SJV and Associatescriminal background screening


This company is so unrealistic and misleading! They probationary period is very misleading. I was told I had 90 days to learn the position I got hired for. The training was very vague and after only 1 week of training, I was told I had to do a presentation and take a final exam and get 100% to keep my job!!! I missed two questions out of 52 and was let go the same day! !!! This company need to be upfront about their expectations to give potential employees the option to accept or decline an offer. I quit my job of 6 years in which I was very secure in my position to expand my job opportunities!!! If you apply to work for this company be prepared to feel like a college student trying to impress your professor!! And if you don't have any background in criminal justice, you will not receive any feedback on how to learn the position better. They need to teach the person they have training better communication and patience. This company sucks!!!

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