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I called Southtowns Appliance to take a look at my gas range that was not working correctly. They quickly sent over a repair man who to my shock charged me $90 for the service call (which lasted about 20 minutes). No where at any time was I told that there would be a fee for this service. After calling Southtowns to clarify the service fee charge I was met with a very unprofessional response and an irate service rep that told me that they charge for all service calls. This may very well be the case (it was my first appliance repair) however I explained to her that no fee was disclosed to me and I would like them to waive the fee since it was an honest mistake. After being told, rather rudely that she would not waive the fee, and my attempts to ask for a supervisor were refused she hung up on me. I never received a return call from a supervisor as requested (how convenient). Frustrated, I reached out to the BBB and filed a complaint. After reading their response from management I can't say that I'm surprised as the response was a complete cover up in my opinion. Seems like this is the way they like to do business and frankly I'm surprised that they've been in business for sixteen years with this sort of service. They've certainly lost me as a customer as I can assure everyone I was never told that there was a fee to have someone come out and take a look at the appliance. I didn't even care about the fee as it was to be covered by the warranty company so I don't even have a dog in this fight! I know now that charging a fee for a service call is a common occurrence but prior to this call I had never had an appliance repair person at my home. Had I been told there was a fee I would have gladly paid it, I just don't like being lied to and then have that lie covered up by their management. Had they agreed to waive the fee I would have had their service tech repair the unit but now I'll go somewhere else and will not be recommending their services. Seems to me that refunding my small $90 fee would have ensured a customer for life, now they've lost my business, its a shame. The repairman was very friendly and professional, no issues there, the management and customer service on the other hand leave a lot to be desired. Choose your service providers wisely, I wish I had.


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    Neelrad66 Aug 26, 2009

    I don't know where you would ever get the idea that a service call is free just because a fee is not disclosed. If you don't ask assume there is one. That's the real world. There are no freebies in this world. I just called Orvilles today to check out my washer. She send they could send somebody ove. No fee was disclosed up to that point. I then asked what the charge was. She said it was $90 to visit + parts and longer labor if needed.

    By the way you were not lied to. A lie is when somebody promises something and then renigs. They never told you we'll be glad to come over free of charge. YOU ASSUMED it was free. Remember the definition of assume. It makes and ### out of you and me.

    If you asked a handyman to come over and paint would you expect it free? Probably not. So why would these guys work for free?

    I have been a repeat customer of Southtowns appliance for over 17 years. They have always been curteous when I called and tell me the costs ahead when ASKED. There's always a fee for everything.

    Next time don't ask for a freebie. The guy had already come to your house. Try negotiating the fee down or if there's no penelty for payments stretch it out.

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