep told me that a major insurance company regularly used their leads and agreed to provide me with a referral from one of their agents and have him call me.

    An agent did call me, however the only problem, was that the "agent" who called me was not the real agent, it was another sales rep from SRC impersonating a financial services professional from this major insurance company. He lied to me about his name and told me he worked for the insurance company and had used the leads from SRC every 3 months. It was immediately obvious to me he was lying because when I asked him a few simple questions about our industry he fumbled the answers and didn't really have any knowledge about our industry.

    I asked him what branch he worked out of and he told me so when we hung up I decided to call the branch and ask to speak to the agent who supposedly had just called me. Guess what...he had no idea what I was talking about because it was a different person. Later that night I called back the number the "agent" from the major insurance company had called me from and his voice mail had a different name and referenced his association with SRC.

    I decided to call to speak with the branch manager and explain the fraud and how someone from SRC was impersonating one of their agents. To my surprise the branch manager knew of SRC because the previous week she had spent $1, 500 for leads from SRC. She was FURIOUS not only because SRC was impersonating one of her agents but because she had just realized that she had also been ripped off by SRC and no one would return her calls from SRC after selling her the bogus leads.



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  • Mi
    MicheleFA Jun 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is insane! can we say class action suit???

    I am still trying to get my refund. They can't continue to do business. I will be filing info with the better business bureau.. and seeing if my lawyer friends would like to take up a case.


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  • Re
    RebeccaA Apr 01, 2010

    Wow! I just recieved an e-mail from these guys. I thought it was too good to be true. Thanks for posting your experiences.

    From Canada as Well

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  • Ne
    Ned_in_Seattle Mar 30, 2010

    I need help ASAP. I got taken by these guys, and Visa was close to stopping my transaction, but will not do so unless I get a letter from another business who has had a similar experience. If one of you who has been taken by these guys could contact me and help me out that would save me $1200 and you would be dealing a bit of a blow to these frauds. By the way, I'll do the same for anyone who needs help. I have only until April 8th or so to get the letter in to VISA.
    Ned [protected], [email protected]

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  • Ca
    capsacin Mar 24, 2010

    I'll second that...Thanks to all of those who have taken the time to report their bad experiences. If not for you, I could very well have paid for this garbage.

    I just got off the phone with Paul Asenzio (sp?) who was mentioned in a previous email. He was phoning on behalf of Alex Ruiz. Both of them apparently work for SRCList, so it appears as though SRC Leads is now SRCList.

    Paul made much of the same claims, but I know my market, and know that the odds of 100 or so $1M+ households filling out a survey looking for another advisor in an old-money town saturated with financial advisors is highly unlikely.

    It should be noted that I live in Canada, so it appears as though their reach is expanding.

    Here's an idea for all you Miami Advisors since it is a golfers paradise. Call all the golf tournament organizers you can and sponsor a hole-in-one. puts you in front of 100 millionaires in an afternoon, and only costs you a couple hundred bucks to buy the prize indemnity insurance on a shiny new car with your face on it. works like a charm.

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  • Ch
    Chuck in Colorado Mar 23, 2010

    Thank you all for your postings. I received an email this morning from a Ron Stevens from SRC List. It was very convincing and just before I picked up the phone to call, I googled the company and found this site.

    I'm sorry you all got scammed but thank you so much for doing something about it and saving me, and who knows how many, from falling for this scamm.

    Chuck in Colorado

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  • Pi
    Pist! Feb 19, 2010

    I had the same experience as you all. very pushy salesman, and then no one to be found. I have filed a police report, and I encourage anyone who has been a victim of this "company" to do the same. if enough complaints come in, they'll shut this place down. if you've been had by this group, Call the police! I called Miami-Dade Police department, and they were helpful.

    Save your money, and call out of the phonebook!

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  • Sm
    Smartagent Feb 01, 2010

    Myself and few other agents were recently takin by the same people. Has anyone contacted the Attorney General in FL? I suggest everyone do so, as well as contacting Visa, MC and Discover. They are using these company names without permission.

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  • Do
    dodds40 Jan 25, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. Leads were bogus. For my refund they are offereing me $100 back on my $820. Has anyone spoken to a lawyer about this?

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  • Fl
    flatlandfarmer Jan 07, 2010

    Hearty Thanks to each person who took the time to drop the dime on SRCleads. The salesman who called me was very helpful and professional and I almost bought on the spot. Thank goodness I decided to check here first. As a family man with 3 daughters in school, the last thing I need is to waste 500 to 1000 bucks.

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  • Jp
    jpepper Dec 08, 2009

    I have had the same results as others. I have been unable to contact the company via emails or phone. Leads were poor and no results.

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  • No
    NotSoDumb Dec 05, 2009

    Alex Ruiz contacted me too a couple weeks back. And the way he portrayed the offer was just so tempting and foolish not to act upon quickly. Offer was 100 "leads" for $400. I am so glad I came across this page.

    He now calls from srclist (SRC LIST) which is run in domains If you search any of these you wouldn't see anything because these are brand new names, originally, you guessed right, srcleads.

    Stay away.

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  • Fi
    Fitz1 Dec 04, 2009

    Anyone have a suggestion on how all of who have been burned can ban together and go to the FLA AGs office? This "company" needs to be closed down.

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  • Md
    mdfaulk Nov 16, 2009

    I have to agree with all of you. This company LIES about the information it obtained from the potential consumer. There are NO SURVEYS being sent to these people. All they sell you is PUBLIC RECORD information which is always incorrect and costs them nothing. Their Customer Service department gets you to no one. The only people that will ever call you back are the SALES REPS. However, when you ask to speak to a Manager none of them are around. Well tahats Strange? If you think about what they are truly doing one should consider it Fraud.

    They are misleading and lying to their customers about their Service. Why are they not being investigated? In any other industry if you lie and sell fabricated services and or goods you could be fined, shut down even serve jail time. If they have been doing this to numerous customers why are their doors still open? Something does not make sense. I bought my BS Leads from them May 20 2009 and still as of today November 16th have not received my refund. I am going to file a complaint with every possible intent to shut them down. As it appears there have been numerous complaints.

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  • Ja
    Jack C. Nov 09, 2009



    try something like,, or
    I've used these with some success (you get what you pay for, but at least you get something)

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  • Da
    Dan T. Oct 31, 2009

    I tried SRC in April 2008. They had all these promises, none which came true. It turns out that they basically sell what might be considered "public records" or "census" data.

    When one of my assistants was so frustrated they refused to continue using the list and the other had zero luck so I asked for a refund, which was guaranteed. This was in June. They first said the owner was out of town and was the only person who had the "refund form." A few weeks later after multiple calls and emails I got the form. I sent it in in June. After many calls and emails, in November I got a partial refund (less 30%). So it cost me over $200 to "try" SRC.

    They also go by different names, etc.

    If you want your money back, or at least the chance of getting some of it, keep pestering them. I almost went to the govt ...

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  • Pc
    PCInsurance Oct 19, 2009

    A salesman named Paul Asencio first contacted me (cold) back around the end of June. In July he emailed me a 3 page treatise about his company (SRC Leads) with all the guarantees, etc. On August 14, he did an electronic Check for $560. About 4 days later I received through the mail an envelope with 100 some odd leads. After calling the first 2 pages, I realized that these were phones that people didn't answer, or they were fax lines. When I finally got someone on the other end they got very angry and shouted "stop calling me all the time". Suspecting that something was very wrong here, I gave them to my telemarketer who, after 1 week, sent them back to me with the same suspicions. She confirmed that they were, indeed, Bogus Leads. I have yet to receive a response from them at all. I contacted the State Attorney's office in Miami at [protected] and they told me that if they used the US Mail to send the leands, (which they did) then I would stand a better chance by going to my local Post Office and filing a Mail Fraud charge with the Postmaster. I understand that that will take about 6 months and there is no guarantee that I'll ever get my money back.
    G. Harris

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  • Kk
    kkrimer Oct 07, 2009


    They are liars and cheats.

    If you want a total waste of money leads, they have them.

    If you don't want to get a "guaranteed" refund, they do it.

    Take my advice (cost me over $1000) STAY AWAY FROM SRC

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  • As
    Ashley from previous post Oct 02, 2009

    What finally worked for me was submitting a complaint with the Miami-Dade Consumer Services. Here is the website :

    They hounded them and finally got them to give me the refund. A woman named Melissa was working in the Refund department when this happened to me (the only person in the Refund Department by the way).- My refund took about 5 months to get back. I received it in May of this year. Good Luck everyone. I feel your pain.

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  • So
    sorry sales skills Oct 02, 2009

    Based on the comment on Alex Ruiz. If you close 2 of those 4 appointments you have made profit. What did you invest 300.00 for a 100 mail response, that's a great price stop complaining. Are you sure it's not your sales skills. Just give it some thought.

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  • Ni
    Nikk Oct 01, 2009

    Does anyone have an extension that works to get ahold of anyone? They are avoiding me as well.

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  • Jo
    JO8W Sep 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar experience as the ones listed below. I purchased $310 worth of life leads and they were Junk. I dealt with a guy named Alex Ruiz who made the hard core sales push. I received the leads and worded them the way I normally would and had a 0% close ratio. I actually worked them more than once and out of 100 leads only 4 had ever heard of a survey let alone want to set an appointment. I then started the process of trying to get my refund. That has been over 6 weeks and they are still in process. I emailed all of the people I had contact with such Alex Ruiz, Teresa Bridges, Sarah Moss and even company president Brian Levy. It is pretty clear from the number of BBB complaints and the fact that the first thing that comes up when you Google them is SRC leads complaints that this is their business practice. By the way I filed a complaint with my credit card company and it appears they are going to credit me and charge SRC leads back. Good thing since they do not appear willing to do their part!!!

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  • Sc
    Schaefer75 Aug 04, 2009

    I am glad I did my research. I was looking into this as I have done mailers before and they worked out great. They are pricey so my manager said he was contacted by SRC and sounded great. Apparently a little "Too Great" as I suspected.

    They told me they mailed out cards and people filled out the lead and sent it back in which is what I am used to doing, but, they said they would give them to me at $2 a lead which is way too good (considering most of the time it is around $25-$30 a lead) and sounded fishy. I now know they are a fraud tx to everyone here.

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  • La
    larz Jun 09, 2009

    Also because the people on the list never sent anything in, this company should be fined by the Feds
    concerning the no call list.

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  • La
    larry Jun 04, 2009

    Same thing with me, nice sales person is gone ...
    this is 100% SCAM.


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  • As
    Ashley May 31, 2009

    I am also having the same experience. Totally bogus leads. Two stood out- one was dead and one was in prison. I am trying like hell to get my money back too. I filled out the form and gave them the list like they asked with details on each call. I was supposed to have my check over a month ago. I really need the $500 back. I have consulted a lawyer, but I feel like its going to need a bunch of people to make a dent in this. I am going to send it a claim to my credit card company to try to get them to recoup it for me. I hope that will work. I am getting desperate.


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  • Sr
    SRC "Madoff" with my money May 19, 2009

    Has anyone gotten their money back yet?

    I feel like an idiot. I did not research the company before I purchased the leads. I just paid $300 for a cold calling list. Awesome!!!

    I have gotten my credit card company involved in the refunding process. I have to abide by all of SRC rules to get my money back before my credit card company will step in. If SRC gives me the runaround, my credit card company will help at that point. Hopefully that works out. I'll let you know what happens.

    If it happens once, shame on them; if it happens twice, shame on me. I'll make sure to research the lead company before I purchase any leads in the future.


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  • Sa
    Sam May 08, 2009

    I too was given the information by my manager to call them. I normally do a very good job researching companies before I buy anything but since my manager had brought me the info, I though they were one of our approved marketing sources as I work for one of the top 8 ranked insurance companies in the world. Unfortunately, my manager had been contacted by a rep at SRC leads and passed the name and number on to me and he had no prior experience.

    I could not get a hold of them today to try and get a refund under misleading sales practices and I contacted the Attorney General's office in Florida. They said there are 95 open complaints against the company for the same thing. They had recommended that I contact the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and also fill out a formal complaint on their website. I have done all three of these things. Buyer beware with this company as you can go to Reference USA and download the same lists for free, except you are more likely to get a hold of the people since they are not being sold over and over and over again. There is no exclusitivity, as I was told that they get numerous of these calls by a couple of people that answered. Not one person had responded to a "mailer" as I was told when I bought the leads.

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  • Sc
    Scammed Too May 04, 2009

    I just purchased leads from srcleads company. I was dissapointed to find out that one of the people on the list were related to me. Not such a big deal yet, however, the inforamtion they gave that was suppose to represent them were bogus. They made up so many facts and they for sure never sent a card in requesting information or to be contacted.

    Anyone can open a company, find random names, and mail them out to people. The true system to this is the marketing of yourself. They try to get you to use sneaky tactics to get these people to get in touch with you. The truth is some people may be interested and some may not be interested in your business. However, it shouldnt take you having to pay a few dollars per "lead" to figure that out.

    My best advice to you is if you opt to deal with SRC Leads, you would be better off buying a regular list of names for .1 or .2 per person and simply marketing yourself.


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  • Ed
    Ed1 Apr 20, 2009


    I am having the same experience with SRC Leads. They were extremely aggressive in their sales process, but very evasive in their service. Their list proved to be junk, and when I tried to exercise the money-back guarantee they are totally non-responsive. I have sent them everything they asked for, and still I get the "stall" tactic. It is clear that they never intended to honor their guarantee. Right now, I'm working on filing against them. Not that I really need my $750 back...I just can't stand dishonest people who lie to make themselves money. Judging by the Google hits for "SRC Leads Complaints", they do this to pretty much everybody. Maybe if enough people get monetary judgements against them, it will force them out of business.

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