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-Update To My Previous Post-

Rarely one to voice a complaint w/o also working to secure a solution, I spent a part of my day off searching for answers...and like a dog on a bone, I can promise anyone who cares to read this, I will reach a solution, even if it means I have to throw a few more dollars at the problem, not to mention precious time!

So, I'm completing paperwork for my bank to file a dispute, and have emailed an attorney re: options. In addition, I've contacted another person on this site who's also determined to stop the unauthorized w/d's on her account and if possible from others' as well.

That's it for today...or until my net post.


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      Jan 19, 2010

    I just got off the phone with smoking everywhere. they have withdrawn $17.84 twice now, as well as the $108.00 that they took for my $9.95 trial. I got my E-cig long after the trial with an invoice for the $108.97 saying paid. I called last week and was in rotation on hold with a caller number of 12, it dropped to next caller and back to 27. so i called sales instead of customer support and was told to leave a message, never heard back. So I called today and got a pleasant girl that turned cold when i said I was upset that i didn't like the fact they thought it to be okay to just take what they want from my bank account. I was told to mail the product back and I would get a refund. HOW ABOUT SEND MY REFUND and I'll send back the product. I don't really trust I will get my money back. God I would love to sue them for my time and trouble or better yet a class action and get a large amount just becuase I am so irritated with them.

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  • A
      Jan 29, 2010

    I have been charged twice - both on my AmEx card and a debit from my checking account - for Smoking Everywhere products I didn't order or receive. When I did order, I didn't receive the products, but that must be where they got my debit and credit card numbers. I called today and told them I want a refund and that I intend to contact the Office of the State Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. This outfit should be shut down for dishonest business practices - theft. I was told by "customer service" that I was signed up for auto-refill, which I'm not. First, I never signed up for it and, second, I never received cartridges. I am not going to be one of their victims. They have picked the wrong person to scam.

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  • L
      Jul 07, 2018

    Tell your bank you did not authorize any charges from this company and get a new card number. Problem solved.

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