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Slap ChopUnauthorized billing


Just order the 'slap chop' as seen on a tv commercial. when to their web site followed the prompts. From what I can tell (as it doesn't show in the shipping and handling area the cost) they just charged me
$12.95 for S&H for their $19.95 food hand choper. It was never shown to me, only until I saw the confirmation order sent to my email address. WOW! was my expression when I saw what I was charged.

I have order similar things of its size, say through amazon...ect, where I have been charged 1/2 of what they are charging me here for this order. I am going to call as soon as I can to ask if this is a mistake. Just thought I warn you all. Further rechecking, I just notice that they added another (2)chopping food board instead of only (1) that I order. Hope customer service will fix this. Good thing I didn't put this on my debt card, only on a c.c., didn't want to go thru debt card hell! if an issue came up, will see. wish me luck!


  • Dr
    dragontalon Feb 14, 2009

    reading all these complaints about the slapchop makes me wonder if i should order the item at all...but for david you should not be surprise about being charge $12.95 for S&H since you ordered on the website if you read the fine print down below at the end of putting in your information it says $7.95 for the S&H of slapchop and to get the chesse grater for separate S&H fee of $5.00 which comes to the $12.95 S&H. So you should not blame on being charge that much for S&H fee and of course not all website company will show the S&H until the confirmation on your email. Like you had put in your complaint saying "I am going to call as soon as I can to ask if this is a mistake" it was not a mistake just that you did not read the "fine print". So to anyone who orders on website should read everything before clicking for the final purchase and yes I do order things on website a lot but I also check and read things before clicking on "submit" or "cart".

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  • Pa
    Paul Mar 09, 2009

    I also ordered the slap chop for $19.95 and was charged 12.95 for shipping, almost the cost of the slap chop itself. They do not show the shipping charge until after the purchase is made, guess they think you will not be inclined to go throught the hassel of returning it. Also, slap chop blades are dull after only a couple of uses and it does not chop as seen on TV. I am not happy with it and saw a chopper the other day for 6.95 at Target that looked just like the slap chop. I have been duped!! Buyer beware!!!

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  • Mo
    Moodswinger Mar 26, 2009

    That doesn't explain why i was charged 14.95 for my shipping. My total should have been 31.95 and they charged me 34.90. I checked "NO" on all the extras that they tried to sucker you into.

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  • Mr
    Mr Bruce Apr 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The website never tells you what the total amount charged to your credit card is. You have to put in your cc# before you can navigate the site, and that first page fuctions as your consent for them to charge you for however many slapchops they say you ordered plus 12.95 shipping for each. I tried to order 2 slapchops with the 2nd at a reduced price of 12.95, and I was charged for 4 slapchops with 2 at full price and 2 at the reduced price WITH A TOTAL OF $51.80 SHIPPING AND HANDLING!


    Buy your slapchop from ebay, there's plenty for sale there.

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  • Fu
    Furious Jun 05, 2009

    Agreed...TOTAL and COMPLETE SCAM and the company should be put out of business..tried to order what I thought was 1 slap chop WITHOUT the cheese grater (FREE for $5.xx s &h)..automated human-voice teleprompter kept pushing me to buy additional products, including Shamwow, etc. I followed prompters to the extent that I could, refusing to buy all additional products it was pushing. I couldn’t reach a human being, nor could I tell how to cancel the automatic order: the prompter would say something to the effect, “Ok, now let’s see, you’d like to order a second slapchop for
    $12 .95, is that right?” No, it’s not, I’d say, but no response except, “What? I’m sorry I cannot understand you. Now would you like to order a shamwow for $xx?” I hung up in anger and extreme frustration. I called the customer service number online to see whether, in fact, the order had gone through because I couldn't tell from automatic call. I was told that they needed 24-36 hours to process before they could tell me whether the order had gone through. Just called, 3 days later, and was told that indeed, TWO slapchops had been mailed to me, along with the grater for a TOTAL of $58.80. One order, TWO slapchops, and TWO $12.95 shipping and handling charges..for ONE of $25 for shipping and handling of ONE order. I NEVER ordered the second one nor the cheese grater..spoke with two supervisors, after being put on hold for 25 minutes, and was told that they of course had no say over the matter. According to them, I can refuse the package and have the post office send it back, and my order will be canceled. The supervisors didn't say whether I'd be charged shipping costs. The parent company, Square 1 Entertainment, or Square1Entertainment, cannot be reached, nor can anyone at slapchop provide their information. This is totally unconscionable behavior, and from what I can tell, entirely fraudulent.

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  • Ph
    phoebers7 Jul 18, 2009

    My suggestion, order on E-Bay, they are auctioning off these for .99 up to $5. BIG savings and you know what you will be charged right up front.

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  • De
    Dennis12333 Aug 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did it to me also. I was just looking through their web site and started to order one. When I found out that it cost extra for the stainless steel blades I backed out. Suddenly a $71 charge appreared on my credit card. I called them and they said they had shipped the order and could not cancel it. They also charged me with multiple orders and the shipping was outrageous. That happened in mid July. They refused to rescind the order and it still hasn't arrived. They did reduce the charge to $47 but I still don't want the piece of junk. They had pleantly of time to cancel it. It obviously was not shipped the date they said it was.


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  • Sd
    sdgf Aug 20, 2009

    but does the slap chop work?

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  • Fu
    Furious Aug 21, 2009

    I've asked my credit card to cancel the order (I'm "Furious, " above), saying I did NOT approve the order and refuse to pay for it, including shipping, which as I said, was 50% of the cost of the item. I've gotten the credit card to cancel most of the payment but they said they'd charge me for shipping--per the Slap Chop people's orders, but I again refused to pay for any part of it at all so lodged another formal complaint at the suggestion of the credit card. I 'm waiting for their reply; it seems to take a number of weeks. I simply refuse to pay for something that I did not order and refuse to pay for shipping of same.

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  • Ca
    Cadet35 Aug 21, 2009

    WAKE UP!!! PT Barnum had it right when he said there is a sucker born every minute. How long will it take to educate the public to all the scams advertised on TV. Almost every product sold on TV is made of low quality materials mostly in China and sold for what ever the traffic will bare. TV stations know that they are illegal scams, but will not do anything to stop them, because of the millions of dollars involved. They simply disclaim anything that is said. GOOGLE everything first for complaints before ever giving your credit card to an automated phone system. It you cannot reach a human when you call, it is a dead give away that you are being ripped off. Pass the word!

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  • La
    ladymmay Oct 28, 2009

    Watch out for these crooks I just got an email saying they forgot to charge me TAX..Hello 5 months later...They charged me $20.90 for shipping and $19.95 for the piece of junk slap chopper which is not worth the 2 for one they are charging now. Good thing I have canceled that old
    CC as someone was using it fraudantly for online gaming. Wouldn't surprise me if it was them. So beware more charges are coming!

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  • Di
    DismayedUser Nov 03, 2009

    I have had a similar experience, only now they are charging $15.95 for shipping. When I placed the order, I put "2" in the quantity box, since they were advertising that one unit was free (when you paid extra shipping/handlng). I was willing to pay the extra shipping and planned to give one as a gift. My problem is that they ask you to pay before you can review your order!! SCAM. So, it ended up they charged me $71 for two PAID units, and two FREE units. I called immediately but they said I had to wait 48 hours before they could address the problem. I called the next Monday, but got a message machine (Yolanda on ext. 222). She called me Tuesday when I was out; I returned the call in the afternoon and was told that it was too late to resolve the problem (though I gave instruction on both the original call and the follow up call not to process the order). Yolie told me that I could return the second order, but they wouldn't refund the shipping! 15.95!

    I would love to have tried the product, but now I told them I would refuse the delivery and instruct my credit card not to pay them.

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  • Hi
    Hifive28 Nov 12, 2009

    I also ordered the slap chop in Oct/09 -& was charged the shipping.
    What surprised me was that the Slap Chop company put through Another Charge of $5.00 to my Visa Account in Nov/09 .
    I did not authorize any further charges except for the original slap chop order.
    I emailed [protected] as per the web site complaints instructions.
    I have heard nothing from their company. I contacted my Visa and after some complaining myself, they are reversing the charge of $5.00. It is scary that a merchant can re-charge your visa with consent, just because they have your number on file. Makes you wonder how much Money is involved if they re-charge $5.00 to all the clients that placed an order from them. A lot of customers would not wonder about a $5.00 charge. In my eye there is an underlining fraud involved. CUSTOMER BEWARE

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  • Er
    Eric15 Dec 05, 2009

    I read the the fine print shipping, but how about double charge, and not accepting order cancellations?
    This business sells a product (same web site, same product, different prices are reported) to steal the hidden shipping charge (and maybe charge you twice for the item as well).
    After a search on the web, I have also seen that they refuse to cancel orders, and shipping out no matter what, and keeping the shipping charge. This clearly shows they are thieves. One person reports being told "we already shipped", but postal service shows shipping date of 10 days after.

    It's pre-meditated to steal, cause their web site purchase procedure is designed to steal. Fine print shipping, and no confirmation/review page. Their after sales actions confirm that, there is a pattern.

    I just placed an order for $19.95, and I got the update for another $9.95. The total should be $29.9, but it is $39.85! Moreover they charged me $23.80 for shipping WITHOUT ANY INFORMATION/CONFIRMATION PAGE! They take you directly to the "Thank you for your $63.65" page, and charge your card without any conformation page.

    The web is also full of people with the same complaint. I see that they say "your order is not in our system" when you call to cancel, and the next time you call they say "sorry, it's shipped out". When you return the item (you pay another $20, delivery conf. tracking etc. adds up) they keep the $23.80, the cost they stole to ship to you. It is pretty clear that the shipping money is the amount they keep on stealing, this is their business.

    This is the 1st time I buy from the net (other than E-Bay, or Amazon, original stock of Amazon), and it's the last. Monday I am calling them to cancel, if no go, I am filing with their local BBB, and disputing the transaction.

    I ended up reporting my card lost/stolen (cause very likely those thieves will try to charge more, or sell it to other crooks). I suggest you do the same if you had used them.

    DO NOT BUY! If you don't trust me just google "slap chop rip off/scam", I wish I did before.

    Thank you, Eric.

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  • Be
    Beyond_Furious Feb 03, 2010

    Just ordered the Slap Chop. Did the two-for-one deal because I wanted to give one as a gift. Did NOT mention the outrageous shipping fee ($15.90 for a $19.95 product!) and wouldn't even allow me to view the order before charging me for it. Now I find out that I can not cancel the order, they are going to ship the product no matter what I try to do.

    Essentially they are scam artists stealing from customers. It's ridiculous.

    DO NOT purchase anything from their site. It's not worth it at ALL. I really wish I had come across this site before I ordered. And I'm growing more & more concerned about re-charging fees etc. after reading the comments posted above.

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  • Kz
    kzjt8n Feb 15, 2010

    I also ordered a Slap Chop from their web site as posted for $19.95 for 2 sets, chose the quicker delivery for an extra $5.95, I could not see the total at the time or confirming my payment, I received an order confirmation by e-mail for $39.95, and my VISA was debited for $81.95 ???????? THIS IS A RIP OFF, I returned it for reimbursement, and I am still waiting to find out how much I will be credited for.


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  • Jefferysmoke82 Apr 01, 2010

    see i have gotten the magic bullet as seen on tv and i got ripped off by all the charges. eventually these items are sold in stores like rite aide and walgreens. i got my slap chop at rite aid for 14.95 and it works great but not so much when chooping nuts but it does its job but not the best

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  • An
    anniesfam Aug 17, 2010

    When I called to order this item, I was told I was eligible for two. I was on the phone for 35 minutes listening to all the other
    'deals' while I waited for a confirmation, which never came. When the box arrived there were 4 sets, now 2, and I was charged $7.95 shipping x 4 plus $19.95 x 2 for a total of $71.70.
    I thought my total bill would be about $25, so you can imagine my shock when the bill was almost $50 more! When I called
    the company they told me to mail back the two sets I didn't want and I would be credited. I was credited $19.95 but they
    didn't credit me for the shipping & handling (for the two sets which I never ordered!). Now they say that I ordered that
    extra set and they are reviewing the audio tapes. Oh, it also cost me $6 to mail back the two sets.
    And, last but not least, the product is useless. Everything gets jammed up in it; I gave the extra one to my Mom, and
    These people are thieves...beware.

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  • Di
    Dissatisfied and Frustrated Sep 14, 2010

    My extra charges weren't even for the SlapChop order! I saw charges for $1.95, $1.95, $19.95, and $19.95 on my credit card and I have no idea who these charges are from. I called the number provided and I was informed that since I clicked on a pop up during my order with Slap Chop I incurred these charges. I spoke with a very rude customer service representative who cancelled my so-called "membership" that I clearly did not request and then transferred me to another representative in the Escalation Dept. who informed me that I clicked off a box that stated I read the terms and agreements when I entered my email address. I tried to explain that there was no such box when I entered my email address and if she insists there was it was already clicked off automatically because I did not click on anything, I simply entered my email address when prompted. What disgusts me more than this fact is that they had access to my credit card information from the SlapChop website, that is wrong, people should be informed of ALL charges being added to their credit card with a confirmation button on the screen not just randomly add charges without the knowledge of the card holder.

    I apparently am not eligible to be refunded these fraudulent charges and I am extremely unhappy. NO ONE Ishould order from Square One Entertainment again since they allow these pop-ups to occur on their website. This is extremely poor business sense.
    BEWARE OF BARGAINLINK.CA AND VACATIONSAVER.CA!!! Do not click on any pop up on the SlapChop website!

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  • Un
    Unhappycitizen Jun 06, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wanted to have one of those chopping thing, I went online to order it, thinking to pay CAN$19.95 and it turned out that I have to pay US$37.85, this is ridiculous, seems to me that they are misleding the consumer and now I want to return it and was given a Canadian address to make my return, I asked about it and the answer was that I bought it from the states but have to return it in Canada, it is so stupid, does not make sense to me.
    There is no other information on the return address either, maybe you can help me.

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