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I was in line an a employee in a black shirt named HEATHER, yelled out to another employee who at the coffee station cleaning TO KISS HER A**!! Don't know why but it don't matter I was in shocked mans my husband who was on standing by the hotdogs where he was getting us some beer heard her also!! It was very UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDE. I don't care what the other girl did but to yell it out in front of me while assisting me was not business.. I will never come back there as long I know she's working. I was ashamed for the other young lady that it addressed to. And to see the difference in shirts I pretty sure she was a manager!! I feel this was uncalled for and rude!! She was very nasty!!

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  •   Sep 10, 2019

    Oh get off it, you prissy idiot. If this comes across as shocking behavior to you it is pretty clear that you do not get out much. Did you address the problem directly? Did you tell HEATHER that you did not appreciate her language? Of course you didn't. You tucked your tail and ran to the comfort of your keyboard muscles. Tell me, what do you think your incessant rambling on a third party independent complaints forum on the internet is going to do rectify this scenario that you are just positively aghast at witnessing? If you guessed absolutely nothing, that would be the first intelligent thing that you have spat forth in this entire debacle. Please just cut to the chase and refrain from coming to this establishment ever again as it appears you do not possess the mental capacity to be out in public on your own.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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