Spinnaker Resortsmisleading!

I am absolutely disappointed and we haven't even started yet! First of all we should have looked at the reviews first to see you are rated with ONE star and almost all reviews are awful! We were told two VERY DIFFERENT scenarios when agreeing to this and upon booking! Then BOOKING entered the WRONG DATES and now we have suffer the consequences and trying to rearrange our life schedules with work because YOUR company entered the dates WRONG! We were SUPPOSED to be scheduled Nov 29-Dec 2nd, which is the weekend of Thanksgiving because we are ALREADY OFF WORK THOSE DATES! Instead we were scheduled for the weekend BEFORE! We were told because we didn't purchase the INSURANCE!? Are you kidding!? You entered us for the wrong dates we SHOULD NOT have to suffer for your mistake! This has absolutely started off terrible and we WILL NOT be purchasing anything from you at all! NOT looking forward to our weekend in Ormond that is supposed to be relaxing and great. We will be missing work unpaid instead because of the dates entered WRONG.

Jul 25, 2019

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