SM Calambasalesman emmanuel john neyra

M Sep 16, 2018

Me & my husband was looking for a shoes for our child. I called the salesman to assist us to find another size of the shoes. He just looked us and continued to walk away from us. We're just wearing slippers and maybe he was thinking that we don't have money to buy the shoes. I got angry and upset. Somebody assisted us. When the said salesman came back I asked him why he ignored us. He said in a higher tone that he was carrying a bag which is not true. That saleman is Emmanuel John Neyra. I got his name from his id. We complained in customer service and they promised that they will take an action and said tat they will call me. Nothing happened. All I want is to give lessons to salesmen/saleslady in sm that everybody has a privileged/freedom to buy things in sm regardless of status in life. Please be kind to eveyone whether they are rich or poor.

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