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Complaints & Reviews

the terrible staff attitude

we wanted to buy a sony TV from the showroom and we decided to pay by credit card. the staff they dont accept credit card but cash. ARE U KIDDING ME. wat showroom does not accept credit card???

then we payed cash and booked it . when i went the next day to pick up the tv, they said they sold it out. they wanted to return our cash and just didn't wanted to sell the tv to us...and finally when we argued, the manager said "i was just playing with you". ARE YOU SERIOUS??

and then he said go to the back door and get the TV. we went there and two guys standing over there said that you have to load the tv in your car yourself as its a policy of the company not to help the customer lift a 100 pound TV.


the reason behind this drama was that we bought the tv while it was on a sale. They faked the scheme of the sale.

we had to pay cash, go back again twice to the store to get it, argue for 15 minutes and had to lift the TV ourselves and their rude talking and attitude as a whole WAS TOTALLY UNSATISFYING.

wega kdf 55e2000

August 4th 2006 received my new Sony Wega hdtv KDF 55E2000 cost $2299.99. August 2008, 11 days after the...

Resolved Poor customer service

I purchased a Sony 46" Bravio LCD model number KDL-46V4100 3 months ago from a local retailer in Kansas City. Within 3 months of purchase the TV wants to power cycle itself every 15-20 seconds. I called customer service and they told me I would have to have the TV fixed by a local authorized repair center. All of the local authorized repair centers are only open 8AM-5PM CST Mon-Fri. I work for a living and I can not take any more vacation for the year. I called back and talked to Sony's no-customer service to explain the problem and ask for a solution.

The customer service rep made it sound like it was my fault that I couldn't get off during business hours to have their defective product fixed. She did not have any solutions for me. It was not until I pressed her to speak to her supervisor that she told me my only other option was to write a letter to the Sony Executive Review board. The Sony Executive Review board was her supervisor and there was no way that I was going to get any kind of problem resolution on the phone with her or anyone else for that matter.

I wrote a letter. Spent the $20 to overnight it and confirm delivery confirmation to wait to get an answer on what Sony is going to do to fix my paperweight, formerly known as a Bravio TV. I still have not heard any response yet from Sony.

Do not buy a KDL-46V4100 46" Sony Bravio LCD TV unless you have an unlimited amount of vacation to take when, not if, the TV breaks.

  • El
    Elena Garvin Oct 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased an Sony KP-57WS500 TV on December 22, 2002. I payed 2, 499.97. The TV has sence had problems so I called a repare person, He told me all tree tubes were going ou and I needed them replaced he said it would cost just for parts about 1, 200.00 just for parts it didn't include labor.
    I went to the Sony website to see if I could purchase the tubes, I was told be the Parts Technition that the parts are no longer available so he contacted me with Custormer Relations, Kristina - she was not very supportive she said I just needed to buy another TV.

    I purchased many Sony Projects from Camera's, Movie Camera's, TV's to Surround Sounds. I once believed in Sony but If they will not last more than 5 to 10 years when you pay so much than you can not support your product it is not worth the purchase. I always believe you get what you pay for but in this case I did not get the product that I payed for that would last. It is even worst when you can't even buy the replacement parts.

    Very Upset Customer
    Elena Garvin
    [email protected]

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  • In
    indra Nov 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i would like to advice that donot buy any sony product whatsoever
    since we have 4 products of different kind making a blackhole in our pocket

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  • An
    Andrew Nov 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I needed to repair my laptop, but they still had my money from the first case I opened, which I immediately closed via phone asking for a full refund. The customer service officer told me my money would be refunded to me, but a month later it still hasn't. The actual repair (from the second case, which I paid for) has also taken over a month to fix, with a lot of grief and premium rate phone charges. In total it has cost me nearly £1000 in expenses! Do not get a Sony laptop fixed by Sony if it's out of warrantee.

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  • Dj
    DJRice Feb 16, 2010

    I bought the same TV. After 10 months the Tv went out and could not be fixed. It was still under the one year warranty and the only thing that I can get is a Refribished TV with no warranty. Sony does stand by there products for even one year!!!

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  • St
    staggerlee Mar 07, 2011

    We bought the 52 inch flat screen.
    It started acting really funny and freezing up.
    After searching the web. I finally found out that the software needs to be updated, and with a special memory stick you can down load onto.
    Well I don't have that type so I let them send me one.
    Paying Cox Cable for preium channels, and can't even watch them.
    It hasn't gotten here yet.
    They told me 10 days to 2 weeks.
    Its past that time now and I am upset with them
    We have been loyal costumers of Sony in the past, but now I wish we would have opted for the Samsung.
    This will probably be the last thing we buy from Sony.
    Yes, I am upset.

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  • Ja
    J.A. Dec 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Really not impressed with any of my dealings with Sony so far. I decided to purchase a PS3 bundle as a Christmas gift, and thought, why not get it directly from Sony? So I'm about to check out, and then I notice that they're charging me sales tax on the purchase, even though there's no Sony store in my state. I think, well, this might be an error... maybe the cart does it automatically. So I decide to email... only, despite the fact that it's 2011, THERE IS NO EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED. Really, Sony? There's only a customer service number, and it closed an hour ago. Nice. I give up and decide to call the next day. However, I get an email from Sony for registering for an account, and there is a link to email customer service! Hallelujah. So I send off my nice little email. 5 minutes later I get a lovely (obviously automated) response "We appreciate your interest in Sony products! Due to the complexity of our products, we are unable to assist you via email." Despite this superior level of "service", I still call the next day. After sitting on hold for about 30 minutes, the rep gives me a scripted response about how they're required to charge sales tax by the government, even though they're not located in nor have a presence in my state. Not true. No other company that I do business with (and I order mainly online) charges tax unless they have a store in the state, because they're not required to. And on a $300+ purchase, that sales tax is NOT an insignificant amount.

    I think Sony needs to change their archaic way of doing business and allow customers to contact them via email rather than forcing them to call and wait on hold. I also think they need to update their information regarding sales tax and online purchases. It'd be commendable if they were following the law, but at this point, I think the only thing they're following is their own ridiculous policy.

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  • Sp
    Spike Taylor Aug 11, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sony - once a name to recommend but now just a name to forget!

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Phone security lock

When we switch ON the phone then he asks about security code and after filling code it is not on. Please help.

internet fraud job

Hello sir,
Respected Sir,

I, Mir Shahed Ali an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from India, recently lost my father's entire savings as I was ditched by the citizen of United Kingdom by name Tony Anderson showing him as HR Manager Of Sony UK Ltd. by promising a job in UK.

This all happened like this, I uploaded my Resume on from there this fellow got my resume and he send me 'The Fake Job Offer' stating that 'Sony UK Ltd.' has selected me to work for them. Believing the mail to be genuine I accepted the offer and send the scan copy to their authorized agent for all necessary travel documents e.g. Visa. Then the very next day I received another mail from Barrister J. A. Markson stating that I have to pay 710 GBP for Work permit and believed him and send the money then again he send me a mail that for Resident Permit I have to pay 2150 GBP and he also promised that If I do so the Employer will reimburse me all the expenses and pay three months salary in advance plus relocation allowance etc. etc. I transferred the amount through ‘Western Union’ for the receiver ‘James Martin’. After paying such a huge amount again I got a mail from Sony UK Ltd. that they are reimbursing all my expenditure plus three months salary blah, blah. All I need to do is send my account number and bank name to Standard Charted Bank UK (SCB). I have done it but to my surprise I got another mail from SCB that I have to pay 5500 GBP to claim the money as it is the charge for transferring the amount from SCB to my account. Further to my shock on investigation about the mail I came to know that it is all false.

Kindly help me as I transferred my father’s entire savings for above mentioned work. I got three sisters for marriage.
Sir, please help me in getting back my money.

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Resolved Bad service

I was playing my Playstation 3 one night, the power shut off on the system but I still had a red light on the front of the console. I turned it back on and had power for a few minutes and the system shuts down and will not boot back up and no lights on period. I called SCEA ASAP, and notified them of my problem. They told me it was an internal power failure and that they will send a prepaid shipping box for me to send the PS3 to them for an in warranty exchange. I purchased the 60gb PS3 September 19th, 2007, and treated this system like gold, never dropped, scratched, thrown, mistreated, etc... I even saved the original box it came in. When I moved, I packed it back in to the original box and had on the front seat buckled in. Anyways you get the point of I treated this system very well.

Ok, SCEA gets the system and deemed it out of warranty, do to when they opened the system some tabs were broke, but the warranty sticker was still intact (first rep.). I talked to the reps supervisor and she said the same thing, that the decision is final once it comes through to the service reps. I said I want to talk to someone over you. Oh gosh, this person was rude, He told me He will not help or do anything to help and to just give him the $150.00 or he will send the system back not fixed.

I said ok; let me speak to the head of the techs that looked at my system. He transferred me to Neil Inn; He kindly listened to our side of the story. He told us that the service techs do not open the PS3 systems at all and they just open the shipping box and deemed it out of warranty by just looking at it. So two things 1st they lied to me about opening the system and 2 blamed me for dropping it. They said when they received the PS3 that one corner was scuffed (look at the photos taken by Neil, does that look like a scuff?) and that the bottom was falling out and the top was loose (blaming me for dropping it). I have 3 witnesses that have seen how I take care of my PS3 and games and seen the MINT condition it was in when I put the Playstation 3 in the box to be shipped to SCEA.

My Playstation 3:

There Nasty Playstation:

My damages resulting from SCEA's actions = I purchased the PS3 for $550.00 and it came with a one year warranty. Now I have to spend another $150.00 to get a refurbished 60gb PS3 system. The total I will be paying because of SCEA is now $700.00, not to mention the hours on the phone with the reps and Neil. In addition, you can get the Metal Gear Solid 80gb PS3 for &499.99 + tax. Who is lucking out with this one?

I have been a loyal customer since the first Playstation came out. I will not buy anything else. Neil sent me some pictures of "my" PS3. He took a close picture of the serial (just to verify it was mine) and a picture of a nasty looking PS3. It looks as if Neil took a picture of another system and is trying to pass it off as mine. The reason I say this is that the serial number on the nasty PS3 is washed out (or to hot) from the flash (bad picture). I also went into the properties of each photo and found that the nasty PS3 was taken before mine was even shipped (Taken-July 31st, 2008 / Shipped-Aug 1st, 2008) and the photo of the back of my PS3 (Serial Number) was taken Aug. 6th, 2008 the day after I requested photos.

Failure of instrument in five months after purchase and poor service

Purchased new Sony Ericsson mobile phone model T250i from MobileNxt Teleservices in Pune on 12 March 2008. The instrument's speaker failed and since it was under warranty/guarantee it was given to their authorized Service Center M/S Mobile Point in Thane on 5th August 2008. Service Center kept the phone for two weeks and then returned back saying it will take 45 to 60 days for free repairs.

unethical practices

I will no longer buy Sony products after reading how they acquire the mineral coltan that they use in their...

s/ericsson w58oi mobile

i bought the sony ericsson w580 0n the 15/05/2008 and has been plauged with problems since day one, the keys are cracked, the phone freezes when it wants to, the battery has to be removed and replaced everytime i want to charge it, and now the memory card hs to be taken out reqular so i can c my pic etc/ ive tried bt failed to get a contact for s/ericsson bt been unable to get a single reply, and my o2 shop were i purchased it will repair again bt will take up to 4wks to repair which is totaly unexceptable to me as i work from home, srange conciderin im a great customer ov theres, im sat now with a phone which ive never have used and carnt do anything with im so disapointed in both companys for there utter disregard to there customers if anybody knows how to contact s/ericsson pls let me know thanx g irlam

  • Ni
    Nicci Bierman Jul 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i upgraded at the start of this year, and i am experiencing the same problems...
    my phone has been in for repairs three times since i got it!!!

    i am very dissatisfied with this phone...

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  • Md
    MD. ali asad Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I get Sony Ericsson K550i 15 September 2008. when i talk by this phone i feel ear pain & headache. but if i back to use my old Nokia N70 i Don't feel this kind of problem? This is what kind of fault? is it danger to Use? Plz reply any 1

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  • Fa
    faisal Jan 05, 2009

    i have the same problem as u i put ma fone charge thn the screen stopped workin and thn wen i used da blutoof it wos so slow i sent it away and they sed there wos water in it n thts not true cos ma fones neve been near wotter lol and ma head fones dont wrk

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Parts replacement

I am Priyanka Agarwal residing in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. I bought Sony Ericsson Model No. W580i on 20th March 2008 and after using only after 2 months only it started giving problem and one fine day it stopped working and could not even start. Given the same to Sony Ericsson Service Center 'Wright Solutions', Nehrunagar Bhilai for repairing and has been told that the some chips are required to be changed. I have given the same on 30th May 2008 for repairing and since than service center guys are cheating saying that parts are not available and asked for the same from other places, now it is already one and half months still no proper response received from the same.

Such a poor response and service was never expected with such a reputed company. Request you all to please think twice before buying this company product.

Resolved Misleading information on the website lead to purchase

Misleading information on the product. Website says 4 megapixel still resoution and 5.1 channel audiou...

Park Ridge Products & Services

Bad service

Have very serious unjust treatment related with vaio Europe support service. Related with this subject I have to send my complaints and problems to japanese responsible unit. Please send me emergency contact details of this responsible unit... Because, my problem that is related with vaio euro support, european support unit is not volunteer to give me contact details of japan headquarter... I am a client in Istanbul Turkey, I am writing this letter so sadly and desperately. I buy a vaio note book and after than I have some problems with it and it’s already 45 days I give it to the Sony European service without a clear answer. The problem is after 2 weeks I buy it, I found some problems in the notebook, from that time and the next one year l at least call the service 300 times and still not any response and I got their announcement 14th may that they agree to take the notebook to Belgium for repairing, then I give them the computer. After that I still not get any useful information or responsible from them and ask them the contact of the center office of Sony company in Japan, but sadly they don’t give me. After than I found this fax number. I always believe Sony is the most magnificent company and it will bring us the best service. But now, I am really disappointed .so and desperately hope you can help me to solve my problem.

  • Ke
    Kelly Sep 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm writting this e-mail to complain about Vaio notebook. I bought a Sony Vaio notebook in Japan. I knew that my warranty was valid only in Japan, but wouldn't imagine that my notebook could break in ONE and A HALF month. I was using my notebook in South Africa and it stopped working, so I decided to fix it in Brazil, my home country.
    It such a shame for Sony sell something with poor quality like this notebook. To fix my notebook I'm going to pay about 670 dollar, it's about 1/3 of the value that I paid for this notebook because of a burned out mother board. I must confess that I'm ashamed, should had bought another notebook like Sharp notebook or another one more interisting like Mac Book Air. Sharp notebook had similar configurations but cheaper, but I decided to take a Vaio notebook because of the "quality" and the model: SZ series (yes, one of the top series). I'm very unhappy, I belived that this company could offer good computers and good service, but now I've realized that this is only marketing.
    My notebook is in Sony Service Assistence for about 60 days!!! 2 months! They don't have capacity to fix it in few days.
    All I can say is that I'll never buy such poor quality computer and I'll advice collegues and friends to not buy notebook of this company.


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  • Da
    Damodar Jul 17, 2009

    I also had bad experiences about Sony Vaio's after sales service. Their customer service is lousy, not customer friendly. They take hour to find answer and the answer does not necessarily help to solve the problem. I recently bought Sony Vaio notebook and battery did not work properly. I talked to customer service 3-4 times spending at least an hour explaining them the problem. They promised to send a new battery to replace, but sent me empty boxes twice. I complained again, but they claimed that they have sent the battery inside the box. It was delivered by FeDex and I complained them too, but they said that they deliver whatever they receive. I am frustrated and will not recommend to buy Sony product if you want to receive after sales service and warranty claim. They are not good.

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  • Da
    Damodar Jul 17, 2009

    Don't recommend Sony Vaio.

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  • Is
    isadora16 Aug 15, 2009

    Dear Maola...I am sorry about your trouble with the vaio...I understand. I too bought one and it is as if you are on your own with no-one to help when things go wrong. I have a VG-NR10 /s there was a problem when running the notebook with the battery. A window kept popping up which said maybe the battery was not compatible or not working and said take it out and out it back in again...I did this many many times...still the window popped up. After many long calls to vaio europe they told me to buy a new battery. I cost a lot of money and...guess what...same window popped up again! So there was NOTHING wrong with either battery. They then offered to collect the computer ( at a charge of over 200 GB pounds and then would have charged anything up to 500 pounds to 'top it up.) YOu must be flipping joking I cried...I could get 2 laptops for that money!
    SO...I took it into PC world...they had a look.. told me to run the discs and do 'System restore' and charged me NOTHING...I will never reccommend or buy a Vaio product again. Good luck putting your notebook back to good working order. Yes try Japan...UK customer service is generally CRAP. If you get to talk to a real person they are generally in India..and no-one takes responsibility.

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  • Mr
    mrs vanda phelan Sep 22, 2009

    I can't believe the way that vaio sony has treated me, my husband who is terminally ill with brain cancer thought he'd buy my a laptop for my birthday, i had it aweek and it stopped working, i phoned vaio sony to have it repaired, to be told well if you have dropped it it's going to cost me £169 to have it repaired, i told them it has'nt been dropped, and how can you say whats wrong with the laptop if you have'nt seen it yet, they booked DHL to collect the laptop, but they went to the wrong address, so i had to phone again for pickup, they were very rude to me on the phone, telling me to stay in my house until its collected, i said i was, but you went to the wrong address, that was last week, i've phoned again monday and asked them why have'nt they picked up my laptop, and they said stay in until they pick the laptop up, so me and my husband have been in for 6days waiting, and still no pickup, i phoned to complain and asked to be put through to there complaint's department to be told they have'nt got one!!! then i asked to be put through to a manager to be told there is'nt one!!! a big company like sony, i find that hard to believe.
    the after service for vaio sony is terrible, rude, unfriendly, yet again i have to phone them to ask why my £799.00 vaio laptop has not been picked up, which so far, taken from my phone statement, has cost me £24 in call's in 6days, being kept on hold and still not getting anywhere. wish me luck! going to try and get through to them yet again.

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  • Ja
    JAMES ROBERTSON Nov 25, 2009





    [email protected]

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  • Sa
    Satesh chandra Sep 12, 2010

    I have a bad experience with SONY Service Centre ghaziabad.In ghaziabad there is official weekly off on tuesday, but they don't care about the custmor . when i goto repair my laptop on sunday, the service center was closed on the day without any reason.

    I never expected this from SONY service center...

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  • Ab
    Abdeslam Jul 09, 2015


    I bought a mobile phone Sony Xperia Z3 in Turkey. My phone stopped working 3 weeks later then I bought. I went to the shop where I bought it and explained them the problem. The phone was giving me signals after one week with error reading 3 weeks later it went off and didnt go on anymore.

    The shop send me to the technical service teleservice who is taking care about it. They send my phone to Ankara as they want to check it there. Last week 10 days later I heard that I getting a new phone only the problem is that there was no device in Turkey. I was really shocked to hear that. No phone in whole Turkey. I send a mail to Sony Turkey and a day after I called Sony Turkey and told them my complains. That I have a warranty and that I have to get a new phone inmeddiatly. Now 3 days later still no answer from Sony Turkey or the technical service who is taking care for it.

    I am now 18 days further really bad service and no information at all. I was trying to find direct mail to Sony Japan to explain the problem but I couldnt find.

    Is there someone who can give me the mail.

    My mail is [email protected]

    Thank you

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Bad service & fraudulent practice

I have bought a SONY VAIO. I complaint so many times about the problem with Battery & Optical Drive. Always, it is return back to me stating it is functioning well. Just after 15 days of over warranty, they says need to replace the battery & optical drive. I informed them that it is under extended warranty. They check & found that i am correct. Now, they says Optical Drive will be replaced but battery will be chargeable. I asked them to go for replacing the optical drive. But when i received the laptop back from them the optical drive was old one only and neither they have replaced nor repaired it. Also, they have kept the extended DDR Main memory of 1 GB from the laptop. When i informed about the same, they states may be main memory is removed by my known person or myself and for optical drive submit your laptop again at service center, we will look into it.

  • Th
    Thalita Mar 16, 2009

    I purchased a cam corder from Myer with the promotion running on a $100 cash back, however when I phoned sony to assist me with doing this on there website, the customer service person instructed me on how to fill out the application, but the system was down, he told me to try again later, but as I thought the system error was still there. A couple of months later I phone again to get assistance and they told me that the application has closed and I will not be able to claim my $100 back. No where on my receipt or warranty did it say at Myers that there is a closing date for all applications and the bitter part is that the customer service person could have done my application for me over the phone the first time I rang and there was a system error.
    Typical for a company like Sony to play dirty!

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  • Ma
    mario Jun 09, 2009

    my computer from sony when i bought it it came with the screen all bubbly so i sent it in to get fixed they sent me a box to put it and said it would be about ten days. so i sent it in and they fixed the screen but it came back with the rear cover very sreached and the rear stand was broken. my computer has a stand to hold it up. just in case you were wondering. well anyways they are now telling me thats how i sent it in and gave me an estimate of $302.11 to fix. i have always been with sony ive got a ps3 a psp and a computer but truly they have disapointed me im a loyal customer to sony ill think next time before i buy from sony.

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sony ericsson coating sucks

Hi, i have bought sony ericsson P1i for about 4 months, but i have realized that my sony ericsson though it never been scratched, or dropped, but the coating is actually degrading. especially, the silver coating. i dont know why, but everyday there has been new black small ( very small ) spots on my sony ericsson silver coating. i mean, i ( at least i) bought the mobile phone not in a cheap price, its quite expensive, and i really hope that the price really suit with the quality of the design. but day after day, the silver coating is not clean anymore, but lots of small black spots appearing on my mobile silver coating.

i dont know why, but it is very dissapointing as i only bought for like 4 months. will sony ericsson do the same with Xperia X1, i dont know, but i am pretty sure they will.

  • So
    sony ericsson p1i Feb 09, 2010

    Dear Sir

    few days later i was working in my office.some one stolen my mobile kindly trase my mobile

    my mobile imei no - 35703301-030139-8

    Thanks and regards

    Anil kumar sharma

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Product malfunction/incompetent service

I bought a Sony ericsson P1i in Dubai Duty Free late September 07. A month later, in Kuwait where I work, the phone turned itself off. When I turned the unit back on it went in a loop of turning on, showing the SE logo, displaying the progress bar as if to complete the boot, and then turning itself off - it has been like that since.

I contacted the service center(Fono) in Dubai that was on the warranty. I was told that they cannot honor the warranty and that I should contact the place where I bought the unit.

I contacted the SE service center in Kuwait (Barrak) where they looked at it for a couple of hours then told me "to bring it back to dubai."

I went back to Dubai in December, 07 and contacted the Customer Service of the Dubai Airport Duty Free Shop - where I bought the unit. I showed the person at the counter the problem (booting on and off) - I was told that they will arrange for the unit to be sent to their service center. I went back to Kuwait.

In January, 2008, the Duty Free emailed to inform me that they couldn't do anything with the unit and attached to the email was a report from the service center saying that the motherboard of the unit is bent; and that the unit has been misused - and that I should collect the unit.

How could I have misused a brand new phone for its motherboard to bend? So I wrote back in protest.

They said that the SE service center in Kuwait might be responsible - and that I should have contacted the Duty Free first. But the warranty said that I shoud contact Fono - which I did. Who contacts the retailer for repair anyway?

A lot of pages of email later, I went back to Dubai in March and collected the unit.

So now, I have a Sony Ericsson P1i that's been used for only a month, that boots on and off and still under warranty (until Sept.2008). I have long since bought a Motorola Z6.

Lessons learned:

Do not buy a phone in Dubai Duty Free Shop. If I had gone home to Australia, it meant that I had to go back to Dubai to have it repaired. Also, what is the sense of issuing me a warranty card that was inaccurate? I will never shop there again.

Sony Ericsson's customer care service is appalling. The service centers in the Gulf are incompetent. I have two service centers pointing fingers at each other. By the way, I bought my first Sony ericsson phone in 2003, a T610. The same thing happened (booting on and off) but there was no problem fixing it in Australia. But because of this bad P1i experience, I will not buy another Sony ericsson phone again.

I am thinking of hiring a lawyer to actually sue. What do you think? If there's anyone who could help please contact me.

  • Ll
    Lloyd Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have similar story. I was working in Qatar, one time when I went to India through Dubai, and bought one Sony Ericsson mobile phone from Dubai duty free. After holidays back in Qatar I think after two months phone not working properly (while using functions software hang including power switch not working then need to remove battery to switch off.) I went to Sony outlet in Qatar. They said there is problem with that model and Sony recall all phones and replacing with cheaper model. I said why I loose money to change phones this is not my problem. (I think I bought phone for 80 $ and they offer 60 $ for replacement) I didn’t agree for that offer and send email to all Sony customer care in world. After one week Sony outlet in Qatar contact me and give me higher model for my phone. That was the first and last time I bought phone from Dubai duty free.

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  • De
    deepak Jul 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have similar story. I was working in Qatar, on dated 16-04-2008 I bought one Sony Ericsson mobile phone w910i from India. After holidays back in Qatar but tomorrow afternoon I do this phone switch off after some time when on my mobile then on screen shown sony ericsson then off ie not switch on so softwear is tatal corrupted but soft wear CD is not my self what can I do please solved my problem.

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Resolved I will never buy a Sony product again

I purchased a Sony TV and about six months after we had it the picture started going bad. In April, 2017 it got so bad we could hardly see the picture. I called Sony extended warranty service, good until 2017, it was picked up. They had it for over two weeks before they brought it back. About ten months later the same thing happened and again I called Sony .It was picked up again. This time they had it for over 6 weeks before they brought it back. After a short time it went bad for the same thing again, but only this time Sony refused to fix it saying that it exceeded my warranty coverage and wanted to send me a refund check for around $134.00 on the $305.87 I paid them for coverage. I thought Sony was a good company. I will never buy a Sony product again!

  • Valerie Apr 22, 2008

    Holy crap SONY CANADA ***!!! Not only tot hey provide the worst in Camera technology but when their dumb *** breaks they refuse to fix it! There was a small scratch on the top left hand corner and the refused to fix it even though they had the *** camera for 3 months which is about how long I owned the camera for...stopped working on my vacation never got any pics and now I spent 500.00 on the camera and a couple accessories and have nothing to show for it!!! I swear the Sony Canada really don’t have a great customer service at all

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  • Cl
    clocico Dec 10, 2009

    Just faced with their service-my gps stopped charging(the usb contact was moving inside the unit. sent it to the service, they called and said that it's damaged, but i didn't anythyng except normal use...) offered two options -send it back to me, or recycle.. i'm shocked, won't leave it like this!

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  • Gr
    Greg T Oct 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT BUY A SONY BRAVIA LCD HD TV! Ours broke in 18 months, bad display, they will not replace it. Sony customer relations offered to sell me a new one for a "discounted" price of $ 425! This after paying for a new one 18 months ago for $ 498. Sounds like a bad risk to me! It costs $ 710.00 for a new display part, make sense? The warranty is only for 12 months so yes tecnically our of warranty, however, a new TV should not totally break and SONY not stand behind their products. Pitiful treatment of a longtime customer.

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lost mobile

Dear Sir,

I have lost my New mobile branded Sony Ericsson W910I (Hearty Red)

I have lost my mobile in andhra pradesh on 16.04.2008 at 4.00 p.m. (on that day is my marriage )

IMEI NUMBER : [protected]

My details mentioned Below


CHENNAI - 600 026.

Phone Model : W 910I



E-mail : Kagitha.[protected] or [protected]

Missed date : 16.04.2008

IEMI No : [protected]

My Contact Number : [protected] or [protected].
Please help me sir, I never forget your help.

Eagerly waiting for your reply and help.


K. Srinivas

  • Ed
    Edwin Pau C Aug 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Respected Sir,

    I lost my mobile from Marthahalli, Bangalore on Aug 09, 2008. Other details are

    Your name: Edwin Paul Chungath
    Address: #12, Thejeswani Nagar, 10th cross, 16th main, BTM 1st stage, Bangalore -29
    Phone model: Sony Ericsson W810i
    Make: 22-04-2007
    Last used No.: 9449635112
    E-mail for communication: [email protected]
    Missed date: 09-08-2008
    IMEI No.: 35462301-603635-3
    Battery No. : 8207w04415723

    Requesting you to please lock the mobile to earliest.

    Thanks in advance
    Edwin Paul C.

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  • Ms
    M.S.Kiran Aug 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have lost my new mobile w910i black.I lost my mobile in mumbai (koperkane).

    My details
    Name: M.Shantikiran
    Address: Ghatakoper
    my contact number: 09867222266

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  • So
    Sony ericsson Aug 23, 2009


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  • Nu
    Nulu Naren Dec 12, 2009

    Hello Sony Ericsson Team,

    I have purchased W910i around 1 Yr back. From the day I had purchased it is creating many problems. Now recently I have problem with my slidding, it is not freely moving, I had given for service they told very minor issue and they fixed and charged 150 rs. After 2 days I am not getting display and hanginng the mobile.
    Now again they are telling SLIDE FLEX is having problem and even in Head office they dont have stock. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT WILL I DO WITH THIS PHONE WITH OUT WORKING.
    This is very rediculous.


    Thanks and Regard,

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I got a playstation 3 from walmart for christmas from a loved one and it broke of course and they won't let me exchange it for a new one I got warrenty for it.

  • Ll
    Llena Gracia Arcamo Nov 10, 2008

    went to wallmart and bought a socom confromtation game and it was defective 1198 took it back same day it was defective they gave me another one took that one back because it was no good i wanted to trade it in for another game an xbox because i was tired of bringing it back to store i understand about store policy that if it is opened they will give you another game the same one but what i dont understand is when they gave me the new one before they they opened up new packaging and said that was their policy but they could not show me written paper that this is walmart policy all i wanted to do was exchange that ps3 game for xbox game and i would pay the differnce but they refused and opened ps3 and gave me back the and said that they could not help me and called security on me is this the way you people operate then i will cancel my sams club membership and will write to better business about your store no. st 1666 all i want is a game that works the new game that i bought does not work very disapointed in this business

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  • Ja
    jamie Nov 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • Ll
    Llena Gracia Arcamo May 09, 2009

    This is the reaction of the email in which I have just read, a letter of complain against Wal-Mart. I did not know that my husband used my email address and my name. I had never made comments or complains against your company. I don't even know how to play this kind of game PS3 or any other game.
    I hope this comment will clear my name. Thanks!

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  • Gm
    gmjg1984 Oct 14, 2010

    I would like to complain about the sony playstation 3. I first bought a Sony playstation 3 in November 2007 i paid approximately £400 for it as a Christmas present for my partner. He works long hours so it was hardly ever used infact it would probably have been used for about 2 days in total over the 2 year period that we owned the console. However we still ended up being on the losing side as it died still practically brand new and hardly used. I then had to hand over more money for a replacement which we have had now for 10 months again the same story hardly used and now this one is faulty also. I've suffered with faulty appliances before but never 2 of the same. Sony have now cost me about £700 over the last 3 years and i have nothing to show for it except faulty equipment and disgust for sony who promised a quality gaming experience and have left me feeling robbed of all they promised.

    1 faulty appliance is unlucky/unfortunate
    2 faulty appliances is a flawed design

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DVD,CD Not Functioning

i had purchased a sony music system model no.HYTGNZ77D in the month of July 2007 and in the month of April 2008 my music system was giving a problem. when i wasinsered DVD's and CD's in the system it showing that no disc find, and on 21.04.2008 i had given a complaint with Sony Services in Begumpet, Hyderabad, till date no response is there from your side. So i thought its the better way to go with the consumer forum and file suit against the sony.just suggest me wheather i shall file a suit with the consumer forum or wait for your service.waiting for ur reply

up selling parts of the tv that are already in the box from the factory

i ordered a sony xbr kdl-52xbr4 52'' 1080 lcd hdtv from camera on4-25-08. i got a...