South Commerce St Grenada MStaking over one hour to receive four blasts/sundays

G Sep 06, 2018

My parents and I went to the drive thru the sunday before labor day. We got there a little after 7:00. They were quite busy so we placed our order and just sat and visited in the car. After 30 minutes we realized the cars either side had changed out twice. We decided to use the call button to enquire. They said they were being made now. So we sat and waited a little longer. Another 30 minutes went by and still no food. My husband walked up to the door to enquire. He came back a little flustered and said they were now making the desserts. He came back to the car and we waited another 5-10 minutes. By then we were pretty upset. He went back to the door to enquire and they still weren't ready. Another two cars have come and gone either side of us. We sat another five minutes and decided we needed to just leave. My husband must have really wanted the ice cream so he went up a third time to enquire. Five minutes later a car hop came out with the ice cream. We had waited about one hour 15 minutes by that time. I said surely these must be complimentary at this point. He said no. So we paid our $12.59 and drove away.

My parents go there every weekend and said this has never happened. I just wanted to let you know. Obviously something was extremely off kilter that night but other customers seemed unfazed by it all.

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