Speedwayhorrible customer service

F Nov 29, 2017

My husband entered the Speedway in Alpharetta on McFarland Pkwy to order a pizza. The girl that was in charge of taking the pizza orders never acknowledged him. Another employee told her she had a customer and she said she knew and kept sweeping. When she finally started making the pizza she didn't read the instructions on how it was suppose to be made. My husband respectfully informed her she making it wrong and she sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes all the way to the back of her head. He was so uncomfortable with attitude that he cancelled our order. This Speedway hires the bottom of the barrel from hell. This type of behavior sends the message that Speedway does not value its customers and employees don't need to have decent customer service skills to be hired. They have fired all the good employees and keep the rude ones.

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