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Simply Sellular Complaints & Reviews

Simply Sellular / scam

Feb 01, 2013

I sent in my cell phone to Simply Sellular because the offered the best price, $9.50 for a phone in "poor" condition according to their description. My phone had a cracked screen over the bottom, where the "buttons" are, but worked perfectly. After they got it, they emailed an said it wa...

Simply Sellular / Fraud & Scam

Apr 15, 2012

This company is a total ripoff, I beg people out there NOT to do business with them!!! I sent in two phones, they took three days to even open the package, once they did they sent me an e-mail stating that they cannot accept my phone because they don't accept those kinds of phone, it...

Simply Sellular / Cell phone rip-off


I recently mailed in a smart phone to Simply Sellular, since they were offering the highest price. Per their instructions, I fulled charged the phone, sent it in with memory card and battery. Three weeks later, I received an email saying that after testing my phone, they found a problem...

SimplySellular / Scam!

Did the usual researching on the Internet to find the best return on used BlackBerry's. I sent in over 12 of them and all were in use before they were sent in. The BlackBerry's had all been used about one year, naturally there is going to be some wear and a couple scratches. Out...