Sonic Drive-Inproblems with the machinery or excuses??

L Jul 26, 2019

Me and my family stop by the Sonic frequently. On several occasions we have stopped to get shakes and were told the machine was broken. Me and my son stopped last night on the way home and ordered shakes in the drive thru. When we reached the window the staff informed me that they couldn't make shakes since the machine was broken. I don't understand why that wasn't mentioned when I ordered? This is the third or the fourth time we stopped and have been told the machines were down in the last month or so. I almost feel like it's an excuse because my previous stop in late evening I was told after I paid my tab in the car shop the machine just broke. I spoke to the lady next to me who ordered shakes and they received their's. I'm not sure what the real issue is but I'm sorry the excuse is getting old. I've told my son that the uncertainty just isnt worth the drive for shakes and we have been going to McDonald's instead.

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