Sonic Drive-Inemployee/food

Al Sep 09, 2019

As I was waiting for my order I saw the message that the server was on its way with the food.I was parked in the he very front and could see to he inside and noticed there was an employee stuffing her mouth with food and eating nest to the kitchen.I keept looking at her and she grabs some bags as like she was fixing the order.Turns out it was my order I'm not sure of she was eating off what they had just cooked for me .The server name is Xaniyah .This is totally unsanitary and unacceptable in any food restaurant business. I didn't even understand why nobody inside told her nothing if she was doing it like it was normal. Someone needs to retrain employees and let them know they can't be eating customers food or even touching it without gloves.Please address this issue immediately with the store .

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