Sims Mitsubishiowed compensation

G Aug 06, 2018

*BEWARE of working here! Don't Do it! Owner Refuses to pay me the last of what he owes me, Which is hundreds of dollars!*

I worked at Sims Mitsubishi for 2 months. During my two months with this company, there were 8 people who quit and I was number 9 out of a staff of maybe 15. Why you may ask? Well where should I get started...
The owner is completely out of touch with how to run a business. What he doesn't realize is that he is the problem with his business and the reason his employee turn over rate is so high. He is completely unrealistic with his thought processes and thinks the solution to every problem is printing off a page from the internet with numbers on it. He has been told over and over that he is the issue and fails to do anything about it. He micromanages every little thing you do even if you are a good employee. When it comes to technology you can forget about him having any patients with that. I've sat in his office for hours and not accomplished what I was called in there to discuss. Instead we spend hours on the phone with customer support trying to fix issues he was just too impatient to figure out himself. Any employee who works there now and in the past will tell you Mark himself is the problem. The average employee lasts 1 day to 3 months max addition, the owner puts on contests all the time too and doesn't ever give out the promised money to the winners. So if you like being micromanaged, sitting in useless meetings for hours, not paid all the money that you earned fair and square, and being yelled at for things you had nothing to do with then Sims Mitsubishi is for you. All I can tell you is enjoy your two months there because you won't last any longer than that.

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