Smoking everywherecall the Sunrise police!


I posted a complaint last night on this site. For all those who have been ripped off by this company, please call the Sunrise Florida Police Dept to file a complaint with them, against this company. Their number is [protected]. I believe the company has more than one name for the business online. The unauthorized withdrawal from my account has the name of Smoke51anywhere and I see that the list of complaints here read Smoking Everywhere. When you click on a link for Smoke51Anywhere a website pops up that simply says Electric Cigarettes. I called the Sunrise police a few minutes ago and the dispatch person is very familiar with the company because of prior complaints. I was assigned a case number and when the case goes to a detective, they will contact me and begin an investigation. The officer (not a detective) I spoke to was under the impression that this is not a crime. I am sure that it is called internet fraud and I believe that is a felony. The officer tried to insist that I possibly, accidentally processed the order but I absolutely did not! Although I am sure the company will claim that I did. They can retrieve your info simply by you filling out the form... even if you delete it without processing it like I did. I visited the site months ago and they called me this passed Monday to ask if I was still interested and stating that they saw that I had visited their site. I said NO! I was not interested. So they took the liberty to charge me anyway, the ###! We need to swamp the Sunrise police with calls on these people. Please call them now so they will understand how many people this company is ripping off and DO SOMETHING about it!!!

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