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SOE / Station.comThanks for nothing... AGAIN!

Dear SOE,

Against my better judgment (but at the urging of my friend) I WAS going to give you a second chance. I used to be a SWG player 2+ yrs ago until you screwed up the game via the Comic Downgrade...I mean Combat Upgrade and what ever it was you called the hosing of the village/jedi quests. After downloading the 14 day trial version, I was having installation problems (imagine that...a bug issue with a SWG and/or SOE product as if I have not already paid hard earned money to see scores of those in the past) and was given the nebulas error message to check my Internet connection.

Now to the meat of this message...Who the hell do you guys think you are to keep someone in a queue for customer support chat only to be told there is no one available after 4 hours?!? THIS IS REPREHENSIBLE!!! It is the same level of horrible customer support (calling it customer support is being extremely generous and most likely offensive to anyone that does provide true customer support) that ticked me off 2+ years ago...what a difference 2+ years DOESN'T make. After this reaffirmation of the constant dereliction of your duties, I am going to tell everyone I know, in person, in forum, and in WOW (where my prime toon's name is SOESUCKS), how pathetic your customer support is (merely by issuing a fact based account of my past and current treatment by SOE) and how unworthy you are of anyone's hard earned money (as compared to other MMORPGs). There is a reason why WOW has a subscriber base in the MILLIONS and you don't...maybe you should look into what they are doing right and what you guys are sorely lacking at.

All I want is a direct apology; if you have the tiniest shred of self respect you will respond with at personalized email (not the same, lame, nonapplicable form-email responses to legitimate CS inquiries that I was sent in the past) apologizing for the your horrible customer support (which has not improved in my 2+ year hiatus). Thanks for wasting 4 hours of my life (not counting the trial software download time) should be ashamed at how you treat your customers. OH...and the reason you are getting this email here is because the CS email through is bugged (IMAGINE THAT) and would not let me send an email message directly to you.

Before I go, I would like to apologize for the poor grammar in the is letter (multiple/inappropriate use of parenthesis and ellipses) as I was banging this out in a hurry and frankly you don't deserve the effort necessary to write a fully grammatically correct letter.


Another Sucker Screwed by SOE


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    lewis wells Feb 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know i got pirates of the burning sea and in neigther to website of the instruction manual did it say that after paying 20-30 pounds you only got 30 days FREE wtf free i just payed 30 quid for my 'gift' of 30 days souldent any person be entitled to at least a year.

    Also neigther dose it say that you still have to give SOW all your bank details for a free trail, i wouldent be that botherd if it said in the manual of the website but it dosent somthing should be done about Pirates of the burning sea mis leading the buyer into thinking that they had 30 days free forbuying the game.

    yours sincerely,

    an annoyed customer.

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    Jerry King May 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Don't bother purchasing products by SOE. Their Customer Service as well as their products are well below average.

    Example of poor Customer Service:
    Customer (_______ soe) 05/26/2008 12:38 PM
    My account ID is ___________, my account was suspended per customer service for 7 days due to hacking. I do not hack and would like for my account to be unsuspended. If anyone at SOE would like to speak to me about this please feel free to email or call me, _____________. Thank you in advance, Jerry King.

    Response (TSR _________.) 05/26/2008 12:53 PM

    I am sorry but we do not discuss banned or suspended account in chats or emails. You will need to call our phone support. You can reach us at [protected], or [protected] for Star Wars Galaxies, and ask your questions there. Phone support hours are 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM PST, Monday to Friday.

    Regards CSR _________

    Customer (________ soe) 05/27/2008 12:08 PM
    Hello CSR Ed R, I was advised to create a new station ID, come here and open up a ticket to appeal the suspension, which I did. If I'm in the wrong area please direct me to where I need to be.

    Your instructions directed me back to the same people that sent me here.

    Following your instructions, I called and was told they can not assist; to wait out my 7 day suspension. Knowing I didn't hack I asked the CSR what can I do on my end so that this doesn't happen again. The CSR said to un-install Planetside, then re-install. If this is a problem on SOE's end I shouldn't be suspended.

    If you are unable to assist me further, could you please send this to your supervisor.

    Best Regards, Jerry King.

    Response (TSR _________) 05/27/2008 04:36 PM

    You actually did end up in the wrong place. You want to click on the In Game Support button within the support section of the website, not Technical Support.

    Thank You,

    CSR ________.
    Sony Online Entertainment

    Customer (__________ soe) 05/27/2008 05:46 PM
    I'm disputing the hacking charge and ask that my account be restored. Thank you in advance, Jerry King.

    Account suspension
    Discussion Thread

    Response (GM _________) 05/27/2008 06:10 PM
    Greetings _________, this is GM ________.

    I've received your inquiry regarding the recent disciplinary action taken on the other account "_______" and your concern that it was not warranted.

    I have reviewed the documentation regarding the disciplinary action and have discovered you’re your account was banned for instances of using third party software. I have escalated your petition to a supervisor for further review. After your issue has been reviewed by a supervisor, you will receive a reply regarding your situation as soon as possible.


    GM _________
    Sony Online Entertainment, LLC

    Response (Lead GM ___________) 05/27/2008 06:17 PM
    Hello, Lead GM ___________ here. Your account has been found to be using illegal software to alter gameplay. Your account will be released for play no sooner than midnight, June 1.

    Customer (_________ soe) 05/28/2008 07:02 AM
    Hello GM ________, thank you for your response. I do not use software to alter gameplay. The software(s) that may cause issues is McAfee, Ventrilo and/or Teamspeak, which always runs in the background. Also, __________ runs a high security program (_____)that causes my ping to reach 1500 or more but I log off whenever this occurs. I want to reslove this issue so if there is anything I can do or someone from your staff can do please let me know.

    Again, thank you.
    Jerry King

    Response (Lead GM ___________) 05/28/2008 10:28 AM
    Hello, Lead GM __________ here. Our logs indicate that this account has used illegal software on at least one occasion in the past week, while logged onto the Gemini server. These logs are very accurate, and respond only to specific anomalies in data. They do not react to lag, legitimate applications such as browser, chat, parsing, connection quality, or hardware configuration. Your assurance that you have not used any such software is noted, but based on the log evidence we have no choice but to let the suspension on your account run its course.

    Customer (__________ soe) 05/28/2008 10:52 AM
    GM ___________, my last response wasn't to lift the suspension but a request for assistance so this doesn't happen again. The system that is currently being used by SOE is flawed to say the least since I do know for a fact I do not use 3rd party software. I would rather clear up any problems that may be occuring between my computers' communication and SOEs server(s).

    I've completely deleted my HD, retored my system using the Dell Resource CD.

    Please advise, Jerry King.

    Response (Lead GM ___________) 05/28/2008 11:01 AM
    Mr. King,

    As I stated in my previous reply, none of the programs which you have listed would trip our logs. I am glad to know that you have gone to the length of reformatting your hard drive. Hopefully after your account is released, that will prevent any future problems of this sort.

    Since I'm a paying customer I've sent my complaint to the FTC as well as the BBB. Hopefully SOE will let me know what is causing my "hacking" issue.

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  • Je
    Jerry King May 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    RE: suspended P'side account
    From: ___________________([protected]
    You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe
    Sent:Wed 5/28/08 5:34 PM
    To: [protected]

    Hello Jerry,

    My name is ___________________. I am the ________________here at SOE, and I also look after PlanetSide. I was asked to take a look into this for you, and to contact you when I was done.

    After looking at our logging I found that your suspension was a result of actions taken on the character “OU812NC“. We found your character firing on targets outside of the range of your weapon. Further review of the logs showed the incident was a fairly minor abnormality, just a few shots, and barely over the maximum range. However, when the gm looked into the accounts recent history, they found a large amount of clock deviations (which could be lag) and a large number of shots that the server was marking as invalid, disallowing them from doing damage. Combining those circumstances the GM who was looking to your account felt confident that the reports of your hacking were true, and thus took action against the account.

    As you most likely know, there was a lot of hacking going in PlanetSide, which was hard for us to track since we had to see it in game ourselves. This is not entirely true any longer. With the launch of the merged servers we changed the way we track hacking in game. The server now checks for the hard cap on the maximum fire rate, range, etc.. of every weapon / vehicle / turret / etc.. When they are fired, and where they hit. By verifying the actual maximum game mechanics have exceed we can spot the tiniest adjustments to the game. We are not stopping there though; we are dedicated to erasing all hackers from the game. SOE has assigned part of their research and development team specifically to this task, and I am confident that between their efforts, and the efforts of CS all hacks will be stopped or every person using a hack will have their account terminated.

    I understand that you do not feel you did anything wrong, and due to the very slight abnormalities your account registered in game, I actually agree. This is the first time I have seen any thing with such a small difference between what happened and the actual game mechanic limitations. Because of this, I released your account, but I have also sent your character information, and logging to our development team as a test case to be sure no one else falls into the same circumstances you have.

    If you have any other issues with PlanetSide or Star Wars Galaxies in the future, please feel free to contact me.


    SWG - MXO - PS
    Sony Online Entertainment LLC.

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