South Bay Home Health Careaggressive obnoxious security guard


On Friday, August 16, I and a friend went into the South Bay Home Health Care store here in Torrance, California. We’d gone in there essentially to look for a walker for my 94-year-old aunt. While there we looked at other things, among them some foot-aid products. My friend handed me a few of them to look at and then I handed them back to her. Finally she asked one of the employees if they might have anything more in back. He brought out a box of those products for her to look through, but she couldn’t find what she needed, and so the employee put everything away. At that point, she and I went over to look again at the walkers – as we stood there looking, out of “nowhere, ” another employee suddenly came up to me and demanded that I empty my pockets. I said, “Are you joking??” Because I thought for a moment that he was. But he was quite serious. I pulled out my wallet and keys, but then told him that if he wanted to search me, we needed to go in the back to the security area. However, he suddenly began searching me without my permission RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER CUSTOMERS. I do not know if I have grounds for a lawsuit, but I know that I have grounds for a major complaint. It was not only humiliating, but as you know, it implies to other customers that I’ve stolen something. This man was rude, overly aggressive, obnoxious, and with something of a “tough guy” attitude, something we often find in security personnel. I'm a good citizen, and if someone believes that I've stolen something, then I will fully cooperate because I want as badly as they do to clear up the situation. A business has the right to protect itself against shoplifters but it does NOT have the right to humiliate its customers. Complaints against security personnel becoming more and more prevalent - we see this on the news often enough. Overall, such behaviour is bad for business, it's bad for customer confidence, to say the least ...

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