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Don't get hooked into there SCAM. James told me he could sell my car in 7-10 days for $2000 more than what I was asking on autotrader. I paid $379 for them to list it on all there sites. First of all they got the information all wrong on the car in there Ebay posting and I had to email them and call them twice for it to get changed. 3 weeks went by and didn't hear anything from them. Then they called me and said they got an "offer" which was $2000 below what CarMax would pay me in cash if I drove 20 minutes and dropped the car off. I ended up putting the car on craigslist myself and got a call that week from someone who saw it on craigslist and sold it. "James" told me if they didn't sell the car I could work out some deal with them to get some of my money back. I called them to take them up on this offer and they told me they had a strict NO REFUND policy contrary to what they told me initially. THESE GUYS DID AN AWEFUL JOB AND CHARGED ME $379 TO DO IT!


  • A
      Aug 20, 2009

    Tried to pull me in too. Gave me a list of partner sites which were all super spammy. Told me ebay would charge 5% in sellers fees, which is not true.

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  • E
      Aug 31, 2009

    I tried this out of desparation. I got a call from a rep that made it sound like they would sell my car so fast. The rep also stated that I was guarrantied a "full reimbursment" if my car didnt sell within 90days, he also stated "you shouldnt even worry about this because your car will sell." 90 Days past and I did not recieve ANY phone calls/offers about my car. I tried to get fullyreimbursed and of course there was a whole bunch of stipulations. Basically I never got my money back nor did I even get one offer for my car. I am so upset! Do NOT GET SCAMMED BY THIS COMPANY!! $375 down the drain!!!

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  • H
      Nov 06, 2009

    I have to say these people are absolutely rediculous. They took $279 from me and within an hour my car was traded never even used the service and was told they would refund the money but low and behold I can't even get a phone call back from these people, but there is a special place for people like this and they will get it 10 fold on judgement day.

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  • J
      Dec 12, 2009

    These complaints are obviously disgruntled because the did not get good results. Most cases, like one who said they traded their car. Of coures you're not going to get you money back after advertising with a company. How is that their fault.

    I felt the same way when I shoped at Walmart. Every one knows you can take just about anything back and get your money back. However, if you don't follow proceedure your are not. I did not read the receipt which stated all electronics after 15 days has to go through the manufacture.

    I did not go through the hassle. That did not make them a scam, and it shure did'nt warrent trying to hurt the company by placing one of these blogs up.


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  • J
      Dec 12, 2009

    I checked this out as well after being contacted. Once I was properly shown the other side. I checked their eBay account which had excellant customer feed back and they were a Titanium Power seller. I called eBay, and they advised me that they were not a scam. They also informed me that SpecialtyAuto was a top seller in the eBay industry.

    I was shown some actual vehicles which sold and eBay showed me a chart of their sales which was well over the million mark. I asked them if my car would sell. I too chose the $399.00 package and sold in 14 days. Just look at the vehicle on their website that says sold in 14 days.

    That is mine. I also asked them about the scam blog I saw. I agree if the seller does not disclose every aspect of the vehicle for them to do an auto check it will probably result in a none sell. I had very good success with them. Specialty Auto has more satisfied customers including me.


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  • B
      Dec 14, 2009

    SpecialtyAuto/Network eBays Top Sellers

    hschelli ( 286)
    Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 100%
    [How is Feedback Percentage calculated?]

    Member since: Jan-12-03 in United States

    This member is a Top-rated seller

    Consistently receives highest buyers' ratings

    Ships items quickly

    Earns a track record of excellent service

    Check out the eBay ratings of Specialty Network store name. Specialty Auto does 6, 000 business transactions a day.

    Specialty Auto Network does not dominish any customers concerns, however, just because a person does not get the results hoped for does not mean Specialty Auto is a scam. You cannot get around eBay facts that Specialty Auto Network maintains eBays Top seller award as stated above.

    Office Administrator

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  • F
      Dec 24, 2009

    You don't pay a plumber until your toilet gets fixed! How in God's green earth can you pay a "service" of boosting car exposure for your car to get sold when you cannot guarantee the results? $200-400 to sell a car is crazy!!! Nobody in their right mind would pay for this unless you can get in writing from these vultures the following: Cash in hand, buyer gets title and picks up the car, THEN you pay the crooks through these auto sell services for the hard work they did! That is how it should work. Not the other way around.

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  • D
      Feb 18, 2010

    How do you know the guy on the phone is the same as the one on ebay? The feed back says 298 items since 2003 - look under buyer feedback- most of it is NOT cars?

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  • M
      Apr 05, 2010

    I believe that Specialty Network is a SCAM. I listed my auto with them. Never received any calls and when I tried to get a refund I could never get a call back. I've left numerous messages with their customer service department over the last few weeks and still haven't heard from them. Maybe I'll call e-bay and complain. If I don't hear from someone soon I play on blogging about this ridiculous company.

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  • M
      Apr 06, 2010

    I would like to address these latest comments. First, I agree that the feed back is not just cars. It is boats, RVS, Heavy Equipment, Farm Equipment, Motorcycles etc. Which goes to show we do sell. Specialty Network is an online advertisement which includes eBay. We have in the business well over 10 years and do 6 to 10 thousand transactions a day.

    By going to our eBay store has an accurate account of people taking the time out to give feed back that is possitive. Being a top seller for eBay is earned you cannot buy it. All though we desire to have 100% customer satisfaction. We realise we cannot do this. Individuals use this cite as a venting tool, and do not for one represent all persons opinions. They are individuals who are using this cite as a way to punish a lagit business. We are sorry these customers did not sell their vehicles. On occassion we offer additional relistings for eBay at no charge most customers simply just want their money back, and God help us all if they do not get it. When the vehicle does not sell, do we go to eBay and say we want the money back or our affilliates because the buyers did not have a good enough score to purchase. These things are out of our control.

    We know this. That is why we offer to market these vehicles until they do sell on our websites and affilliates until sold. Several customers find this as a possitive due to the current ecconomy status.

    Customers who post these ads against lagit agencies have the right to vent, however usually its after the credit card company denies their request as well.

    We stand behind our marketing, and try to emprove daily to better client exposure to get the sale. Their are allot of sites out their pushing for number one spots on search engines. We do the same.
    Rather than running from these unfounded allegations we take the steps to confront them.

    Thank You
    Mr. Fisher
    Office Administrator

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      May 04, 2010

    Specialty Network has been given an F rating with the Better Business Bureau of Nebraska. There are 116 complaints against them, mostly for making verbal promises to future customers and then not providing what they promised verbally and then using tiny print that says they don't guarantee a sales price or time per vehicle.

    Don't trust them. Check it out for yourself...

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      May 04, 2010
    Use this to place your numbers on the National Do Not Call List. If you have been on for 30 days, you can file a complaint if they continue to call.
    Check out the Better Business Bureau of Nebraska for yourself, or file a complaint against the company.
    Postal Inspector deals with mail fraud, which encompasses giving a credit card over the phone. File a complaint here if you have been wronged.
    Government site that will take your complaint.
    Government site where you can file complaints.

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      May 05, 2010

    It is so funny how someone, possibly a competor or discruntled employee or just a person who did not receive the resolts they desired places these complaints. The only one that is using their real name is this company. No everything in life is going to be perfect. No scamer is going give customers a receipt. While you are doing your investigations check out this Auto Trader has more complaints then this company. Does this mean that Auto Trader is a scam too. We all see the comercials.

    While your at it Toyota has a recall going on, on some of the vehicles, are they a scam too? While your at it check out McDonalds What about burger king. And lets not forget the bloggs agains BBB: removed/%2Fbbb.php&rct=j&q=complaints+against+better+business+bureau&ei=ULzhS6u3OZzuNMb6oKAD&usg=AFQjCNHhwmfeO4SOLfSha1cePPaq69_iow

    It should be noted that Specialty Network like Auto Trader does valumes of advertising to help people sell their vehicles. Online classifieds are the new age news paper. Even News papers miss the mark in a buyers market. This does not mean they are scams.

    The above no named complainer failed to do his homework. Even the BBB made the complaint board.

    Check out this information about BBB to pay to play. BBB is a for profit organization. It should be noted that BBB has a marketing division like Specialty.

    I could show a laundry list, but what is the use.

    This why Specialty Uses Ebay ratings, you cannot buy your way you earn your way. Fact of the matter is this company has several satisfied customers.

    /URL removed/

    Bottom line. I am a customer as well as everyone else. Use this Board for real complaints not simply trying to drag a company which done what it could to sell your vehicle through the mud.

    As a customer I seen what was said about McDonalds and Burger King, it does not stop me from taking my son he loves it.

    /URL removed/

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      May 12, 2010

    I believe Specialty Network has false claims as to their ability to sell vehicles/equipment, etc. The worst tho, is the salesman, James, who initially called us and told us he had a buyer for our equipment already, all we had to do was sign up for the advertising and the equipment was as good as sold. This is an outright LIE. This is not an exaggeration, this is exactly what he told us.
    I wish we had checked out the company on forums like this first before forking over money. We had absolutely NO CALLs from anyone from these ads.
    I feel stupid for believing what James said. Don't get fooled by a good sales pitch. Do your homework, or do your own advertising!

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      May 12, 2010

    This is taken from an email from Specialty Network to me.

    "Specialty Network makes no warranties as to when, or if, your property will sell. As the leading For Sale By Owner classified system, we make specific efforts to respond to live market demand. Specialty Network does not make any claims or warranties to have specific buyers or sellers available for any given vehicle or vehicle type at any time and does not warrant or guarantee the sale or purchase of any vehicle within a specified time frame or at a specific price."

    They specifically state in the fine print that they DO NOT GUARANTEE A PRICE OR SALES TIME, however, that is exactly what they verbally promise in order to get people to sign up with them and give them money.


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  • We do not have anyone under the name Oh Man, or Bzone. According B. Zone. Specialty Network handles anywhere from 6 to 10, 000 transactions per day. Anyone can go to SpecialtyNetwork sites and go to the recently sold sections. A number of vehicles do sell under 30 days and there are some that take a little longer. In the last 120 days $684445 90 days $547950 $71200 24 hrs these are the number of sales. Specialty Network has been approached with persons who did sell there vehicles through our company try and get money back. We have persons list their vehicles and turn around and sell the vehicle after Specialty Network places the ad and many other attempts. It is clear when the statements goes out that Specialty Network cannot make any warrenties when the vehicle will sell primarily due to buyer sellers temperments. We have no idea if persons answer the phone or note when potential buyers to inquire about the vehicle. All it takes for someone to do is make a complaint and blame a compamy.

    It should be noted that in most occasions Specialty Network will contact a seller of a vehicle and find out that this person has tried several avenues to get the vehicle sold and have failed. Of course nothing will ever be made known about if they try to get their money back from those agencies. As mentioned before in coments. You will find complaints against Burger King, McDonalds, Auto Trader, including but not limited to the Better Busines B or BBB. vehicles wanted helps buyers look for vehicles even though buyers request a certain make or modle at a certain price does not mean they are going to offer that at the time of a sale. We work with 50 states including Canadian buyers and can reach different price ranges on what they are willing spend. This is called buyers market. Not sellers market. We simply advertise these vehicles it is the potential buyers who make their choices. When you go to your local grocry store do venders like wonder bread place walmart on the [redacted] because buyers are chosing another brand. No. It is the market that makes these demands not Specialty Network. Specialty Network cannot predict whether or not customer will qualify for financing that is the banks.

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    This is what our profile is through the internet ratings: Before, we make a complaint lets keep the playing feiled fair. We at specialty Network would like to say we have 100% customer satisfaction. Truth of the matter is you cannot please everyone no matter what you do or say. However, without knowing who these persons are. We do not know if they are real customers or competetors or persons with nothing to do with their lives but complain.

    I am a customer as well and have seen complaints on the [redacted] about McDonalds, However I will not deprive my children a happy meal because some customer was not satisfied.

    Bob Fisher
    Office Administrator

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  • [redacted].com Background

    [redacted] has been described as the "National Enquirer antidote to the Better Business Bureau", created as a platform to allow consumers to air their gripes, complaints, and allegations about a business. Unfortunately, [redacted] appears to have been created for purely a money making scam that has left numerous businesses and individuals tarnished with an unjustified poor reputation that goes without merit.

    What's the solution if you find yourself on [redacted].com? Well, unless you have deep pockets, unfortunately there isn't much that you can do. There are reports that the website is nothing more than an extortion scheme. This may be true as the founder and owner, Ed Magedson, is a convicted criminal with charges ranging from check fraud to assault and battery. Refer to our Ed Magedson page to learn more about the man behind the operation.

    "[redacted]'s high search engine visibility has lead many companies and individuals to be left victimized and embarassed due to complaints that typically don't have any merit" [redacted]'s high search engine visibility has led many companies and individuals to become victimized and embarrassed due to complaints that typically don't have any merit. We've read case after case in which people claim that competitors are simply abusing the authenticity of [redacted]s by placing falsified reports on the website. Allowing people to post anonymously is reason for suspect alone, and once a post has gone live on [redacted] there is no way to remove it.

    [redacted] allows individuals to post unconfirmed complaints and allegations against other individuals. Aggrieved individuals can submit their complaints against other individuals, and after being screened for curse words, have their complaints posted online publicly without any other checks for the validity of their claims. The individual which is being accused typically has their full identity revealed, including their address, phone number, and other personal information. All the while the accusers identify is left anonymous. This has caused accusations to occur of willful negligence on the part of Magedson and [redacted] for "falling short of what a reasonable person would do to protect another individual from foreseeable risks of harm". It is also claimed that the lack of verification practices actually encourages false claims and slander.

    "Aggrieved individuals can submit their complaints against other individuals, and after being screened for curse words, have their complaints posted online publically without any other checks for the validity of their claims." All businesses and individuals are free to be reported on, except, of course, Ed Magedson and [redacted]s. They do not allow complaints about its own service and/or owner. Not at all surprising as [redacted]s is dedicated to keeping their operation afloat.

    The Corporate Customer Extortion Program
    Extortion is a common topic when searching for additional information on [redacted]s, all of which Ed Magedson admits to in his deposition in the case of Federated Financial Services, Inc vs Xcentric Ventures LLC.

    [redacted] is nothing more than an operation to use falsified claims against other companies and individuals as an opportunity to perform extortion to remove such claims and pages as if they had never existed in the first place. The Corporate Customer Advocacy Program is the front that allows for those that have been tarnished to 'work' with [redacted]s to remove all negative reports if the price is right. Otherwise, if you can't afford to negotiate the removal of a page, you can pay to have the editor make rebuttals for you all courtesy of a monthly maintenance fee. Hy Cite was another company that has felt the abuse of such attempts of extortion first hand. Here is the email correspondence with Ed and Hy Cite requesting $40, 000 and a monthly retainer of $1, 500!

    Examples of Extortion

    •Mini Vacations - $50, 00 - Email Correspondence
    •Hy Cite - $40, 000
    •Federated Financial - $2, 500
    •Second Florida Company - Checks

    [redacted]'s Rebuttal Denials
    Individuals and business owners that have been slandered by [redacted]s should have the ability to defend themselves. Since [redacted]s submissions need to be reviewed prior to being posted on the website, the editors have the final decision as to whether or not something can get posted. We've seen many examples of [redacted]s not posting rebuttals from those that have been defamed like those haters of usb copier and laptop manufactured overseas but designed in the US.

    International Creative Artists was not only a victim of an extortion attempt, but was an example of what happens when they decided not to pay for those trampolines. Their rebuttals were deleted and all those waiting in the queue were denied access for macro scheduler.

    Examples of [redacted]s Rebuttal Denials

    •International Creative Artists - Email CorrespondenceFor those that do end up footing the bill, there have been examples of changes in posts, the deletion of certain reviews, and other editorial reviews after payment was made., a San Diego based company, paid Ed Magedson and [redacted] to modify certain negative reviews about their company. [redacted] maintains that its reviews on ethernet extender kits are backed by user stories, editor documentation and expert judgment. Kevin Jones, Deputy General Counsel for, in an email correspondence, told how [redacted] is currently under investigation by the FBI. had paid Ed and suddenly the information found on [redacted] feels like an advertisement for SMS. Magedson was found updating titles, post content, and other user based review information that now "exemplifies corporate integrity" (i.e. the company paid the extortion bill).

    Examples of Updated Reviews, Titles, and Other Post Information

    • - Screencap of changes

    For information on [redacted].com owner Ed Magedson, please visit RRO's full background investigation on fictitious boxes is found here. A number of exposes have been made about these products.
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    It should be noted that checking through all our records it is interesting that we do not have anyone under the last name zone that we have done business with. We keep exceptional records of all persons registered in our system. It is not uncomon for representatives who call on Equipment have someone say they are looking for a certain make and modle of equipment. However, we cannot control when or if a person will act on that particular piece of equipment. Once can also go to and register what types of equipment of vehicles are requested. Each customer receives a welcome letter with this statement attached.

    Specialty Network is much more than websites and auctions. Our Vehicle wanted program and a live feed network that distributing vehicle information through public and private channels. We mail, fax and email vehicle information to individuals who have contacted us, car and collector clubs and automobile interest groups in the customer’s area. The vehicle will continue to be marketed on The Network and our affiliates until the vehicle does get sold or until the owner requests the vehicle to be removed.

    Specialty Network makes no warranties, implied or otherwise, as to when, or if, any given property will sell .Specialty Network cannot control the conduct of buyers or sellers, nor can we control the market demand for any given property. Due to these reasons and others, Specialty Network guarantees to market the vehicle until it SELLS!

    Specialty Network cannot control buyer sellers behaviors. Only respond to a market demand on units.

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  • O
      May 13, 2010

    Bob Fisher you spend you day at work defending the company you work for, instead of resolving issues with disgruntled people whose business your company solicited by having your employees search autotrader and craigslist, calling people who are simply trying to sell their cars. Your staff then promises people GUARANTEED SALES PRICES. There are 116 complaints that the BBB has received and from these complaints and many other complicated assessments, which is described in detail on their web site, they gave the company the lowest possible evaluation F. In their words Specialty Networks entire parent company, "has had an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB due to a pattern of complaints. According to BBB records, consumers claim that the company's sales agents assert that the company has a buyer for their vehicle or a vehicle exactly like their vehicle. Consumers complain that they never hear from the promised buyers once they have signed up for the service".

    There is a PATTERN of lying that results in the BBB rating Specialty Network with an F.

    The comments on websites such as Complaints Board or [redacted] share similar stories and yes people will protect their identity and make up user-names. No big organization is behind the negative feedback your company is receiving, it is from real people across America who are being stolen from to benifit Specialty Networks pockets with smart lawyers with their small print backing you up.

    Additionally, the BBB also mentions in its report on Specialty Network that, "the company states that their sales people do not make statements regarding actual buyers for vehicles".

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  • Oh man, I appreciate your views however, we are an advertising agency like the other agencies you have been through. You indicate you were on auto trader and craigs list. It is obvious your vehicle did not sell through them either. Auto trader has made this complaint board too just like alot of other companies and I venture to say you have not argued with them. Even your blessed BBB. The facts are this company does well over 50, 000 transactions per day and sell over 2.5 million worth of vehicles. Our recently sold shows that these vehicles do move. Some take longer. Unlike your presious Auto Trader which if you do not sell the vehicle within their time Frame will charge you again and again where we continue to market the vehcile through several classifieds until sold.

    The BBB is for profit organization which markets companies for business just like any other business. Their method of math only shows complaints. through these complaints you mention 116 out of those 116. Most have been resolved some satified some not. If you did the math 50, 000 transactions minus 116 = 49, 884.00 satisfied. eBay gives us the nutrual ratings at 99.3 percent which we are a titanium power seller. We realise there are approximately 20% of vehiclse or less that will not sell. We do not charge again and again to have them sold. We instead keep them on advertisments classifies until sold. These coments are opinions like the ones for McDonalds and Burger King. Opinions are not factual I assume this is why people make up user names to "protect themselves" from what. Liable slanderas comments.

    The fact of the matter is. All businesses respond to market demands such as buyers. We present sellers products to an online market it is the buyers who respond. You cannot force a buy no more than you could with auto trader or craigs list.

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  • O
      May 14, 2010


    I placed ads on Craigslist and Autotrader. Then I was suckered into your company and paid $279 for promises I was made and never came through. And actually, I did sell my vehicle through craigslist marketing, not Specialty Network. The thing with Craigslist and Autorader is that they do not SOLICIT my business by cold calling as does Specialty Network. It would be one thing if I came on my own to SN, rather than your employee calling and lying to me in order to get my business.

    Your employee promised a guaranteed sales price for my vehicle verbally. Your company is full of liers.

    What are the types of transactions that you do 50, 000 a day? Is that the business you get by calling innocent people and lying to them?

    The BBB is actually a non-profit company. Here is a description of the BBB per their website,

    "The Better Business Bureau, Inc. (BBB) has been serving the region for more than 70 years and is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting trust between consumers and the business community. Accountability, education and recognition are key components to the BBB's mission of fostering trust in the marketplace. Today, the BBB has a membership of more than 6, 500 companies in Nebraska, South Dakota and southwest Iowa. Consumers are encouraged to report complaints and possible scams to the BBB. As a matter of policy, the BBB does not endorse any product, service or company.

    The Better Business Bureau, Inc. is governed by voluntary Boards of Directors. Its President/CEO is Mr. Jim Hegarty.

    The Corporate Board currently has representation from Metro Omaha and Metro Lincoln, Nebraska and Metro Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This Board provides fiscal, policy and staffing oversight for the Bureau's service area. It is supported by the three Local Boards empowered to monitor BBB results and to advocate for Corporate Board action to assure local operational and member service excellence in each of the three offices serving the region.

    The Local BBB Boards play the key role in the oversight of the Bureau's operational, programming and membership goals and in the advocacy for Corporate Board action to assure local operational excellence."

    Yes, every company in business has some customers who are not satisfied with their results.

    Specialty Network has 116 complaints filed with the BBB of promises made by employees, that are never followed through on. Promises of guaranteed sales times, or prices and then it doesn't happen.

    hschelli has a good eBay rating, however, if you look at the feedback details most of the comments (which are under 300 since 2003) are for items purchased. Specialty Networks feedback and status on eBay is not mainly due to its sales of vehicles.

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  • O
      May 20, 2010

    .HomeAdd ComplaintLatest ReviewsConsumer AdvocacyReviews & PicturesForumSample Complaint

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    Home » Consumer Reviews » Advertisement » Scam on Craigs List and Auto trader

    User Submitted Review

    Posted On: 2009-09-15
    Total hits: 792
    Comments: 2
    Scam on Craig’s List and Auto trader
    Auto Trader Complaint

    You were reading a complaint about Auto Trader.

    Filing a new complaint about
    There is advertising of automobiles on crags list and auto trader. The automobiles sound too good to be true because they are too good! They state they are out of state (usually with the military) and they can ship the car for free. They send an eBay invoice (fake but looks real!) They ask for you to take your money to a western union and use the agent’s name that is listed on the eBay invoice. Then they pick up your money because they are the "agent". I have reported them several times but still see them advertising on crags list and auto trader. Beware!

    Comments (2)
    1. Written by Northern Auto Traders Scam Vic, on [protected]:18

    They are Scam Artists and Criminals, IMRAN KHAN the financial manager of this place is a convicted felon who already spent time behind bars for fraud, they scammed so many people, just type in "Northern Auto Traders Fraud/scam" in Google or Yahoo, and you will find out. And I'm not talking abut a few hundred dollars here and there I'm talking about 10, 000$ to 20, 000$ people got scammed with... Stay away!!!

    Police, FBI, Investigators, where are you!!!

    This is what another board says about Auto Trader Scams/Crags List etc. You can just about find an opinion on just about anyone.

    We do have Agents who call on vehicles we have a product line just like anyone else. How this company advertises is no different then another outfit.

    You praise the BBB like you know it. However, most people are dis gided. This is what persons like you are saying about them/

    scams > message board > Government Scams
    Bbb Is A Huge Scam
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    Re: Bbb Is A Huge Scam

    I agree. It seems there are a lot of "legitimate" companies there scamming people. If you look the BBB report they look like altar boys.

    How to make fun of a scammer

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    Re: Bbb Is a Huge Scam

    Originally posted by bbbliesanddeception

    Both of you are both complete idiots and obviously don’t' know what your talking about.

    The BBB's are non-profit organizations. NOT A GOVERMENTAL AGENCY OR A PRIVATE COMPANY... They are the ONLY organizations who actually do background checks on companies. That’s why if you go to EVERY AG office in the US of American they will recommend you check with the BBB before doing business as well as going to them with a complaint.

    The BBB prevents over 8 billion dollars of Tax money being taxed because of work load taken of the AG, FBI, and FTC.

    They allow the AG to concentrate on companies like Enron, and Convicted Sex offenders and dead beat dads.

    Before you post. Do your homework!
    They kick companies out once a month whom don't meet their standards and they do not allow companies in whom are not licensed, have unanswered complaints and deceptive advertising.

    Unfortunately there is no you can go to, to look companies up...

    The BBB scale is one sided. Their point system is on complaints not satisfied customers. It is obvious you know nothing about eBay. It does not matter what you sell it is that you have a range of satisfied customers. EBay’s says that a vehicle sells every 60 seconds. And I suppose some people like you would say if my vehicle does not sell in 60 seconds I want my money back. Marketing just like anything is a gamble. Exposure and making deals is what sells vehicles. Neither we nor any of the readers can actually verify you actually sold your vehicle through crags list.

    Your BBB post these bad points for how long. Since this is posted on their site. We argue that anyone can pick from the list and say that happened to me in attempts to get their money back. However, this does not. So, in short.

    These points made are if you want to tarnish someone you can find an opinion on anyone of these blogs.

    These matters are closed. Anyone who hides behind a fake name cannot in any means be taken seriously

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  • M
      Oct 11, 2011

    they took my 399 and was told my car will sold in 90 days and if not i will get my money back after 90daays

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  • M
      Oct 11, 2011

    we should shot bob like bin laden was done and throw him into the river

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  • M
      Oct 11, 2011

    hey bob god will punish you and he will make u walk on a buring coal fire good luck bob

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  • U
      Oct 26, 2011

    Specialty Network is a complete waste of money ! They contacted me about selling my car,
    actually wanted me to raise the price a little, even though I told them it was more important to sell it than to get top dollar for it. I don't know why they only run an ebay ad one time. They should keep the ebay ad going, just like their magazines and online listings. I called them multiple times when there was a week left on my ebay ad because I wanted to lower the price in another effort to sell my car and they never called me back. I have called them time and time again, and they don't return phone calls once they have your money. You don't get an F rating by the BBB for a couple of upset customers !

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      Apr 18, 2014

    It may be a legit business but they lie when they tell everyone they guarantee they can sell their car. That's a legit business with no integrity.

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  • B
      May 31, 2014

    They are definitely a SCAM do not use them. They work under 5 different aliases Certified Auto Network, Classic Car Sellers Network, RV Seller Network, and Cycle Seller Network. They will try to walk you through their BBB page, however it is a page created by them not sure how they did it, but they are a SCAM!!! BEWARE! The person I dealt with is Michael Foresta [protected].

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      Oct 23, 2014

    I listed my RV on and within 24 hours of that $80 ad going live, I began receiving a barrage of daily phone calls from this company, Certified Auto Network. I explained to them that I am on a Do Not Call list and they said that they have a 3rd Party Agreement with RV Trader. Turns out, they do not and are in clear violation of the Federal Do Not Call Laws.

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