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I have had the same experience as many of you, But I started out prepared because I have always been weary of online transactions. I saw the e-cig at a fair, I decided to research e-cigs before I purchased it to see what others had to say about it. I then placed my order with Each step of the order I copied the page including terms & conditons and pasted on an email page sent to myself. Order placed 09/18, 5 days later no product, knowing it was a 14 day trial begging order date, I called & was told the order needed to be confirmed and would now be sent, trial would begin from day of shipment. ( I did not fall for that one ) I called back 3 days later to check status, and was told again the ordered needed to be confirmed and was going out the next day. 12th day of trial, still no product. I sent email to [protected] and blind carbon copied myself requesting cancellation, sent on 13th day also, with no reply from them. I had copies of emails and terms of conditon for my bank if I should need to prove my claim of fraud. I called them on the 17th day to follow up and was told it was to late to stop shipment even though it had not been shipped. I canceled by phone and was sent a cancellation email instantly from company. I went to my bank because I got the run around on the $9.95 S&H. My account was credited by my bank and they are going after smokingeverywhere for reimbursement. I researched the top e-cig companies and found that offered a superior e-cig with more vapor and more nicotine per cartridge with a 2 part composition which gave a new atomizer in each cartridge. I told them about my experience with smokingeverwhere and they gave me a code for $30. of my order. They price match any equal quality product, and if you have a E-cig from another company you can send to them for a $50.00 credit off your purchase from them. Now that was the service I was looking for and Im sure you are too. I such looking for complaints on a company, check your banks policy for reimbursement before you do business online these days, there are companies or scammers that will cast a bad shadow on a great product. Hope I have helped.


  • M
      Oct 11, 2009

    "Smoke Anywhere USA, Inc." and are the same company. I signed up for the $9.95 special and was told that it would be $49.99 per month for the refills, which I was willing to pay, however 2 weeks later my credit card was charged $129.00 and I still had not received any refills. This company is not reputable and is a total scam and rip off. Product is good company is not.

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  • J
      Oct 12, 2009

    Yep - Total SCAM

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