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Smart Apps Portal sold a website for $39.95 to me. They gave instructions as to getting the site up and running as well as how to register at to track sales and receive payment. We made a purchase from the site and it did in fact show up on e-junkie. That's as far as it got. e-junkie never paid in any form ie: via check or deposit to my PayPal account. I complained and asked for direction from [protected] They answer with form letters ... no specific help. They also said they had problems with the site but it was fixed. Now the site won't link to the 'apps' store. So no matter how many potential sales there are there is "no product" to sell! As of today I'm out the money to buy the website and the money to purchase apps and no way to contact the Smart Apps people. Smart Apps is a fraud ... in my opinion.

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      Jul 13, 2009

    I experienced the same problems with smartappsportal and Ed Truman, the name used as the CEO. I've sent numerous e-mails with no returns and phone calls go unaswered. This company is a SCAM

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      Jul 20, 2009

    Nothing but a scam... I'm ashamed of myself for purchasing and getting scammed as well!!! Nothing works with this piece of junk product and no one to be found to help. Stay FAR, FAR away from this!!!

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      Jul 22, 2009

    i BOUGHT INTO THIS APPS THING AND NEVER EVEN GOT A CONFIRMATION E-MAIL! I could never login and no one answers when you call or replies to e-mails. I agree this site is a fraud and I am out money I can't afford to lose.

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      Aug 20, 2009

    I bought into the scam as well. Spent my money and got set up with advertising, e-junkie and sat waiting. I even went on vacation just like the guy said he did when he set it all up. That didn't even help.
    This is definitely a SCAM. Shame we don't get a chance to spank that bad boy...

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      Aug 23, 2009

    I also purchased smartapps with no results. spent lots of money promoting this website. There were no results.
    I hope nobody goes to this link. I am embarrsed to say I advertised world wide. In other words I spent a lot of money. feeling stupid.

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      Aug 27, 2009

    Smartapps is nothing but scam/fraud. I spent alot of money on traffic websites, I never make a penny out of it. I tried to call them, sent many emails, I nerver got any response from them. They promise you that you were gonna make alot money in this website, I don't know for anybody, I made zero. I lost my job, I had no money, I was very happy when I found this site, I spent every money I had to get traffic to my website. I was very dissapointed when I spent, weeks and months waiting to make money, waiting for my first check to come, I got nothing. I wish I could get all the money that I spent back, but sorry to, there's no way I'm getting my money back. Please stay away from them, they are thief.

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      Aug 27, 2009

    Well lets see here, I initially spent the $99.00 to set up the smartapps website. Started driving traffic to my site. Then I received an e-mail from the president of marketing, Tony Fox. He gave a Louisiana phone number, which I called and got a response. he then offered me a complete turnkey website, and promised to drive traffic to my site once up and running. I paid these repulsive people ANOTHER $500, which I went and got a loan for. This was back in May. They did in fact purchase two domain names from go daddy, and register them in my name, but they used a gift card to purchase them. So I am unable to trace the sale. I have an actuall address that I sent the $500 to: 5420 Corporate blvd. Baton Rouge, La. 77808. I got a phone number: [protected] which is no longer in service. I have a P.O. Box address as well: Box 1823, Baton Rouge, La 70821, and a Tech support number-[protected]. I INTEND on making this my duty to find these ###. I also have guy named DAVE, who I e-mail daily, and I DO GET A RESPONSE!! He keeps telling me there are still some bugs to work out, and to be patient. His email is: [protected] Anyone who reads this needs to email this guy as much as possible. And anyone who would like to talk with me, [protected] I would really like to get together with a few good size guys, and take a trip to louisiana!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE ROTTEN DIRTY ###!!! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE YOUNG CHILDREN WE NEED TO SUPPORT WITH OUR HARD EARNED MONEY. IF ANY ONE WOULD LIKE TO START A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS. WHERE THERE ARE NUMBERS TO ACTUAL PEOPLE YOU CAN TALK TO DAILY, E-MAIL ME. I WILL HELP YOU! LETS GET THESE ###!!!

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      Sep 13, 2009

    Yes, I did this business too back in March with Smartapps. I bought the traffic and advertising from them and notice that I did not have any sales for 2 months. I called the support dpt. and they told me that the advertising was a indirect advertising that would go to spam mail. I called them again and they told me that I would need to upgrade my site and connected me with Tony Fox who told me to do the upgrade would cost me $5, 000.00 and that it would be ready in a month for reluanch. I sent the payment with AMEX and waited for 11 weeks for a site that had broken links. I complained to AMEX and got my money back They still say they are trying to fix the problem. This site is a scam and I think all the advertising I sent to that site had sales that were not credited to my account and they kept the profit. The apps part of this is anothervender that has nothing to do with the smartapps people. go to and you can join for free get a link witch you can advertise and make money the Inet apps developer site is there and alot more. You can get the same apps from this site and for free account. They don't charge you anything to advertise their site. I am making money now for real.

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      Sep 27, 2009

    I suggest everyone contact both your states Attorney General's office and the Louisiana Attorney General office. If you have any paperwork with them make copies and send them to the states Attorney General's offices.

    Put some heat on them. If you used a credit card ask the company for help.

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