Solitaire Builder, Pimple Saudagar PuneNot given agreed things + taken extra money

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This builder is cheater. The lady called Dr Raj is selfish and has not given many things which were agreed. example exaust fan, wooden door frames for bedrooms, panic switch etc etc. In addition to this she as forcefully taken 10000 Rs for gas connection (which was already agreed to give) + extra maintaince cost. There is water leakage at many places in flat and overall construction quality is not upto the mark.


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      Sep 23, 2009

    Please complain about this builder/lady to the consumer court in case you got fed up with her bad cooperation and cheating with new customers and residents. There are so many rules which can prevent you from these type of cheaters even they hire best lawyer too. You can complain to block her all accounts and fire the case against her. There are lot of builders who are doing this type of fraud but they always keeps them on safer side, but in this case things are totally seems to be in favor of customers only. she has to return all money which is not yet spent over the flat and amenities and for the loss of commitments and cheat behaviors.

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      Sep 24, 2009

    Hi ALL,
    .I agree that there might have been some issues related to you, but that cannot be said to be general situations

    as there are always exceptions of a general condition.

    . I owned an apartment in here but I have not found any problem while dealing with Builders. They have given me

    commitment for the possession and they are working according to their schedule...

    .About hiring Gundas...We discussed it with her...She showed us some name...we can't write their name here

    (it'spublic forum)...These People have a due amount like 7/8lacks...But they are blackmailing her...
    They are not giving the due amount & want possession of property...

    .or He/She may be some other builder's person who is trying to harass or dissappoint other people too who are

    staying here...or want to book here ...or already have booked here...

    . always writting the same issues in different name( writtng pattern is same)...

    . we are not against ...But if things are progressed now, we need to praise it...

    .only 2/3 flats have seepage problem...may be you are one of them...& Builder has spent rs.50, 000 (per flat) to

    repair these flats...i don't think any other builder in this area will do this...

    .It is a open forum...we shouldn't write rubbish things if we are getting things...

    .all your complains like low quality Pop, alignments on roofs, all your complains about ammenities are also with

    G.k builders...b'cause i've also a 1295(3bhk flat) in rose valley...Their ammenities are also not good ...and i

    have paid a good amt for it...

    . About swimming pool, it is underconstruction...(will be ready in oct end) you can't predict wheatherit will

    be worst or best swimming pool in Pune...we shouldn't compare it now...

    .there is provision for exhaust fan in kitchen & bathroom ...fungus in bathroom is a very common problem in all

    bathrooms...u can easily get rid out of it... Bleach in a spray bottle.

    .always compare things with village orJhopadpatti" scheme of flats... it seems he/she comes from there..
    .There are some issues going on with the builder. But I think once you compare with other projects, price offer by

    builder is quite good

    .And all important priorities are already there like corporation water, MSEB, lift etc. etc.

    .All the workers are co operative and we are getting all r wrk done smoothly..I can also write their name Prakash

    sonawane & Marathe r very good in their work...
    Atlast i want to suggest my friend you to take up your issue(if u have) with the organisation at higher level (with

    some strong proof)rather than just writing here in net ... I am sure you will find workable solutions for your


    Sorry but don't just go by craps what ppl write...

    Don't Harrash people staying here or Don't spread false rumors...

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