Spur Corporationpoor/lack of service


On 24th October I decided to treat my sister who is going through a rough patch to a supper date. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Spur wrt their 50th birthday special and decided to take her there. Upon arrival (17h50) we joined the very long queue. We were in the queue for more that 2 hours and by this time our husbands were hungry and grumpy. The staff at the entrance were having their own conversation and failed to seat us claiming that we have to wait for the "seating manager" who was running around like a headlesss chicken whilst they were merrily chatting and doing nothing else.
We were happy to be seated by 20h15 and decided to just make the most of the evening. We had to call for a waiter after sitting for 10 min to take our order.
It was only the that we were informed that there was no more ribs available. My husband asked why we were not informed whilst in the queue because surely almost everyone was in the queue for the ribs special. We were informed that they ran out of ribs at 18h00 already.
All 4 of us was disappointed but seeing that it was so late we decided to order the steak specials. An hour later I called our waiter to check on our order only to be informed that he is waiting for food for 3 people ahead of us. I accepted his explanation and waited. Lo and behold at 21h35 I see him coming our way with plates stacked on his arm and announce to my hungry family that our food has arrived, only to see him place it on the table next to us and this to customers who was behind us in the queue, and seated half an hour after us.
By then you could only imagine our disgust and disappointment. We decided to leave as my sister is also diabetic and by this time was not feeling well at all. I left my contact details with the front line lady and requested that the boss calls me. This is another request to be seen!!!
We eventually ended up at McDonalds across the road and had a burger for supper at 22h30. What a disappointing evening!!! I look forward in feedback from my complaint please.

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