Southlake Citizens Patrolharassment


This is about Citizens On Patrol of Southlake, Texas which I searched is part of Southlake Police department. Correct this if I am wrong.
I was sitting in my Car (which was running) around 8 pm, Friday, September 27, 2013 (parked outside Costco in Southlake, Texas) when I suddenly saw a car circling exactly around my car. First I thought may be that car was just leaving Costco. But then I saw markings on that Car - Southlake Citizens Patrol, and during their first circle the man driving the car, fully stopped his car right behind my car so I could not get out by moving my car in reverse I didn't understand why would he do that. Than I thought they are just doing their job.
I was wrong. The man driving the car then made another circle driving ultra slow exactly around my car. I looked at the car and I saw a old white man(older than 55) and a short woman sitting in that car. I realized he may be trying to scare me and racially profiling me. Again he slowed down and fully stopped his car right behind mine so I could not drive backwards in order to get out of the parking lot. During both circles, I saw the man talking to the woman passenger while he was encircling my car.
I thought about this for a few days and tonight it dawned on me that I may have seen that man and that woman inside Costco! The woman was glaring at me.
Why was this man driving Southlake Citizens patrol car, encircling my car? I felt he was harassing me. Is racial profiling going on?

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