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South Beach BritePOSSIBLE SCAM

i dont know about it being a scam... i read the fine print and it states that if you decide not to cancel the trial, you are conveniently enrolled in their membership... and you will be charge such and such amount and your first order will be sent out such and such a date... scam? no... sneaky? yes... i had already ordered when i found this print... i was looking for a customer service number because i expected both shipments to be 1.95... which wasnt and thats when i stumbled on the automatic membership...

i kept reading the complaints... i went into the branch and cancelled my card and got a new one...i just didnt want to take that chance... i did recv the trial products and i dont have to worry about my card being charge and im not going to send them anything back...


  • Jo
    Jodi, Natural Source Store Sep 29, 2009

    We would like you to know that we have read your complaint and appreciate your feedback. We post our terms and conditions on our website, email the terms and conditions and have the terms and conditions listed on our invoices. I am sorry that you chose not to read them. We do recommend that with any company, whether it be ours or anyone else, if you place an order online, to read the terms and conditions and make sure that you fully understand them prior to making a purchase. However, we would be more than happy to help you with your situation and would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you further about it. Our Executive Response Department at our corporate office is dedicated to addressing any customer issues. Please contact our Executive Response Department at [protected] during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00 PM) so that we may be of further assistance.

    Thank you for choosing Natural Source Store,
    Executive Response Department
    Natural Source Store, LLC

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  • Jh
    JHAY Oct 06, 2009 is responsible for this ads they are misleading people, in my opinion that in website they should put big letters that you are going to be in SUBSCRIPTION AND WILL ME A MEMBER FOR THIS PRODUCT AND THEREFORE WILL BE BILL $80.00 A MONTH OF YOUR HARD EARN MONEY! if you buy the trial. Because a lot of people are not really super knowledgeable about internet and they are being TRICK like this. I use this Natural Source Store, LLC and DAZZLE SMILE they both don't work for me, and i would say this, "that all races have the same tooth with ENAMEL so if this does not work for someone (thats me) it will definitely NOT WORK FOR EVERY ONE!!! this companies tricking people with this FREE TRIAL SCAM but its not a TRIAL!!!ITS A MEMBERSHIP for their product THAT WILL CHARGE YOU FOR $80.00 of hard money every month for a product that does not work. Hope you get your own KARMA .



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  • Jh
    JHAY Oct 06, 2009

    I am gonna bring this to our church and tell them to inform friends and relatives about this scam of this company
    Natural Source Store, LLC and DAZZLESMILE. and post this as a news in out church website.


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  • To
    tonyv Oct 22, 2009

    they should be put in jail for this injustice, misleading people. I dont understand why a company that beleives in their product would have to mislead people by automatically enrolling them in a program that charges their credit cards $80.00 monthly just for trying out their free trial. If people like the product, let them decide if they want to enroll for this type of monthly fee. The BBB should get involved and stop this injustice, these companies should not even be allowed to automatically charge peoples credit cards without their full knowledge, and I dont mean some very very little letters at the bottom of another page than the one you are signing up for the free trial on. PLEASE, BBB, SOMEONE STOP THIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY BY THESE COMPANYS PREYING ON INNOCENT VICTIMS...

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  • Ca
    Catman Nov 02, 2009

    I just received my order and it is missing the tray!!!I have no way to even use the product! I'm sure they are not going to send me a tray and I don't appreciate the $79.00 a month now charge...It is a scam...They know it and we all fell for it...I should have known better but the free trial gets me every time. I am out of work and don't even make $79.00 a month! I remember a salesman called me right after I ordered the product and kept pushing me into trying to get a free walmart card for signing up for something else and I finally had to hang up on him.

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  • Pi
    Pissed off in wj Nov 04, 2009

    ### sob's this should be illegal to hide the trial in terms and conditions. At least Dazzlesmile has a 30 day moneyback so if you read the rest of the t+c's you can still save this. To me a free sample means they'll send you a sample free not 18 days later charge you $80 unless you didn't like it.

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  • My
    my;lovelyone. Nov 09, 2009

    Thanks for all your comments! Very helpful. I just called by bank and had them issue me a different card, just in case. Risk free should mean just that! I encourage everyone to do the same just in case.

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  • Ma
    madd1 Nov 11, 2009

    I was dupe into this also. It happened yesterday as I cruise the pages of Sympatico and noticed their advertisement, although it did not look like an advertisement but more like one of Sympatico news or stories on the site. I clicked on to it and it leads me to this creative story by this women looking to save a lot of money on teeth whitening by just ordering the two free trial for under $6!

    One product if from south beach and the other is premium white. After ordering, I got a call from this unknown number [protected] which show as from Bayonne. NJ. I didn't pick up until the 3rd ring. A agent voice saying that they call me to confirm my order and he starts on saying about a free %50 off Walmart certificate and all that. I told him that I just want my free trial ONLY and I dont want any other unauthorized charges on my card and hang up.

    I was curious so I type in the number that they call me from and to my surprise a lot of complaints about this number and their elaborate scheme to dupe people in getting the free trial and automatically charge people the membership cost which stated on a very tiny fine print. I was MAD! Called my CC company and cancel my card! Everyone said that its a scam and to me it is a scam, a clever one.

    How can these company do this to consumers? I get free trials before and this is not a free trial its more like a FEE TRIAL!

    I called both company today and cancel my free trial. Since I order yesterday it should not be too late for them to put a stop on my shipment before it goes out so I dont have to do a RMA and cost me money to ship it back to this scam company. They said its already been sent out...they also said that if I don't send it back to them then they will not refund my money or if the product was used (which I dont want to anymore!)

    I already cancel my CC after a few hours so I am hoping to dispute the charge on the card and get a cash back from these scammers. Also, I wont be returning their products just so I can lose more money for shipping back to them so they can ship the same shipment out to a victim? NO!

    A note to self. Any free trial requiring credit card number will be ignored, period!

    I hope someone find this helpful and inform your friends and family about these scams.

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  • Fo
    fooledme Nov 18, 2009

    This might be a scam. There is no might be about it. I had the same problem as most of these people. After I placed order I had to go to my on line banking and found the extra charge of $48.92 pending. And about that time the phone call came in to get a recording of my confirmation for the order and to see why I passed up the great deal of a free $110.00 gift card from Wal Mart. I told them about my displeasure about the extra charges and they gave me a customer service number. [protected]. They said there was no way they could cancel my order or membership and that the rules were very clear. CLEAR MY A**. I also received phone calls from them for 3 days before they finally got the message I wasn't interested in doing business with this low life company. I stopped payment through Bank of America and I also will be getting a replacement card.

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  • Th
    ThomasJoh Nov 20, 2009

    ### these fools. They took the money that I needed for tuition and are relentless about everything. Someone should send the mother###ers a bomb instead of the useless ###in product. And IT IS DEFINITELY A SCAM. It is misleading and absolutely ridiculous.

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  • Le
    L E S Dec 01, 2009

    Earlier this month I made the mistake of purchasing this produce from an internet advertisement (I believe it was on Facebook). The procuct ad claimed that it was a 14-day risk free trial offer. It was supposed to cost a few dollars. This is extremely misleading.

    Instead, as soon as I submitted my order online, I received a call from the customer service department informing me that it was a membership for which would be billed monthly. I told the agent I had no interest in it and wanted to cancel. He told me that I could call to cancel once I received the product if I did not like it.

    I received the product 13 days after I ordered it. I immediately called since the condition in the package is that you have to call to get a number in order to send the product back. The customer service line was closed due to Thanksgiving, so I called on the Monday. Another note is that this "14-day" risk free trial starts from the day you order the product. Needless to say, I received the product on day 13 and with the Thanksgiving Holiday, it was already beyond the 14 days.

    The agent I spoke to told me that instead of going through the hassle and cost of sending the product back, I could keep it for $19.95 plus taxes which I accepted. I asked when my credit card would be billed, and he told me that night. This was true - however, I was not billed $19.95 as I was told, but rather $94!

    I am now going to try to get this refunded and the correct amount billed, but as you can see, this entire process is misleading, manipulative, and a huge pain in the neck to deal with. I have obviously learned my lesson the hard way - I hope readers will not make the same mistake I did.

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  • La
    laura2961 Dec 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i wish i had seen this first i live in japan an i ordered it on 11-21-09 an they shipped it on 11-23-09 but i never got it till the 3rd of dec. witch was a thursday, i tried it for 3 day sit gagged me so much i couldnt use it so i tried to call them to cancel it an got a message that they where cloed till monday 9-6pm they would be open how ever for me to call is very costly (overseas) i was on hold for 30 minutes the next day when i finaly got thur an now this was the 7th an my paper said my free trial ends on the 7th but they wouldnt stop it be cause they said they allready charged me an wouldnt refund my money enve tho it was on the 7th i called but ihad no way to cancel over the weekend . they just kept saying why didnt you call sooner (because i didnt get it sooner )an the start you 14 days from the minute you order it ) here is a # to FRANK GOZMONO AT THE HEAD OFFICE [protected] OR [protected] THEY ARE WHO I AM TOLD TO TALK TO MAY BE IT WILL HELP SOMEONE ELSE ...THIS IS TRUELY A BIG SCAM ...

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  • An
    andreh Dec 17, 2009

    I am very embarrassed I fell for this scam. I thought I was receiving a trial sample and apparently received a full size product that I was charged $80 for after the 14 day "trial period". I sure wish I had checked this site prior to ordering the "trial".

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  • An
    anonymous 187 Dec 23, 2009

    it's a scam and i think the two companies definitely know what the other is doing. when i spoke with the rep for one company Carlos (South Beach Brite) said he doesnt know about any other product. and the same with the other company. Its all a scam...Can anyone find out who owns these companies so we can expose them to the public?

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  • Gr
    Grammstar Jan 02, 2010

    They say they are giving people exactly what they have ordered.
    I guess you didnt read the terms of the contract when you ordered your free trial.People are just not reading the terms and agreements before clicking that they've read it. I thought it quite unusual to have to click and agree to something that is free. The first time I have ever read the terms before I clicked. When it sounds to good to be true it usually is.
    I went to their free trial page and left an email there for people to start reading the terms before they click that they've read them but i am sure they wont let anyone read it. Here is a bit, a very small bit, of the fine print of the terms of agreement just to get the free trial .

    """ In addition to shipping & handling costs, if the consumer fails to cancel their trial within 14 days their credit card is automatically charged for the trial product they have already received. At that time, they are also enrolled in our future auto ship program until such time as they choose to cancel. Opinions expressed are those of the reviewer(s). """

    Their arguement for this is people are agreeing to their terms so nothing is illegal or shady.
    They are hoping that most folks wont take the time to read the fine print. I never usually do.
    Sorry people are getting duped. The best way to stop these guys is just keep posting on the complaints boards and with the BBB etc. Star web sites directed at these companies.
    The same is true for the Hollywood Brite company. Selling the same teeth white stuff with The same selling tactics.
    They are both bad for their own business.

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  • Un
    Unhappy and scammed Jan 03, 2010

    I also subscribed to the "free offer", they ship everything separately so the shipping costs are excessive, also it was 4 months before I officially cancelled - having accrued over $400 in charges, even after sending product back - finally cancelled credit card. The charges they make are unidentifiable on mm bank statement, that is why it took so long to cancel - what a scam!

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  • Fe
    feser Jan 11, 2010

    I definitely was taken by this ad and wish I had checked this out before I ordered the trials. My order went in on Dec. 2nd. I did receive my sample package, HOWEVER I was also notified by my credit card company shortly after that I had 2 charges at an Apple Store for a total of $3841.55 that weren't mine. I put two and two together. Of course, my card was cancelled and I had to get a new one. I have tried phoning back to get an RMA number and just keep getting put on hold for quite some time. This is definitely a SCAM!!! Do NOT give your credit card number to this company!


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