Sonic Drive-Interrible customer service, quality of food, and excessive wait time in drive-thru

B Aug 18, 2018

I entered sonic drive-thru at approximately 2:45 pm. I waited about 10 minutes before I was able to pull up to the speaker to place my order. The worker was extremely rude in her tone when asking me what I wanted on my burger and was very impatient while I ordered. She acted as if I was an inconvenience and she was not polite in any manner during the exchange. I waited another 10 minutes to reach the window. At the window, a different employee took my money. I gave him my card ( which I use regularly without issues). Approximately 2-3 minutes later the employee hands me back the card and said it didn't work. I then gave him cash to hopefully speed up the waiting process and receive my order. It took another 3 minutes ( if not more) to receive my drinks. I witnessed the worker, whom I believed was the person taking orders since she was the only girl I observed on this shift, slam my order on the counter in a frustrated manner. Finally, after about another 1-2 minutes wait, I recieve my order. Thankfully, my order was correct. I was not given a reciept (which I searched for to retrieve the rude employees name) after paying for my meal.
I visit sonic on a regular basis and I am completely dissatisfied with my last too visits . The food quality has been distasteful lately and, quite frankly, not worth the wait or the money. The last two trips I have had to wait at least 20 minutes if not more in the drive-thru.

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